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Death Records from the Havana Republican
from card files at the Montour Falls Library
mid - 1800s

[Generously provided by the Montour Library staff &
Carol Fagnan, head of the Library Board & local historian.
They are dedicated to making their local history & genealogy archives accessible to all.]


   d/o = daughter of
   wf = wife
   w/o = wife of
   s/o = son of
   ae = age at death
   d. = died
   b. = born
   y, yr = years
   m, mo = months
   d, da = days
   Typist's comments in [ ].
   Havana, NY is now Montour Falls, Schuyler co., NY.
   All locations are in NY state, unless noted.

Mostly extracted from the Havana Republican.


Philip ABER of Dix d. there Nov. 1857, ae 67yrs.
Eliza ADAMS  d. Jan. 9,1851 in Havana; d/o Enos ADAMS.
John M. ADAMS  of Townsend [Schuyler co.] committed suicide by hanging Nov. 3,1866.
Lucy Ann ADAMS  d. Feb. 9,1851 in Havana; wf. of Enos ADAMS.
Maria F. ADAMS  d. Hoopers Valley Oct. 17,1857, ae 22yr;  wife of George ADAMS;
      adopted  dau of Stephen & Maria BEARDSLEY.
Daniel M. AGARD of Catharine, NY d. Apr. 12, 1870, ae 51yr.
Eaton AGARD of Catharine d. Oct. 7, 1863, ae 73yrs.
Maria AGARD of Catharine d. Aug. 26, 1869, ae 76yr.
Samuel AGARD of Dix d. Nov. 2, 1861.
Samuel C. ALBRO of Benton d. Benton on Feb. 12, 187_, ae 77yr, 11m, 11da.
Caleb ALLEN  d. in Millport [Chemung co., NY] on Oct. 10,1850.
Leah ALLEN of Hector, NY d. Mar. 3, 1870; wife of Samuel.
Phineas ALLEN of Pittsfireld, Mass. d. May 8, 1860, age 84 yr.  He was the publisher of
      the Pittssfield Sun, the oldest printer in the USA.
Augustus ALVORD  d. Dec. 1850; in the Jan. 3,1851 Havana Republican.
Miller V. AMEIGH of Dix  d. at the home of Mr. Noah AGARD on Mar. 8, 1860, age 27.
      Leaves a wife and infant son of a former marriage.
Sarah Maria AMEIGH of Catharine d. Oct. 1, 1858, ae 24 yr.   Wife of M. V. AMEIGH,
      dau of Josiah FLETCHER.
John AMY of Millport, NY drowned in an inlet in Ithaca, NY on Nov. 22, 1864.
Dr. Erastus ANDREWS of Dix d. Feb. 27, 1864, ae 63 yrs.
John ANDREWS of Falkirk, Scotland.  Feb. 22, 1862, a journeyman iron worker who d. recently
      at age 78.  In life he made a fortune of  £50,000 (Sterling) & kept his first sixpence 60yrs.
Zenas ANDREWS of Bradford, NY  d. in Bradford, Steuben Co. NY on  Dec. 13,1870.
Mary ANDRUS of Pine Creek, NY d. June 29, 1864, ae 25 yrs.  Wife of John ANDRUS.
William ANDRUS of Ithaca, NY d. recently [Jan 8,1870 issue].
Caroline M. ANTHONY of Beaver Dams, NY died when stuck by lightning Aug. 9, 1862.
      dau of John  ANTHONY.
Benjamin ARMITAGE, Esq.  d. Sept. 21,1850 in Jefferson, NY [now Watkins];  age 79 yrs.
Josephine ARMSTRONG of Montour d. Jan. 25, 1864, ae 11yr, 6m, 24da of typhoid fever.
      dau of Arnold & Amanda ARMSTRONG.
Lucy ATWATER of Corning, NY d. Nov. 26, 1869.
Charlotte C. AULT of Havana [Montour Falls] d. June 23, 1864, ae 29yr; wife of F. G. AULT.
Minor B. AULT of Havana, NY d. Jan. 21, 1865, ae 2yr, 5m, 20da;  son of F. G. AULT.
Rosannah AUTEM of Hector, NY d. Mar. 3, 1864, ae 71 yrs.
Mary AYERS  d. Sept. 3,1853  of dysentery in Havana;  age 3yr, 4m, 14d;  d/o N. R. ANDRUS AYERS
Lester H. AYES [AYRES ?] of Havana, NY drowned when he fell into a canal lock
      July 26, 1862, ae 7yr, 11m;  son of  Andrew AYES.
Stephen AYES of Starkey [Steuben co., NY] d. Jan. 11, 1869, ae 81yr, 4m.


Ed. W. BACKENSTONE of Geneva, NY  was accidently shot by a brother volunteer from
      Geneva, Thomas BAXTER.
Mrs. Euphemia BACKMAN d. in Havana [Montour Falls, NY], Aug 9,1855, age 70yrs.
George BACKMAN of Havana, NY d. Jun 16, 1868, ae 49 yr.
Marlin BACON of Catharine, NY d. Aug 14, 1866, age 27 years.
Cordelia BAILEY of Burdett, NY d. Dec. 30, 1864, ae 24yr; dau of Grover S. & Nancy BAILEY.
Frank O. BAILEY of Dix d. Sept. 25,1855;  s/o Lewis and Levina BAILEY; ae 1yr. 16da.
Jarvis BAILEY of Tyrone committed suicide Feb. 18, 1859.  Also on account of suicide of his brother, ae 40yr.
Sarah BAILEY of Moreland, Dix d. there Aug. 7, 1858, ae 28yr, 8m, 15da.
      dau of Fanny & Wilson  BAILEY.
Abigail BAKER of Dix  d. Oct 9, 1861.  Consort of the late Amos BAKER d. in Dix, ae 85yrs.
Charles BAKER of Havana, NY, son of the late W.E. BAKER, d. Dec. 8, 1861 of a broken &
      mangled leg caused by a threshing machine, ae 14 yrs.
Henry BAKER of Elmira [Chemung co., NY] d.  age 90 yrs. [Dec. 10,1870 issue].
Wm. Ed. BAKER of Havana, NY d. there Apr. 19, 1860 of heart disease, age 38 yrs.
Cyrus BALDRIDGE of Varick d. July 18, 1866 after falling from a reaper.
Aanna BALEY of Havana d. Sept. 12, 1866; age 1yr. 15d.; d/o Dr. G. D. & Anna M. BALEY.  [BAILEY ?]
Manly TOOKER BALEY [BAILEY ?] d. Havana, NY on Mar. 5, 1869; son of G.D. & A.M. BALEY.
Rev. Nathan BANGS of New York City d. May 3, 1862.
John BARNS of Havana d. July 30,1855,  age 31yrs.
Margaret Ann BARROW d. Aug. 6,1855; d/o John BARROW.
Elsie BARROWES  d. Rockfield, Ill. on Sept. 26, 1862;  wife of Henry  A. BARROWES;
      and dau of  John QUIGLEY of Havana [Montour Falls, NY].  [BARROWS ?]
Henry C. BARTLETT of Moreland, Dix, son of Collins & Louise BARTLETT
      d. of tuberculosis  Apr. 1, 1860, ae 25yr.
William C. BARTLETT of Moreland, Dix d. Mar. 19, 1869, ae 29yr.
Adelaide BATES of Dix d. Jan. 10, 1860, ae 17yr.
Jesse BAXTER of Mentz d. Sept. 1,1854 of consumption, age 67 yrs.
Jesse BAXTER of Havana d. Mar. 10, 1864, ae 29yr;  dau of the late Murdy J. HYSLOP.
William BAXTER of Milo d. June 17, 1854, age 42 yrs.
Simon BAZZARD of Deans Corners d. Dec. 9, 1868.
William BEACH of Auburn, NY d. at the Delaware Hours in Albany last week [Mar. 24,1860  issue].
Abel N. BEARDSLEY - death and notice to his debtors & creditors. d. Oct 4,1852.
Eli J. BEARDSLEY of Catharine [b. 1842]  d. in hospital in Washington on Nov. 19, 1863, ae 21yr.
     son of the late Irad BEARDSLEY [& Fannie Cordelia STUART].  [50th NY Vol. - Civil War]
Frances L. BEARDSLEY of Havana d. Jan. 1851. w/o _____ ?
Lorain BEARDSLEY of Catharine, NY d. Feb. 25,1866;  age 63yrs;  w/o Levi BEARDSLEY.
Mary Morilla BEARDSLEY of Havana d. Jan 1,1851 of typhoid fever; age 20 years.
Nancy BEARDSLEY of Catharine  d. June 14,1867, age 65yr;  w/o Lewis BEARDSLEY.
Permelia BEARDSLEY of Johnson Settlement d. Feb. 9, 1858, ae 83; wife of David BEARDSLEY.
Polly C. BEARDSLEY of Havana d. Oct 21,1867;  w/o Elam BEARDSLEY; age 67 yrs.
Rensalaer  V. BEARDSLEY of Montour d. Mar. 29, 1870 , ae 81yr.
Tryphena BEARDSLEY of Havana d. May 11,1851; w/o Philo BEARDSLEY; age 17yr 2m.
[Hulda]  BECKWITH  of  Watkins, NY d. Jan. 26, 1864;  wife of Wm. BECKWITH [1st wife].
     [A descendant writes that this is Hulda BIXBY GRANT, dau of Daniel BIXBY, whose wife was Isabella.]
Bela P. BEEBE of Ligonier, Indiana  d. Jan. 20, 1870.
Delia BEEBE of Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY], d. Sept 1,1853 of Typhus Dysentery;  d/o Edward &
          Lucinda BEEBE; age 7yr. 9m, 5da.
Dwight BEEBE d. Sept. 10, 1868 in How Patch, Indiana, Sept 10, 1868, son of Bela & Ellen BEEBE.
John BEEBE of Havana [Montour Falls] d. Oct. 9,1855, age 37 years.
Mary E. ESTABROOK BEEBE of Newfield [Tompkins co., NY] d. Dec. 5,1839, ae 26yrs.; w/o Robert.
Almon BEECHER of Beaver Dams d. [Sept 17,1870 issue]
Mrs. Wm. BELL of Havana d. Oct. 9,1855 of heart trouble.
Samantha BEMMETT [BENNETT or BEMENT ?] of Moreland [Town of Dix] d. Dec. 1870.
             w/o William.  Dec. 31,1870 issue.
H. S. BENEDICT d. Oct. 18, 1869 in Corning, NY.
Horace BENHAM of Canandaigua, NY d. in Watkins, N Y on June 23, 1861, ae 62 yr.
Simeon BENJAMIN d. Elmira, NY on Sept. 1, 1868.
Atilda Geradine BENNETT d. Oct 27, 1855; Student at Starkey Seminary; age 23 yrs.
Lue Dell BENNETT of Dix d. Apr. 8, 1863, ae 2yr, 9m;  dau of George W. BENNETT.
Nimrod BENNETT of Havana d. Aug 22,1856.
Susan A. BENNETT of Horseheads, NY d. Jan. 4, 1864, ae 6m,11d.   dau of Josiah & Harriet  BENNETT.
Samantha BENNETT of Moreland [Town of Dix, Schuyler co.] died [no date]
Solomon BENNET d. Oct. 27, 1870 of apoplexy.
Mrs. A. BENSON of Havana d. there Jan. 2, 1863 at res. of Dr. HINMAN.
John BENSON of Hector d. Apr. 11,1850, age 64 yrs.
Johnathan D. BENSON of Hector d. Apr. ? 1850.  In the May 11 issue of Havana Republican.
Green BENTLEY of Veteran d. Apr. 16,1853. Left 14 acres of land in town; husband of Esther.
Orezon BERDSALL /BURDSALL death mentioned in the Apr. 16,1853 issue.  Deeded a lot on the
            Beaver Dams - Corning Rd. to Simon DECKER.  Land to be sold at auction May 14,1853.
Napolian BERNARD of Troy, age 13, d. a few days ago from the effects of the injuries sustained
            by the explosion of a kerosene lamp. [Sept 14,1870 issue]
Kingsley S. BINGHAM of Mich. d. Oct. 6, 1860.
Maria D. BIRDSALL d. in Elmira on May 23,1840;  wife of Editor of Elmira Republican.
Emma D. BISHOP of Watkins d. Jan. 5, 1864; dau of John W. & Mary A. BISHOP.
Horace BISHOP of Adrian, Mich. d. at age of 100 on May 25, 1861.  He served four yrs. in the
      Revolutionary War & stood sentry near Major ANDRE at his execution.
Miranda BISHOP of Dix d. June 8, 1864 of typhoid fever, ae 21y, 3m.
Daniel P. BISSELL of New York City, killed by a train in Watkins, NY, Dec. 11,1865.
William H. BISSELL of Springfield  d. Mar. 18, 1860, ae 49yr.
Isiah BLOOD [State Senator of Saratoga Dist.] d. Nov. 29, 1870 of typhoid fever.
James BOGART of Geneva, NY d. Jan. 28, 1862.
Sarah BOGART of Orange d. Apr. 24, 1863, ae 70yr;  wife of Henry BOGART.
Wm. B. BOLT d. near Pine Grove, NY.  [Jan. 16, 1869 issue]
Alvah T. BOLYEN of Alpine, NY d. there Oct. 22, 1864, ae 26yr.
Wm. ? E. BOOTH of Watkins d. Sept 26,1865;  w/o Dr. Winthrop E. BOOTH;  d/o Col. Thayer; age 47 years.
Sally BOOTHE of Havana d. Mar. 18,1839, ae 38 yrs.; w/o Gen. R.E. BOOTHE.
Solomon S. BOOTHE of Catharine d. Sept. 15, 1864, ae 66yr.
Lotty M. BOSSARD of Dix d. Jan 1870, ae 5y, 6m.
Mrs. Amanda E. BOSWORTH of Athens, PA  d. Dec. 7, [no year listed] of typhoid fever.
Charles BOTSFORD of Millport killed June 14, 1870; son of Isaac BOTSFORD.
Wm. N. BOWEN of Hector, NY  d. of consumption on Oct 22, 1859,  ae 28.
Mr. William BOWLBY lived 1 mile eastside of Havana; d. suddenly Sept 29, 1853; age 45 yrs.
Mr. & Mrs. BOYER & two children died when their.....Dec 10,1870 issue.  Of Markelville, Co. PA.
J. BRACE of Southport [Chemung co., NY] d. Dec. 10, 1870 when his wagon came apart & he was thrown against ?
Jabez BRADLEY d. in Pine Valley, NY  June 7, 1851 of apoplexy; ae 58 yrs.
Charles BRADY of Havana, NY d. there May 3, 1860, ae 50 yr.
Major Thomas R. BRAYTON  of Owego d. June 26, 1869.
George C. BRIDGEMAN of Watkins d. Aug. 17, 1863, ae 13yr, 10m, 5da.  son of Geo. & Elizabeth.
Jane BRINK of Rathboneville d. Apr. 17, 1863, ae 35yr;  wife of O. P. BRINK.
      dau of John G. &  Ann GANNUNG.
Nathan BRISCO of Montour d. Nov. 13, 1869.
Katie BROADHEAD d. Dec. 8, 1864 when her clothes caught on fire, ae 9yr.
Minor T. BRODRICK Jr. of Havana d. July 7, 1864, ae 24yr;  son of M.T. BRODRICK Sr.
Senator BRODERICK  of Calif. was killed in a duel by chief Justice TERRY on Oct. 13, 1859.
Armenia BRODRICK MAXWELL d. Geneva, NY on Oct. 29, 1863, ae 25yrs.
      Dau of M. T. BRODRICK.
Isambart BROND / BRUND ? of Havana, NY, designer of the “Great Eastern”,
      d. of paralysis.   He was a brilliant scientist.
Helen BRONSON of Canisteo [Steuben co., NY], dau of Rev. Mr. BRONSON
      d. Mar. 30, 1861, caused by an explosion while lighting a kerosene lamp, ae 9yr.
Laura Etta BRONSON of Canisteo [Steuben co., NH], dau of Mr. BRONSON, died by an
      explosion of a kerosene lamp, ae 12 yr.
Mrs. Wealthy BRONSON of Millport d. Jan. 2, 1863, ae 74yr, 8m, 1da.
Almira BROWN d. Apr. 22,1851; d/o Nathan BROWN; age 18 yrs.
Benjamin BROWN of Cayuta d. Mar.17,1867; age 76 yrs.
Cornelia BROWN of Corning d. Dec. 2, 1863.   wife of Frank B. BROWN.
George W. BROWN of Elmira d. Ma. 23, 1864, ae 17yr, 5m, 16da;  son of E.V. & Anna M.  BROWN.
Hannah BROWN of Havana d. Oct. 27,1850, ae 43 yrs; w/o John G. BROWN.
Joseph BROWN of Ithaca d. June 28, 1853 by falling out of a boat while fishing.
Josiah BROWN of Waverly died [Dec.17, 1870 issue].
Marion WINSOR BROWN of Corning, NY d. May 24, 1864, ae 21yr, 1m, 17d,  dau of Rev. Ira BROWN.
Rhoda A. BROWN of Odessa d. Sept. 11, 1863, ae 6yr, 3m, 11da;  dau of D.V. & Laura A.  BROWN.
Stephen Chase BROWN of Havana d. June 19, 1869, ae 32yr.
William H. BROWN d. June 22,1853; drowned in Seeley Creek while running logs to FENTON's mill, age ~25.
Hon. Andrew D. W. BRUYN d. at residence in Ithaca on July 27,1838.
James BRYANT of Havana, NY [Montour Falls] d. July 26,1866; age 71 years.
Lydia BRYANT of Havana d. there Mar. 11, 1860, ae 50 yr;  wife of James BRYANT.
Jacob BUCHER of Catlin, NY d. Sept. 2,1849 of Cholera.
Samuel BUCKLEY of Townsend  Settlement d. June 13, 1864, ae 70yr, 3m, 13da.
Daniel BUMP of Moreland, Dix d. Mar. 17, 1869, ae 77yr.
Isaac BUMP of Monterey, NY d. July 13, 1864, ae 48y, 7m, 7d.
Mrs. BURCH  d. at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. F. S. DAVIS, Jan. 18, 1861, ae 112 yr.
      She has a son living, ae 80 yrs.
Robert BURCHFIELD of Odessa d. Feb. 14,1850;  s/o Robert and ___? BURCHFIELD; ae 15 mo.
Adelia M. BURGE of  Homer, oldest dau of Robert & Rosanna M. BURGE of Burdett, NY,
      d.  Mar. 18, 1862, ae 20yrs.
Jonathan BURHAM of Syracuse, NY d. Feb. 4, 1862 of inflamation of the lungs.   He was widely
      known through his connection with canal matters.
Clark BURK of Havana d. Dec. 26, 1868 ae 76yr.
Mary BURLING of Havana [Montour Falls] d. July 14,1839, ae24 yrs.
David BURR of Montour d. Montour Jan. 26,1867.
Walker BURR of Catharine d. Aug. 28, 1857, ae 69 yr.
Silas M. BURROUGH of Orleans Co., NY d. June 3, 1860.   He was b. in Ovid in 1810.
Ebenezar BURT of Havana, NY d. there Oct. 29, 1860, ae 72 yrs.
Hannah BURT of  Owego d. Oct. 8, 1864, ae 83yr.
William BURTEN of Hector committed suicide on Jun 18, 1870.
Harriet Ann BUSSEY d. at Beaver Dams Feb. 22,1855; age 15 yrs.
Loveday BUTLER of Enfield d. Dec. 1870.
Horace BUTTS of Veteran [Chemung co., NY] d. Apr. 7,1851, ae 37yrs.


Amanda CADY of Dix d. Mar. 18,1850, age 22yrs;  d/o Silas CADY.
Luther CADY of Dix d. June 24, 1851 of brain fever, age 18 yrs.
Mary Ann CAHILL of Elmira d. June 18, 1864, ae 1yr, 6m, 4da, d/o Michael & Ann CAHILL.
Dr. John C. CALHOUN d. in Winnsboro, NC  July 31, 1855 of consumption.  Son of Hon. John C. CALHOUN.
Julia CALKINS of Catlin, NY d. July 27, 1868, ae 59yr; w/o Reuben; mother of T.F. KIFF.
William CALLAHAN of Havana was shot & died June 3, 1853 by Asa WINTON, brother of his employer,
        Dr. WINTON.  He was an Irishman about 40.  The June 18, 1853 issue had details of the
        shooting.  Asa WINTON was declared insane, not accountable for the act.
Bradford CAMPBELL d. Havana Aug. 18, 1868, ae 40yr.
Catherine Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Havana d. Nov. 1, 1857, ae 4yr;
      d/o Archibold & Caroline E. CAMPBELL.
John CAMPBELL of St. Paul, MN,  late of Havana [Montour Falls, NY] d. Dec. 22,1870, age 52 yrs.
Lorana CAMPBELL of Veteran [Chemung co., NY] d. Sept 30, 1850 of bilious congestion fever;
      d/o Judson & Abagail.
Reuben CAMPBELL of Bath [Steuben co.] d. July 6, 1870.
Rev. R. CAMPBELL of Havana, NY d. Nov. 16, 1868; father of A.G. CAMPBELL.
Ursula CAMPBELL of Havana d. Nov. 7,1864, ae 42yr; w/o A.G. CAMPBELL;
      d/o  Phineas & Hannah CATLIN.
Ezra CANFIELD of Elmira [Chemung co.] d. June 4, 1866; age 75 yrs. 10 mo.
Rev. Benjamine W. CAPRON d. Millport, NY July 13, 1869, ae 75yr.
Mathew CAREY of Philedelphia d. when thrown from carriage. [Sept. 25, 1837 issue.]
Esther M. CARPENTER of Catharine d. Feb. 6, 1864, ae 32yr; w/o George CARPENTER
       and d/o Thomas & Lucy COUCH.
 Helen Augusta CARPENTER of Catharine d. Feb. 4, 1863, ae 7yr, 15da.
      d/o George and Esther COUCH CARPENTER.
Johnathan C. CARPENTER d. Aug. 5, 1864, ae 22yr.
Marcus CARPENTER of Odessa d. May 21, 1864, ae 65yr.
Marienna CARPENTER d. Mar. 16, 1861, ae 16yr; 3rd dau of Amas & Harriet CARPENTER.
Orrin CARPENTER of Watkins, NY d. Aug.  6, 1860 when drowned in Seneca Lake.
Mrs. C. C. CARR of Burdett d. Jan. 1, 1863; w/o Rev. C. C. CARR.
Fitch C. CARSON  of Hector Falls drowned in Seneca Lake on July 27, 1861, ae 46yrs.
Joseph CARSON of Burdett [Schuyler co.] d. Sept. 15,1867; age 84 years.
Susan CARSON of Burdett d. Jan. 11, 1865, ae 77yr;  w/o Joseph CARSON.
Susan M. CARSON  of Burdett d. May 5, 1857, ae 47yr;  d/o J. CARSON.
Abagail CARTER of Catlin [Chemung co., NY] d. in Catlin at home of son Johnson CARTER, Esq.
      on Aug. 24, 1849, ae 86y,5m.
Polly CARY [CAREY] of Crawfords Settlement d. Sept 24, of apoplexy, ae 65 yrs.; w/o Cory ?
David CASPER  Auburn, Indiana d. July 1868, ae 85yr.
Mary E. CASS of Watkins d. Jan 11, 1859, ae 21yr, 2m, 27da.
Hannah CATLIN d. in Odessa Mar. 2,1867; age 74 years;  w/o Phineas CATLIN.
Leman CATLIN of Catharine, NY d. Feb 2, 1890, ae 69yr.
Phineas CATLIN of Montour d. Feb. 26, 1864, ae 37yr.
Ralph L. CATLIN of Odessa d. Sept. 19,1849 when a double-barreled gun was discharged; ae 35 yrs.
Sarah H. CATLIN of New Berlin d. Sept. 12,1866 of tetanus; age 24 yrs.
William CATLIN of Catharine d. Jan. 18, 1865 in Maryland of pneumonia. [Civil War]
Nathaniel CAULDWELL of Elmira d. Feb. 18, 1864, ae 41yr.
Curtis J. CHAMBERLAIN d. in a Nashville, TN hospital, typhoid fever, Nov. 23, 1863, ae 27yr, 2m.
Joshua CHAMBERLAIN d. in Campbell on Aug 17,1851, ae 55 yrs.
Rulon CHAPIN d. Cortland, Mich. d. Jan 12, 1870, ae 71yr, 8m, 14da.
Susan CHAPIN of Havana [Montour Falls] d. Sept. 9, 1855 of consumption, ae 23 yrs.
Ellen Ann CHAPMAN of Odessa d. Feb. 18,1866; d/o Gilbert & Ann Eliza CHAPMAN;  ae 9m,27d.
Eliza CHAPMAN of Catharine d. May 24, 1863, ae 10yr; d/o Reuben & Adelia CHAPMAN.
Estella May CHAPMAN of Catharine d. Mar. 13, 1866; age 9m, 4d;  d/o Chas. & Iona CHAPMAN.
Hiram CHAPMAN of Watkins d. Mar. 11, 1863, ae 61yr, 10m, 11da.
Jany CHAPMAN of Catharine. d. Aug. 1, 1863, ae 5yr; d/o Gilbert & Ann CHAPMAN.
Mary M. CHAPMAN of Catharine d.May 15, 1863, ae 15yr; d/o Reuben & Adelia  CHAPMAN.
Mary S. CHAPMAN d. Jan. 12, 1859, ae 27yr; w/o James CHAPMAN & d/o Thomas  COUCH.
Orsemas CHAPMAN of Catharine d. July 19, 1863, ae 13yr, d/o Gilbert & Ann CHAPMAN.
Rev. George CHENEY of Branchport d. June 11, 1863, ae 36yr; brother of Rev. R. C. CHENEY.
Mary Elizabeth CHENOWETH d. NY Aug. 31, 1863, ae 32yr, 3m, 20da; w/o John CHENOWETH
       and dau of Mrs. Benjamine KNAPP.
Lydia CHIDSEY of Candor d. Aug 1870, ae 99yr, 7m.
John CHOIL of Havana [Montour Falls, NY] d. Oct. 9, 1867; age 60yrs.
Eliza Jane CLARK of Newfield [Tompkins co., NY] d. Sept. 21, 1850, ae 3y, 11m, 13d.
Harriet A. CLARK of Havana d. Dec. 13, 1862, ae 25yr, 11m, 26da. at the home of
      her father Capt. E. C. CLARK.
Sarah CLARK of Moreland [Town of Dix, Schuyler co.] d. Mar. 23,1854 of scarlet fever; d/o Lavina J. &
          John CLARK; ae 4yr, 9m, 18d.
Sarah CLARK d. 1854 in Moreland [Town of Dix], ae 4y, 9m, 18 da.; d/o Laura J. & John CLARK.
Martha CLARKE of Morleand, Dix d. Feb. 7, 1863, ae 30yr, 4m; w/o Benjamine CLARK.
Mrs. Alexander CLAUHARTY of Havana d. Sept. 13,1870.   Mother of Sheriff CLAUHARTY.
           She was buried in Montour Falls.
Clarissa CLAUHARTY of Havana d. July 31, 1863, ae 60yr; w/o Samuel CLAUHARTY.
Edgar W. CLAUHARTY of Havana d. Sept. 1,1866; age 26 yrs;  s/o  Capt. Alexander CLAUHARTY.
Edgar CLAUHARTY of Havana d. Sept. 2,1866, ae 27 yrs; s/o Arthur CLAUHARTY.
John CLAUHARTY  of Havana [Montour Falls] drowned at foot of 19th St., NY City on Sept. 16,1850.
Kate M. CLAUHARTY d. Apr 24, 1869; w/o O. M. CLAUHARTY; d/o John QUIGLEY.
Laura Ann CLAUHARTY of Geneva d. Dec. 18, 1859, ae 37yr; widow of John CLAUHARTY Jr.
Marila Ann CLAUHARTY d. in  Havana July 3, 1860, ae 14yr, 8m.
Orpha CLAUHARTY of Havana d. Apr. 4, 1857, ae 67yr.
Samuel CLAUHARTY of Havana d. Aug. 5, 1851, age 51 yrs.  He had 14 children.
      Youngest Irene married Francis CORRON about 1866.  Inez [Irene?] died May 16,1925 in
      Geneva, NY.  She had 8 children. One Walter CARRON is a priest at Honeoye, NY.
Garrett CLAWSON of  Peach Orchard  committed suicide Feb 26, 1854 by cutting throat with razor.
Mary F. CLEMMONS d. Mar. 21,1854 in Dix;  ae 21y, 2m; wife of Isaac; d/o E.B. [Elisha?] & Tabitha MALLORY.
Mary F. CLEMMONS d. in Dix [Schuyler co., NY] on Mar.27, 1839,  ae 21y,2m; w/o Isaac CLEMMONS;
      d/o  E. B. [Elisha] & Tabatha MALLORY.
Matilda CLEVELAND of Dix d. Aug. 1,1851, but the issue of the Havana Republican states she
           d. Sept. 8,1851, age 20yrs.
Mary COBB of Havana, NY d. in train accident on Erie RR recently; d/o Rodolphus.
Benjamin CODDINGTON d.Aug. 1853 after a very brief  illness.  He was postmaster of Bellona.
Sally CODDINTON of Reynoldsville d. May 20, 1864, ae 75yr; w/o John M. CODDINGTON.
Albert A. COE d. Kaupo, Maui on Mar. 7, 1868, ae 38 yr; s/o Sheldon & Sally COE.
Jenette COE of Veteran d. May 15, 1864, ae 9yr, 11m; d/o Wesley & Sarah COE.
Mary Ellen COE of Catharine, NY, only d/o Loron L. & Ellen COE, d. Jan. 19, 1860, ae 3yr, 7m.
Lucy COLBORN d. at Baltimore, MD Jan. 2, 1868,  ae 33yrs; w/o W.L. COLBURN; d/o Joel JONES.
Charles P. COLE of Cortland d. May 11, 1869, ae 37yr.
Mrs. Sally COLEGROVE of Dix d. May 1, 1850, age 69 yrs.
Patrick COLLINS of Horseheads, NY killed May 6, 1870, ae 40yr.
Peter C. COMPTON of Watkins d. in a Chattanooga, TN hospital, July 1, 1864; s/o Wm. CHAPMAN.
Rev. S.L. CONGDON d. Corning, NY, May 24, 1868.
Sarah R. CONKLIN of Bradford, d. July 11, 1862, ae 38yr, 10m.
Patrick CONLIN, an Irishman, was accidently drowned in Lock No.2 of Chemung Canal,
      Dec. 5, 1861, ae 45 yr.   He leaves a wife and 3 small children.
M. M. CONVERSE of Elmira d. Mar. 29, 1864, ae 64yr.
Charles COOK of Havana d. Oct. 16, 1866 in Auburn, Cayuga co., NY.
Chas. COOK of Hector d. Jan. 16, 1864, ae 16m, 19da; s/o Ira L. & Mary Ann TERRY.
Hiram COOK of Springfield, NY d. there Sept. 18, 1858, ae 21yr; s/o Elbert W. COOK.
Mrs. Jerusha COOK of Havana d. at the residence of E. H. DOWNS?  Mother of Charles; ae 61 yrs.
Mary COOK of Havana d. Aug 31, 1839 of consumption; wife of Frederick COOK; ae 20y,11m.
Millie L. COOK  of Eddyville d. Dec. 21, 1869; w/o Elbert P.  COOK;  d/o James M Smith.
Olive COOK of Havana d. Aug. 31, 1868; d/o Col. E.W. COOK.
Calvin COOLEY d. in Albany, NY Mar. 13, 1867.  He was an early settler in Havana [now Montour Falls].
Orpelia COON of Vanettenville d. Oct. 10, 1863, ae 23yr; w/o A. COON; d/o Mrs. R. O. SMITH.
John CORCORAN of Corning murdered in Corning Aug. 11, 1868.
Hon. Alonzo B. CORNELL of Ithaca d. [Aug. 9,1870 issue]
George CORNELL of Dix d. July 4, 1865, ae 32yr.
Montgomery CORNELL was found drowned in a creek, July 3, 1861.   It was suicide, ae78yr.
Isaac CORWIN of Havana d. Nov. 12, 1863, ae 27yr, at the res. of George CORWIN.
Noadiah CORWIN of Millport [Chemung co., NY] d. Oct. 20, 1839.
Thomas G. CORY of Tyrone d. July 31, 1864, ae 74yr.
Clara CORYELL of Aurora, IL;  mother of Nathan CORYELL of Havana, d. July 7, 1861, ae 82yr.
Capt J.H. CORYELL of Havana drowned near Athens Aug. 18, 1864.
Willie R. CORYELL d. Dec. 6,1866 in Havana Montour Falls, NY], ae 2yr, 7m. 4d;
      s/o John B. & Percilia CORYELL.
George A. COUCH of Montour d. Mar. 7, 1863, ae 11yr; s/o Joel M. & Eliza A. COUCH.
Isaac C. COUCH of Montour d. Mar. 6, 1863, ae 8yr; s/o Joel M. & Eliza A. COUCH.
John H. COUCH of Montour d. Feb. 21, 1863, ae 14yr; s/o Joel and Eliza COUCH.
     All three COUCH children died of diphtheria.
Major General Jonathan P. COUCH of Havana [Montour Falls] d. July 25,1853; resident of Havana for 22yrs.
Lydia COUCH of Havana d. July 19, 1868, ae 69yr.
Myron G. COUCH of Odessa d. in action near Dallas, GA, May 25, 1864, ae 22yr.
     s/o Thoams and Lucy COUCH.
Rebecca COUCH of Catharine d. Aug. 14, 1864, ae 69yr; w/o Timothy COUCH.
Timothy S. COUCH of Catharine d. Feb. 24,1866, ae 69 yrs.
Wallace E. COUCH of Havana d. July 19, 1868, ae 69yr.
Miles COVELL of Elmira, NY d. Jan. 26,1851, ae 53 yrs.
Robert COVELL of Elmira d. Apr. 2, 1864, ae 77yr.
Wallace E. CRAMMER of Smith Valley d. Aug 24, 1870, ae 31yrs.
Mrs. Caroline CRAWFORD of Havana d. Dec. 22,1839, ae 30 yrs.; w/o Marcus CRAWFORD;
            d/o George JOHNSON
Harriett CRAWFORD of Havana d. Jun. 18,1854, ae 30 yrs.; w/o Marcus CRAWFORD.
John B. CRAWFORD of Dix, father of M. CRAWFORD of Havana, d. Jan. 31, 1862.
Marcus CRAWFORD d. Havana [Montour Falls] on Apr. 17,1867, ae 51 yrs.
Mrs. Samuel G. CRAWFORD of Havana d. Sept. 20, 1868, ae 59 yrs.
Andrew J. CRESSMAN of Mecklenburg d. Apr. 17, 1868, ae 35yr.
Rev. John CRICKMORE of Barrington [Yates co.] d. Mar. 27,1855, ae 78 yrs.
Lucy CRIDDLE of Ithaca committed suicide, July 1861, ae 17yr.
John CRIPPEN of Havana d. Dec. 11, 1869, ae 34yr.
Sarah Ellen CROGGER of Havana d. May 1, 1870, ae 25yrs.
Aaron CRONK of Montour d. May 15,1867, ae 70 yrs.
Arnold CRONK d. May 15,1867 in Montour, age 70yrs.
William CULVER of Reading Center d. Dec. 22, 1857.
Nancy CUNNINGHAM of Havana d. Feb. 5, 1864, ae 65yr; w/o Peter CUNNINGHAM.
Peter CUNNINGHAM of Havana drowned on Mar. 17, 1868.
Peter CUNNINGHAM  of Tonawanda d. June 18, 1869, ae 70yr.
Charles CURTIS of Catharine [Schuyler co.] d. Jun. 22,1854, ae 57 yrs.
Margaret CURTIS of Catharine d. Apr. 15, 1857, ae 69yr.
Mary R. CURTIS of Catharine, w/o Brant C. CURTIS, d. Jan. 27, 1860, ae 35yr.


Eliza A. DAKIN  d. July 15, 1866 in Alpine [Town of Catharine, Schuyler co.], age 54 yrs.
Rev. C. S. DAVIS of Savona d. suddenly at Havana, age 57 yrs.  He was attending East Genesse
            conference on Nov. 5,1870.  In 1845-46 he was pastor of the North Church of Havana & at one
            time principal of our village school [of Havana = Montour Falls].
Jack DAVENPORT d. in Elmira on July 26,1866 when crushed by train.
Abby TRACY DAVIDSON d. Nov. 27, 1866 at Hartwick Seminary at Oswego; w/o Clark DAVIDSON.
James DARLING of Hector d. Apr. 18,1867 of paralysis, age 92yr, 8m,16d.
Joseph L. DARLING d. in Odessa on Nov. 2,1865, ae 82 yrs.
Jerry DELAND killed by falling tree in Oscevela, PA.
Harvey N. DEAN killed in Searsburg on Dec. 13,1867, age 47 yrs.
Mrs. DICKINSON died after being thrown from a horse and wagon; w/o William DICKINSON.
Lizzie DICKINSON d. in Trumansburg [Tompkins co.] Oct. 1, 1866 of consumption, age 19.
Charles E. DURLAND d. at North Hector Jan. 26,1867;  s/o Peter DURLAND.
Cornelius DUVAL [DUVALL] of Dix committed suicide  on Jan. 3,1868; age 21 yrs.
James DEWITT d. recently (in Sept 24,1870 issue) in Baldwin leaving property worth $20,000.
Alvin B. DRAKE, chaplain of Townsend Lodge No. 754, died "recently" in the Oct. 29,1870 issue.
Sidney S. DECKER of Havana d. Aug. 26,1849, ae 39 yrs.
John DECKER of Havana d. June 25, 1850; s/o Simon DECKER.
Patrick H. DANIER of Havana d. Aug.7, 1854 ae 27yrs.
Jane DECKER of Havana d. Aug 8,1849 ae 17y, 3m; d/o Simon and Jane DECKER.
John DELAFIELD d. in Seneca Co. - At the time of death was Pres. of board of trustees of the agriculture college.
Mrs. Mary DODSON d. in Hector on Jan. 23,1839, ae 44 yrs.; w/o Rev. N. B. DODSON.
Almon Judson DOLPH d. in Havana on Sept. 1,1850; s/o John M. & Francis A. DOLPH.
Solomon DOOLITTLE of Ovid [Seneca co., NY] d. Apr. 18,1850, ae 47 yrs.
Wilmina DURKEE of Dix d. Aug 18, 1854, ae 14 yrs.; d/o John T. DURKEE.
Isiah DAVIS of Catharine d. there Sept. 6, 1861, ae 47 yrs.
Nancy DEAN  of Catharine d. Nov. 8, 1859, w/o Abijah DEAN, ae 58.
Henry DECKER of Havana d. Nov. 1, 1859 after long years of asthmatic complaints.
      leaves a widow & an only son, a brother & a sister.
Joseph S. DOANE of Monterey d. of typhoid fever Feb. 9, 1862.
Ebenezar DODGE of Millport, Chemung Co. d. there Jan. 12, 1860, of cancer,  ae 81 yrs.
Mrs.  William V. DOLPH of Montour, d/o John A. REED, d. May 20, 1862, ae 23 yr.
Leila DOWNS of Havana, only d/o E. H. & A. S. DOWNS,  d. Havana Dec. 2, 1861, ae 8yr, 6m, of scarlatina.
Mary DUNHAM of Hector, w/o Azariah DUNHAM, d. Oct 22, 1861 at the res. of
      Nehemiah  SHANNON in Hector; ae 80 yrs.
Azariah DUNHAM of Havana d. Mar. 1869, ae 92 yr; father of James.
John DAVIS of Elmira d. Feb. 3, 1864, ae 42y.
Polly DAVIS of Marion d. at Havana, NY June 12, 1865; w/o Perry DAVIS; d/o Perry DAVIS
      and d/o Mr. & Mrs. Caleb HILL.
Rachael DARLING of Odessa d. Nov 21,1868; wife of J. L. DARLING.
Thomas B. DARLING  of Mechlenburg d. Apr. 7, 1870 after accidently shooting himself, ae 52.
Joseph T. DEAN of Tyrone committed suicide June 15, 1868.
John DeMOTT of Lodi d. Aug. 1, 1870.
Jennie A. DICKINSON of Hornby d. Feb. 2, 1865, ae 24yr, 5m; w/o Bray A. DICKINSON.
Delos DIMICK of Hector d. July 9, 1864, ae 25yr.
Betsey DISBROW of Tyrone d. Jan. 24, 1864, ae 17yr, 11m, 20d.
Lavila DOLLOWAY of Havana d. Nov. 13, 1863, ae 21yr; w/o Andrew DOLLOWAY.
Steward DOSON of Erin d. Apr. 17, 1863, ae 31y.
George W. DUDLEY of Havana d. Mar. 10, 1863 - New Port News, VA.
John Davis DUNN of Elmira d. Feb. 20, 1864 at Washington; s/o Judge DUNN.
John T. DURKEE of Dix d. Feb. 6, 1864, ae 61yr.
Silas DOWNING, d. Sep 17, 1847 at Lock No. 3, ae 30yr-4mo-23da; he drowned, along with his son
   Daniel DOWNING, ae 9yr-5mo-2da, son of Silas & Margaret DOWNING.  "The lock tender and his son
   at Lock No. 3, some 3/4 of a mile above Havana, NY, were drowned in the lock on Fri. afternoon last.  The
   man had just lifted a gate to let the water out of the lock, and by accident fell in, when he reached out his
   hand to his son to hold him from going down, and by the means drew the boy in...A wife and 2 children
   are left to mourn." [Havana Republican]


Carrie Adelia EACKER of Havana b. Sept. 7, 1869, d/o Daniel S. & H.L. EACKER.
Elizabeth EACKER of Havana, w/o David EACKER, d. June 21, 1862, ae 25yr.
Elizabeth B. EASTMAN of Belmont  d. Oct. 14, 1858; w/o R. K. EASTMAN; ae 46yr.
Silas J. ELDRED d. in Marshall, Mich. on Sept. 20,1867.
Mary ELMENDORF of Havana d. Apr. 28, 1858, ae 78 yr.
Hiram ENNIS of Cayuta  d. Mar. 14, 1869.
Bela R. ESTABROOK d. in Havana on Oct 18,1866 of dysentery, age 36y, 6m.
Frances Asenath ESTABROOK of Newfield, Thompkins Co., NY, d. Feb. 25, 1861, ae 3yr.
       d/o H. L. & E. A.  ESTABROOK.
Jason J. EUMANS d. in a Nashville, TN hospital, d. Aug. 8, 1864.  [YOUMANS]
Hannah EVANS of Montour d. July 27,1866, age 50 yrs.
Atwood EVELETH  d. Nov. 6,1870.  One of the earliest settlers of town Orange. [born there in 1815]
Rev. Josiah C. EVERTS of Havana d. May 24,1863, ae 28yr.


Wakeman FANTON d. in Kent, CT on Feb. 22, 1867, age 61 yrs.
John FINCH of Havana [Montour Falls] d. Mar. 10,1854, ae 46 yrs.
Mrs. Malinda FROST of Catharine died [death notice isssue Oct. 22,1853].
Sterling Sherman FANTON of Catharine d. Apr. 7,1854, ae 15 yrs.; s/o Thomas L. &
              Betsey SHERMAN FANTON.
Willie FARRINGTON d. in Searsburg on June 22, 1866; s/o John R. & Lydia A. FARRINGTON; ae12 years.
Artemas FAY  of Havana d. Apr. 4,1867, ae 82yrs.
Emma E. FITCH d. Catlisle [Carlisle?] Sept. 12, 1866; widow of late Alexander FITCH; age 54 yrs.
Elizabeth L. FROST  of Montour d. May 31,1866 in Elmira; age 78 yrs.
Levi FEAGLES d. in Bradford on Sept. 1865; was in the Sept. 30, 1865 issue of Havana Republican.
Emily FINCH d. during the week of Aug 10,1867; committed suicide by hanging herself.
James FABUN  found dying on Jan. 31,1866 & died Feb. 2; of Newfield.
L.H. FOWLER of Watkins committed suicide in North Hector recently [Feb 15, 1868 issue].
Josiah FLETCHER of Montour d. Jan. 11, 1869, ae 80yr.
Seymour FAIRMAN of Elmira d. May 1868.
Adalaska C. FEELY of Havana, 7m-old son of Martin & Mary FEELY, d. May 18, 1862.
Lilly P. FEELY of Havana  d. June 4, 1862, ae 2yr; d/o Martin and Mary FEELY.
Martin L. FEELY of Havana d. May 20, 1862, ae 8yr; s/o Martin and Mary FEELY.
Edward FLEMING of Havana d. previous Thur. [Sept. 24,1859 issue], after a week, of injuries
     causesd by a kick inflicted by Bradford CAMPBELL; ae 50 yr.
Deborah FLETCHER of Catharine d. Mar. 19, 1860, ae 67 yr.
Daniel FORSHEE of Tyrone committed suicide June 13, 1860, ae 60 yr.
Elster FROST of Havana d. Nov. 3, 1859, ae 6m; s/o Col. E. C. & Sarah FROST.
Louise TRACY FANTON of Havana d. Aug. 24, 1863, ae 27y, 3m; w/o Hull FANTON; d/o Peter TRACY.
Joseph W. FAY of Havana d. last Sept. in a prison camp in Alabama; s/o Artemas FAY [Dec.10,1864 issue].
Horace FERO of Catlin d. Oct. 23, 1862, ae 15yr.
Richard FISH of Montour d. July 24, 1863, ae 69yr.
Frank FITZPATRICK of Havana d. at Sumter Hosp. at Andersonville, GA, Nov. 21,1864;
      brother of John & Thomas FITZPATRICK.
Hannah FITZPATRICK of Havana drowned Sept 8, 1858 in the cold spring, ae 15m; d/o John FITZPATRICK.
Margaret FOGLE of Havana d. Jan. 5, 1858, ae 70yr.
Benjamine FORCE of Tyrone d. in battle on June 25, 1864.
Dr. Lyman FORCE of Burdett d. Mar. 12, 1864.
Isiah FORREST d. Nashville, TN, Oct. 10, 1864 of typhoid fever, ae 20yr, 26da.
Moses  C. FREE of Watkins d. Mar. 1, 1863.
Ellen E. FROST of Utica d. May 17, 1865, ae 47yr.
Laura Ann FROST of Montour d. Mar. 21, 1865, ae 39yr.
Benjamine FRANKLIN of Winona, MN d. Aug. 11, 1868.
Morgan FREER of Watkins d. Mar. 10, 1870.


Mary C. GANUNG of Dix d. Mar. 4,1867 of consumption; d/o Alexander & Cynthia GANUNG; ae 22 yrs.
Carrie GAYLORD d. in Orange Apr. 24,1866; w/o Leroy GAYLORD; d/o James McELEVEE of Savona.
Edward H. GILES d. in Trumansburg [Tompkins co.] Dec. 21,1865 of consumption; s/o Joseph GILES; ae 36yrs.
Charles GIBBS d. in Odessa [Town of Catharine]; age 20 yrs.
Willie GAYLORD d. Belle Plains, Iowa Sept. 24,1867; s/o James GAYLORD.
Lydia GAYLORD d. Hornby [Steuben co., NY] Jan. 19, 1867; widow of Marcus GAYLORD.
Frank W. GAYLORD d. Moreland [Town of Dix] on Dec. 3,1867; age 35 yrs.
Horace GILES of Spencer, brother of Joseph GILES of Havana, died Dec.16,1870, age 80yr.
Mrs. Horace GILES, wife of Horace GILES, d. Dec. 18,1870, age 77 yr.  Both were buried on Dec. 19.
Batavia GRIMES, 2 yr. old son of J. GRIMES, died from the effects of fly poison which he drank by mistake.
J. GLOOVER, Johnson Co., Ark.  Died when called to the door of his house. GLOVER was murdered.
          His son-in-law was also killed & his wife & small son were wounded.  The murderers are not yet found.
          In the Sept. 17,1870 issue of the Havana Republican.
Col. E. H. GOODWIN d. in Havana  [Montour Falls] on May 25, 1866; age 73 yrs.
Andrew GILTNER  committed suicide near Ithaca recently.  Sept. 14,1867 issue Havana Republican.
John GRAY d. in Havana [Montour Falls] on July 18,1838 of consumption, ae 25yrs.
Augustus GRAHAM of Burdett [Schuyler co.] d. Aug 9, 1831 of bilious fever.
Rev. G. J. GARRETSON of Ovid, removed to NY; d. after brief & severe illness in NY. [Aug.27,1853 issue]
Anson GARRISON of Tioga killed by J.M. THURSTON.  Reported in the May 14,1853 issue.
           [Thurston was found guilty of murder.]
Mrs. Annis GERMAN of Havana d. Oct. 30, 1853, ae 73 yrs.
Daniel N. GIDDINGS  d. in Havana on July 25,1850, ae 62 yrs.
Eliza GOODRICH d. at her sister's on Feb. 15,1849; cause of death was suicide.
Mary Ann GOODYEAR  d. Dec. 2,1849, ae 19 yrs.; w/o D. A. GOODYEAR of Brooklyn.
John GANUNG of Elmira d. July 17, 1855.
Anna GANUNG of Dix d. Apr. 20, 1868, ae 69 yr; w/o John G. GANUNG.
Linda GANUNG Kansas City, MO d. Mar. 24, 1869; d/o Alexander GANUNG.
John G. GANUNG of Dix d. Jan. 25, 1868, ae 69yr.
Capt. A. S. GOODRICH, Ithaca, NY, committed suicide [Apr. 9,1870 issue].
Frank J.  GREEN of Middlesex committed suicide Jan 1, 1870.
Geroge GUNNIP d. recently [issue July 24, 1869].
Mary GAUNTLEY of Corning was suffocated & burned to death in her room above the
      kitchen of the Dickerson House which was destroyed by fire, Dec. 28, 1862.
Marcus GAYLORD of Hornby d. Mar. 12, 1861, ae 82yr.
Sarah GRANT of Mecklenburgh d. July 20, 1860, ae 20yr; d/o George & Fanny GRANT.
Sarah Ann GREGG of Elmira d. July 16, 1860, ae 31yr; w/o William M. GREGG;
      d/o Judge John W. WISNER.
Linn GANO of Elmira d. Nov. 23, 1864, ae 17yr, 2m;  s/o Philip and Ann GANO .
Bozaled GANUNG of Catharine was killed on Sept. 15, 1863 when thrown from wagon, ae 45yr.
Malindia R. GANUNG of Townsendville d. Mar. 3, 1859, ae 1yr, 9m; d/o Elias K. & Catherine M. GANUNG.
Dr. N. D. GARDINER of Horseheads d. Apr. 8, 1864, ae 66yr.
Hiram GOFF of Lodi Landing d. Mar. 7, 1864, ae 61yr.
Mary K. GRAY of Moreland d. Dec. 3, 1863, ae 64yr; w/o Rev. J. GRAY.
Olive GREENO of  Millport d. Nov. 14, 1862, ae 81yr; w/o Oliver GREENO.
Julia GOODWIN of Elmira d. Mar. 31, 1860, ae 43 yrs; w/o Sylvester H. GOODWIN.
Thomas GEE of PA d. when he burned to death last month [Jan.9,1869 issue].


Sheriff HALLIDAY  d. Feb. 21,1867 in Elmira [Chemung co.].
Edwin S. HAGER d.  in Peach Orchard Oct. 16,1866, ae 48 yrs; s/o Peter HAGER.
Nathan HALL of  Havana d. Aug. 25,1849, ae 60 yrs.
Capt. Thomas HANBY was killed at Melrose Sept. 7,1870.  He was the first white child born in Clark Co.
Catherine HAZEN of North Settlement - death notice in Oct 13,1841 issue; ae 55yrs; w/o Isaac L. HAZEN.
Thomas HILL death notice in Dec. 24,1870 issue.  He was the well known citizen of Elmira.
Charles M. HOLLISTER of Havana  d. Nov. 4,1841, age 25 yrs.
David C. HOYT d. in Burton on Sept. 21,1841, age 54 yrs.
George W. HUGHES  d. recently at his residence in Anne, Arundle Co., Maryland.  [in Dec. 17,1870 issue]
Thomas HAWKINS  d. June 3,1866 in Ithaca, ae. 99yr, 4m, 15 d.
Hiram P. HASKIN d. Dec. 17, 1865 in Veteran [Chemung co.], age 40yrs.
Orville M. HARRIS committed suicide at Eureka House in Watkins, NY on Sept. 14,1867.
William HOFFMAN d. in Elmira on July 4,1867; age 85 yrs.
Elizabeth HEIST  d. in Monterey on Aug. 16,1866; age 30 yrs.; w/o George W. HEIST.
Charles E. HARDY of Ithaca d. July 7, 1868, ae 70 yr.
Aaron HANLEY of Peach Orchard d. Nov. 4, 1869, ae 66yr.
Frankie B. HAGER of Watkins d. Sept. 10, 1868, ae 3yr, 1m.
J. S. HAZEN of Odessa d. Oct. 2, 1869, ae 83yr.
Phebe HITCHOCK of Catharine d. Dec. 14, 1868, ae 23yr.
Sally HITCHCOCK of Catharine d. Sept. 20, 1869, ae 70yr.
John C. HOPKINS Saratoga, MN d. ? 1869.
Almira HALLETT d. Havana Jan. 7, 1855, ae 20yrs.
Rachel M. HALL of Havana d. near Havana Jan. 31, 1851, ae 55yrs.
Frederick W. HAMBLIN of Havana d. in Auburn, NY May 10, 1854,  ae 10m, 10da;
      s/o A. B. & Mary I.  HAMBLIN
Mrs. Alexander HAMILTON of Havana d. Nov. 9, 1854; widow of Gen. HAMILTON;
      d/o Gen. Philip SCHUYLER.
Daniel HAMILTON of Havana d. there June 21, 1855, ae 25yrs.
Mariella Adelaide HENRY of Havana d. Sept 3, 1855, ae 7yr; d/o John G. & Jane E. HENRY.
Mrs. Maria HEWITT of Havana d. Havana Sept 1, 1849, ae 28 yr; w/o Roswell HEWITT.
Alice HIBBARD of Havana d. Havana Sept. 11, 1854, ae 75yr.
Warren HIBBARD of Havana d. Aug. 3, 1853, ae 1yr, 5m; s/o George E. & Sarah Jane HIBBARD.
Mrs. Arme HINMAN of Havana d. Jan. 29, 1851, ae 70yrs.
Levina HITCHCOCK of Dix d. Oct. 1, 1850, ae 79 yrs; w/o Joseph HITCHCOCK.
Sarahette HITCHCOCK of Havana d. Feb. 11, 1851, ae 33yrs; w/o George V. HITCHCOCK.
David C. HOLTON of Havana d. Dec. 23, 1855, ae 35yrs [or 55 yrs?]
Enoch HOLTON of Havana d. Aug. 10, 1855, ae 7yr; s/o D. C. HOLTON.
James A. HUGHSON of Big Flats, NY d. Aug. 29, 1849, ae 38 yr; s/o Judge HUGHSON of Elmira.
Sophia L. HULETT d. at Horseheads, NY, ae 11yrs.  [June 18, 1853 issue].
William HUNTER of Havana d. Sept. 3, 1851, ae 52yr.
James M. HUSTON of Dix d. Sept. 9, 1855, ae 60yr.
Abram HYATT of Catlin d. Aug. 25, 1853, ae 45yrs.
Ira T. HYATT of Catlin d. Dec. 4, 1854, ae 17 or 18 yrs; s/o late A. HYATT.
Agnes HYSLOP of Havana d. Feb. 10, 1851, ae 45yr; w/o Murdy J. HYSLOP.
Hannah E. HAGER of Hector d. Jan. 8, 1862, ae 10yr; d/o H. H. HAGER.
Robert HAMILTON of Hector d. Apr. 7, 1861.  Post Master at Smith Valley,
      committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor; ae 75 yr.
Jesse HITCHCOCK d. Oct. 4, 1860 at Johnson Settlement.
Janette Annie HOTCHKISS of Havana d. Mar. 14, 1862, ae 11 wks; d/o Able & Georgiana HOTCHKISS.
Minne Josephine HUFF d. Oct. 19, 1860, ae 7 wks; d/o A. C. HUFF
Samuel HYATT of Burdett d. June 20, 1861, ae 65yr.
Peltiah HARRIS of Ft. Edward, Wash. Co.; father of Charles HARRIS of Havana; was killed by
      lightning May 8, 1860.
Rosewell HOLDEN of Reading d. Nov. 6, 1861 of apoplexy, ae 62yr.
Edward HOOGLAND of Kansas d. recently at his home [May 3,1862 issue]; former editor of the Dundee Record.
McMurdo HYSLOP  d. Havana Dec. 18, 1860, ae 50 yr.
Rev. George L. HALL of Mecklenburgh d. Oct. 20, 1857; Pastor Presby. Church there.
Lyman HALL of Catharine d. Apr. 22, 1863, ae 77yr.
George HALLETT d. Watkins May 3, 1864, ae 56yr.
Anson HAMILTON d. Wheatland, Mich. Apr 10, 1858, ae 54 yrs.
Ella May HARRINGTON of Watkins d. Apr. 5, 1863, ae 14m, 12da; d/o Nelson & Maria  HARRINGTON.
Elizabeth Arabella HARRIS of Havana d. Nov. 15, 1858, ae 26yr, 8m; w/o Arville HARRIS.
Ella WAIT HARRIS of Havana d. Feb. 5, 1858, ae 31yr; w/o Charles HARRIS.
Herburt Orville HARRIS of Havana d. Oct. 19, 1858, ae 1yr, 7m, 10da; s/o Orville & Arabella HARRIS.
Nathaniel A. HARVEY of Havana d. at res. of R.W. ROWLEY in Havana, Sept. 9, 1863, ae 59yr.
Ida Adelia HASKIN of Millport d. Feb. 24, 1863, ae 2yr,7m; d/o H. P. HASKIN.
Col. S. G. HATAWAY [HATHAWAY ?] of Elmira d. Apr. 16, 1864, ae 57yr.
Josehp HAUSE of Ovid d. May 18, 1864, ae 43 yr.
Levi H. HAZEN of Havana d. Nov. 6, 1864, ae 43yr.
Abigail HENRY of Odessa d. of typhoid fever, ae 23yr; d/o Benj. & Lucinda HENRY [Sept. 12, 1863 issue].
Erie D. HEVILAND of Havana d. July 30, 1863, ae 6yr; s/o Lewis & Catherine HEVILAND [HAVILAND ?]
Edwin D. HEWITT of Montour d. Apr. 29, 1865, ae 45yr.
Asgill G. HITCHOCK of Havana d. June 19, 1857, ae 14yrs.
Josehp HODSON of Watkins d. at son's res., Oct. 5, 1863, ae 81yr.
Mary C. HOVEY of Havana d. Ma. 8, 1858, ae 1yr, 11m, 26da; d/o E.S. & Hannah V. HOVEY.
Mary HOVEY of Townsend Settlement d. Feb. 20, 1863, ae 71yr; w/o Ebenzer; mother of  E.B. HOVEY.
Sarah Elizabeth HOVEY of Burdett d. Nov. 15, 1863, ae 1yr,10m; d/o  E.S. & H. V.  HOVEY.
Charlotte HOWARD of Horseheads d. Aug 8, 1858, ae 26yr, 1m; w/o J. W. HOWARD.
Fanny A. HOYT of Havana d. Feb 6, 1865, ae 35yr;  w/o Miles HOYT;  d/o Job BANKOR.
John C. HUBBELL  of Hector d. June 29, 1864, ae 27yr.
Rev. M. HUGGINS of Rockford, Ill. d. Feb. 15, 1859; formerly of Havana.
Almira HALLETT of Havana d. Jan 7, 1855, ae 20yr.
James HOLMES of Owego d. June 27, 1853, ae 99yr. Rev. War Soldier.
Zadock HUGGINS of Marion d. May 18, 1850, ae 68yr.


H.  H. INGERSOLL of Bennettsburgh d. June 23, 1858, ae 42yr.
George B. ISHAM d. July 16,1867 at Lyons, Michigan.  Age 31 years.
H. D. IVES of Havana d. Dec. 16, 1860, ae 62yr.


Milton M. JACKSON died [Dec. 12,1874 issue].
John JESSUP d. Dec. 8,1871 in Newfield [Tompkins co.].   Aged 77years.
Harriet L. JACKSON d. Havana, Sept. 3,1865; ae 46 yrs.;  wife of George W. JACKSON.
Lorenzo I. JONES of Havana d. June 8,1866 when crushed by a wagon.
Frances E. JONES of Havana d. May 19, 1866; d/o John E. & Alivina M. JONES
Annie JEWELL d. in Solem [Solon], Michigan on Aug 29, 1865; widow of Ebenezer JEWELL; age 79 yrs.
Hattie A. JENNINGS d. Camden, NJ on Mar. 10,1867 of typhoid fever;
      wife of Capt. William JENNINGS; dau of John JELLIFF of Newark, NJ.
Andrew JACKSON of Dix d. Feb. 21, 1851, ae 17yr, of congestion of the brain; s/o David  W. JACKSON.
Andrew JACKSON of Dix d. Feb. 21, 1851, ae 17yr; s/o David W. FROST.  [a typo ?]
Mrs. Eliza JACKSON of Havana d. June 25, 1853, ae 48yr; w/o George W. JACKSON.
George W. JACKSON of Havana d. Sept. 16, 1853, ae 3yr; s/o H. W. JACKSON.
Mary D. JACKSON of Havana d. Dec. 12, 1854, ae 40yr; w/o Hon. Wm. T. JACKSON.
Mrs. Amelia JONES d. Penn Yan Jan. 11, 1855 at the res. of Chas. G. JUDD;
      w/o Rev. Charles GOODRICH [?]
Mrs. Amelia JONES of Penn Yan d. Jan. 11, 1855; w/o Rev. Charles GOODRICK.
Andrew JACKSON of St. Paul, MN, s/o George W. JACKSON of Havana, d. Jan. 4, 1860
      of  typhoid fever;  ae 32 yrs.
Daniel M. JEFFERSON of Manchester, Iowa, d/o William & Joan JEFFERSON formally of Burdett,
      was killed by lightning  May. 23, 1860, ae 23.
Mrs. Frances E. JONES of Catharine d. Dec. 2, 1859, ae 58 yr; w/o George JONES.
George JONES of Catharine d. very suddenly after a few day's illness, Nov. 16, 1861, ae 74yr.
Lyman O. JOHNSON of Hector, s/o Stratton & Mahala JOHNSON, d. Hector Mar.  4, 1862, ae 4yr.
Annie M. JACKSON d. Havana July 29, 1865, ae 3yr, 3m, 2da; d/o Hiram B. & Elvira C.  JACKSON.
Bithiah JEWEL of Hector d. Sept. 27, 1857, ae 76yr; w/o late Dea Joseph JEWEL; mother of Rev. Joel  JEWEL.
Ebenezer JEWELL d. Solon, Mich. Apr. 10, 1863, ae 74 yr.
Edward JEWELL d. Solon, Mich.  May 28, 1864, ae 19yr;  s/o Edward JEWELL.
Arthur E. JOHNSON d. Hector Feb. 26, 1864, ae 5yr, 2da; s/o Stratton & Mahala JOHNSON.
Ichabod M. JOHNSON of Hector d. Feb. 8, 1864, ae 33yr.
Col. S. P. JACOBS [Oct. 15,1853 issue] - death notice Montezuma was the only thing on card.
Benjamine JOY, Penn Yan, d. Feb 18, 1869.
Elma A. JACKSON of Havana d. Aug 29, 1870, ae 65yr.
Lydia Augusta JONES of Havana d. Sept 29, 1868.


Henry KIMBLE of Montour d. May 12,1866 of heart & lung disease; ae 54yrs,10m,26d.
Hannorah KINNY of Havana d. Jan 8,1868, ae 80 yrs.
William KETCHUM  of Corning was killed Sept. 25,1870 when a stone hit him on the temple.
      He has a family in Centerville in the town of Corning.
Judge Levi KNOX (in the Oct. 1,1870 issue of Havana Republican) - formally of Barrington
      [Yates co., NY] died in the village of Watkins, NY.
Mathew KNAPP of Barrington d. Aug. 13, 1870, ae 88yrs.
Martin KANE killed Aug 22, 1870, ae 10yr.
Maria KENNEDY of Burdett d. Apr. 22, 1850; w/o Isaac KENNEDY [deceased].
Zillah KENYON of Monterey, infant d/o Samuel KENYON,  ae 7mo, d. July 8, 1860.
Corina KIMBALL of Beaver Dams d. of consumption May 18, 1860, ae 25 yr.
      w/o Horace  KIMBALL; d/o Thomas QUIGLEY.
Moses KIMBALL of Monterey d. Jan. 8, 1860, ae 74 yrs.
Lucinda KANE d. on a railroad train in the west, of dyptheria. [Jan. 23, 1864 issue]
Anna Esther KEELER of Veteran d. Mar. 10, 1863, ae 5yr, 8m, 14da; d/o Wm. S. & Roxa  KEELER.
William SMITH KEELER of Veteran d. Oct. 4, 1863, ae 36 yr.
David N. KNAPP of Hector d. in a hospital in Washington, of camp fever [Nov. 29, 1862 issue]
      s/o Benjamine KANPP.
George KENT of Racine [Wisconsin?] d. Sept. 20, 1855.
Judge John KNOX d. at Waterloo on July 31, 1853, ae 70yr.
George KNAPP of Havana was killed in Little Valley July 5, 1870.
Helen KENNEDY of Catharine d. recently - Oct. 1869 issue.


Sarah LARKUM of Havana d. there Apr. 9, 1860, ae 17 yrs.
Jacob LEWIS d. in Hudson City, Wisc. on Sept. 28,1867;  ae 69 yrs.
George LYMAN  d. in Villinovia Dec. 7,1867; ae 9yr,8m,25d; s/o Ira and Sarepta JOHNSON.
Grover LEAVENS d. in Horseheads, NY on Dec. 17,1865.
Hector LEE  d. in Reading [Schuyler co.] on July 2,1866, ae 51 yrs.
Col. John I. LAWRENCE d. July 30. 1866, ae 55yrs.; s/o the late Samuel LAWRENCE.
Angevine LOCKWOOD d. at the residence of his son-in-law in Horseheads, NY. [Dec. 24,1870 issue].
Sarah LEE  d. in West Town on Jan 18,1867, age 80yr, 6m.
Garwood LEWIS of Havana [Montour Falls] d. Feb. 15,1867, ae 60yr.
Sarah J. LEWIS  d. Catharine[Schuyler co.] on Dec. 11,1867, ae 19 yr.
Almon P. LORD of  Pavillion shot himself  Sept. 8,1866.
Henry LYON d. in Catharine on Dec. 31,1866, ae 76y, 6m,10d.
Edmund LAWRENCE of Conklin d. June 3, 1869, ae 77yr.
Jarvis LANGDON of Elmira d. Aug. 6, 1870, ae 65yr.
Mrs. LEWIS d. Mar. 21, 1868 from injuries obtained in the Northern Central RR crash.
Joshua LINCOLN was killed by a train at Rock Springs recently - May 30, 1868 issue.
Betsey Ann LOVELESS of Catharine d. Feb. 17, 1870, ae 47yr, 9m, 28da; w/o Eben LOVELESS.
Lucy LYON of Montour d. Dec 15, 1869, ae 79 yr, 7m, 20 da.
Roger LYNCH of Havana drowned in inlet [May 14, 1870 issue].
Mrs. LOVELL of Odessa d. Nov. 23, 1869.
Augustus B. LATTIN of Veteran d. Apr. 18, 1860, ae 43yr.
Elizabeth LAWRENCE d. in NY Mar. 8, 1854, ae 74 yrs; widow of Samuel LAWRENCE.
William T. LAWRENCE of Cayuta Lake d. Oct. 25, 1859, ae 71 yrs.
Henry C. LEONARD of Havana d. Elmira Apr. 14, 1853.
Harriet LEONARD of Catharine d. Aug. 21, 1850, ae 16yr; d/o Abraham & Elmira LEONARD.
____? LEARY of Havana drowned in lower part of Havana June 28, 1855, ae 16 or 17m.
Prudence LEWIS of Rhodesport d. Sept. 24, 1850, ae 27yr; w/o Alonzo LEWIS.
Sarah LEWIS of Johnson Settlement d. there Aug. 3, 1851, ae 73yr; w/o Zachariah LEWIS;
      b.  Huntington CT & came to Catharine in early 1800’s.
Margaret Elizabeth LOOK of Havana d. Sept. 5, 1850, ae 1yr, 1m, 20da; d/o J. B. & Sarah M.  LOOK.
Elizabeth Margaret LOOK of Havana d. Sept. 5, 1850, ae 1yr, 1m, 20da; d/o J. B. & Sarah M.  LOOK.
Arty LOOK of Havana d. June 2, 1862, ae 7m;  s/o John B. & Sarah M. LOOK.
Emma LOOK of Havana, infant, d. Oct. 31, 1859; d/o J. B.& Sarah M. LOOK.
Romeo LOOK, ae 2yr, of Havana, drowned in creek in back of their home;
      s/o Editor LOOK of Havana Journal. [June 16,1855 issue].
Ann LOVELL of Millport d. Oct. 17, 1854, ae 3yr; d/o Wm. LOVELL.
Ann LOVEL   of Millport d. Oct. 17, 1854, ae 3yr; d/o Wm LOVE.
Arthur LAWRENCE of Havana d. Aug. 24, 1865, ae 1yr, 3m, 10da; s/o John & Agues B.  LAWRENCE.
Seth C. LEONARD of Beaver Dams d. Feb. 28, 1864, ae 76yr.
Robert LOCKWOOD of Watkins d. Apr. 22, 1864, ae 45yr.
Ada LOOK  of Havana d. June 27, 1864, ae 6yr, 10m; d/o J. B. & Sarah LOOK.
Sarah Maria LORD of Orange d. Nov 14, 1863; w/o Joseph W. LORD.
Charles C. LYBOLT d. Indianapolis, Ind. - drowned near Camp Carrington, Ind., June 16, 1865;
      ae 24 yr; brother of Henry LYBOLT.


Rev. Milo MAHAN - Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal church & recently elected Pres. of the
      theological seminary of NY- died in Baltimore on Sept.11,1870.
John H. MALLORY  of Catharine, NY d. in Knoxville...[no date].
Harriett E. MALLORY of Dix d. June 11,1838; d/o Elisha B. & Tabitha MALLORY ae 25 yrs. 9m.
E.B. [Elisha ?] MALLORY of Moreland [Town of Dix] d. Sept. 18,1867, ae 81 yrs.
Samuel H. MAXWELL d. in Elmira on Dec.4,1865, ae 69y, 9m,7d.
Thomas MANDEVILLE of Havana [Montour Falls] d. Oct. 12, 1865, ae 73 yrs.
Judge McDOWELL d. in Chemung county, NY on New Years Day, Jan. 1,1866.
Stephen McDOWELL of Dix d. when he fell over cliff at Thomas’s saw mill on Sept. 17,1841;  age 35y.
Mr. McCORD  from Upson Co., GA was murdered by a man named TAYLOR on Nov. 18,1870.
William McDONALD  d. in Glen Falls on Sept 13,1870, age 86 years.
Rosalinda MURRAY d. in Havana [Montour Falls] on Jan 10,1868; age. 86 yrs.
Charles MORGAN d. in Searsburg on Feb. 15,1866, age 59 yrs.
Robert H. MARRIOTT of Watkins d. Sept. 30,1870, ae 46 yr.
A. S. MARVIN d. at the residence of his son near Havana [Montour Falls] on Nov. 1870, ae 80yrs.
Harvey MERIAM drowned Dec. 17, 1870 when he fell thru the ice when skating on Lake Neahtowanta;
      s/o H. H. MARIAM /MERIAM.
William MERIAM d. Dec. 17,1870 when he fell thru the ice while skating on the lake; s/o H. H. MARIAM.
William K. MITCHELL d. Sept 13,1870 at the residence of his son.  He was the father of J. M. WEED of Havana.
Robert MONK  of DuQuoin, IL, a former resident of Hector, was crushed to death [Nov. 12, 1870 issue]
      when a load of timber fell on him.
Arthur MURPHY of Ovid d. from an injury received when caught in the cylinder of a
      thrashing machine [Sept. 10,1870 issue].
Mrs. Bridget MUDAY of Birmingham d. Nov. 21. 1870, age 40 yrs.  She leaves a husband & 8 children.
John MAGEE of Watkins d. Apr. 5,1868, ae 74yrs.
Jessie Caroline MALLETT of Montour d. Aug. 20, 1869; d/o Jesse & Mary S. MALLETT.
Mrs. Abby MILLER of Catharine d. Feb. 12, 1851, ae 38 or 58yr; w/o Barnabas MILLER.
Cyrus MILLER of Havana d. Aug. 8, 1854, ae 8m; s/o Dr. Cyrus MILLER.
Henry C. MAYNARD of Green d. Aug. 18, 1851, ae 28yr.
Benj. MALLORY of Lockport d. Aug. 16, 1853.   A soldier in Rev. War & the War of 1812.
Mrs. Elizabeth WINTON MALLORY of Dix d. Aug. 2, 1853, ae 39 yr;  w/o Peter L. MALLORY.
John MASSIKER of Colony, Iowa - formally of Havana - d. Feb. 27, 1855.
Abagail MAXWELL of Havana d. Jan. 2, 1851 of typhoid fever, ae 13yr.
William MAXWELL, canal boat hand, d. Havana of small pox, May 26, 1853, ae 21yr.
Z. T. McCLUSKEY, Watkins Deputy Sheriff, d. in accident with his wife. [May14,1853 issue]
Marine BATES McINTIRE of Havana d. Sept. 2, 1849, ae 14m, 12d; s/o Edmund & Sarah  A. McINTIRE.
Edwin MILLER of Irelandville was shot June 18, 1853, while drunk at the home of John EVANS;
      [home was between Havana and Watkins] d. at his home in Irelandville, June 22, 1853.
Emily Isabella MILLER of Havana d. Aug. 4, 1853, ae.2yr; d/o Dr. C. & Mary MILLER.
Thomas MILLS, formally of Havana, d. at Leavenworth, KS, Oct. 18, 1855, ae 65yr.
Joel MINARD of Monterey  d. near Monterey Jan. 20, 1855, ae 22yr;  s/o Joseph MINARD.
Wm. MINARD of Monterey d. Jan. 25, 1855 of typhoid fever, ae 26yr;  s/o Joseph MINARD.
Michael MINARD of Monterey d. near Monterey Jan. 31, 1855, ae 17yr, of typhoid fever;
      s/o  Joseph MINARD
Caroline MORRIS of Burdett d. Apr. 23, 1850; w/o B. MORRIS; d/o George REYNOLDS.
Julia A. MALLORY of Dix d. May 20, 1862, ae 17yr; d/o A.S. MALLORY.
Hector I. MAXWELL of Elmira d. Jan. 6, 1860; father of Mrs. T. L. MINIER of Havana.
      - One of  Elmira’s oldest citizens.
James McMILLEN of Havana  d. Oct. 26, 1861, ae 56 yrs, leaving wife & daughter.
James H. MEAD of Lansing, Thompkins Co., NY, formally of Odessa, d. Mar. 5, 1861, ae 30yr, 7m.
Susan METERIE of Havana d. at Detroit poorhouse, ae 115 yrs.  Her house was sold - War of 1812.
David MURDOCH d. June 13, 1861 in Elmira, ae 61yr.
Arabella MAGEE of Watkins d. May 16, 1864, ae 59yr; w/o John MAGEE.
Hugh MAGEE of Watkins d. Nov. 26, 1863, ae 67yr, 5m, 15da; brother of John MAGEE.
Mary MAPES of Reading d. Jan. 9, 1864, ae 74yr.
Persilla Jane MARTIN of Havana d. Apr. 22, 1863, ae 18yr; d/o Ward. C. MARTIN.
Ward C. MARTIN of Havana d. May 29, 1864 near Richmond Road - shot while in battle.
A. D. MASON d. at General Field Hospital [Jan. 30, 1864 issue]; s/o Ebben & Celinda MASON.
David MATHEWS of Reading d. there [May 2, 1863 issue] - ae 86 yrs.
Abbie MAXWELL of Havana d. May 12, 1864, ae 3yr, 20da; d/o Chas. & Sarah L.  MAXWELL.
Sarah L. MAXWELL of Havana d. May 1, 1864, ae 18yr, 8m, 28da; d/o Sheldon & Sally COE.
Charles McCARTY of Catharine  d. Nov. 15, 1858, ae 83yr.
Edward McKENZIE of Orange d. Nov. 25, 1864 in Knoxville, ae 67 yr.
Emily McLAFFERTY of Catharine d. Jan 27, 1865, ae 23yrs.
_____?  McQUILLON of Burdett d. Sept. 5, 1863, ae 12yr; s/o Wm. McQUILLON.
Henry W. MEAD d. in hosp. at Baton Rouge, LA, ae 21yrs.
Margaret MERRITT of Havana d. Nov. 19, 1863; d/o Wm. & Mary MERRITT.
Julia MESSIG of Havana d. Apr. 15, 1857, ae 6yrs.
Gertrude MILLER of Monterey d. Oct. 17, 1863, ae 5yr, 28da; d/o Philander & Emily MILLER.
Pulaski MILLER of Moreland d. Dec 15, 1865, ae 22yr; s/o Dr. Lewis MILLER.
Hampton MILER of Irelandville d. Dec. 20, 1857, ae 80yrs.
Josephine L. MILLER of Ashland d. June 15, 1857, ae 27yr; d/o J.T. DURKEE.
Herman E. MILLIAN d. Sept. 14, 1862 in the hosp. in Norfolk, VA, ae 18 yrs.
Charles J. MILLS of Havana d. Mar. 3, 1858, ae 44yr.
George MILLS of Dix d. Dec. 13, 1858, ae 94 yrs.
Peter MILLS d. at Barrington Station, IL, Mar. 18, 1863, ae 65yr; s/o George MILLS.
Rachael MINOR of Lodi d. on Dec. 11, 1864, ae 80yrs.
Eliza Ann MISINER of Odessa d. May 13, 1863, ae 7yr, 14da; d/o Abraham & Deliliah  MISINER. [MISNER]
Ada MITCHELL of Havana d. Jan. 6, 1863, ae 11yr, 1m, 6da; d/o John L. & Mary  MITCHELL.
Jesse MITCHELL of Catharine d. Dec. 11, 1864, ae 75yr.
John MITCHELL of Johnson Settlement accidently shot himself on Sept. 1, 1857 &
      d. on Sept 3, 1857, ae 50yrs.
Wm. S. MITCHELL  d. at Mitchell Creek July 6, 1862, ae 18yr; s/o Wm. & Jane MITCHELL;
       grandson of T.S. MITCHELL.
Sylvanus MIX of Alpine d. Nov. 9, 1864.
Sabrina S. MULFORD of Havana d. Nov. 16, 1857, ae 57yr.
Horace MACK of Ithaca d. Sept. 11, 1855.
Anna MALLORY of Rhodesport d. Jan. 4, 1850, ae 44yr; w/o Peter L. MALLORY.
Sally MALLORY of Odessa d. Aug. 1868.
Arlo MERCHANT of Winebago, IL d. June 28, 1855, ae 52yr.
Samuel MARTIN of Havana d. June 1, 1868.
Wm. MARTIN of Horseheads d. Mar. 10, 1870, ae 88yr.
Aaron K. MATHEWS of Logan d. Mar. 3, 1870, ae 92yrs.
Miss MATHEWS of Carpenter's Crossing, PA was killed in Elmira on Aug. 1, 1868.
John McALPINE of Orange was killed there Aug. 31, 1868.
Lucy MESSIG of Havana d. June 19, 1868, ae 20yr; d/o Carl & Margaret MESSIG.
Larza MERCHANT of Odessa d. Jan. 18, 1869, ae 67 yr.
James McWHORTER of Millport d. recently [Oct. 23, 1869 issue] - ae 55yr.
George McINTIRE of Horseheads d. Sept. 30, 1870.
David McCONNELL of Horseheads drowned Aug. 30, 1870.
John METLER drowned at Carbondale, TN, May 25, 1869.
Abraham MISIMER of Catharine d. Mar. 5, 1869, ae 59yr.  [probably Abram MISNER who m. Delilah]


Mary Frances NELSON d. in Philadelphia, PA on Nov. 1,1865; d/o Frederick & Mandine
                HUNGERFORD; ae 21yr, 7m.
Dr. T. L. NICHOLS d. Sept. 27,1865 in Townsend of dysentery, ae 55yrs.
Rev. Horace NICHOLS  d. Jan. 1850 at his residence in Nichols; age 65yrs.
William NICHOLAS drowned in inlet near Havana [Montour Falls] on Sept. 3,1841.
Anna NEVINE of Catharine d. Apr. 8, 1869, ae 54yr; w/o J. W. NEVINE; d/o Chauncey W.  SMITH.
Charles E. NOBLES of Havana d. at Leavenworth, KS, Apr. 16, 1868.
Willima NOYES of Havana d. Sept. 26, 1868, ae 6yr; s/o Clark & Eliza NOYES.
Elijah NASH of Havana d. Feb. 25, 1850, ae 49 yr.
Clarissa ROBINSON NOBLE of Crawford's Settlement d. Sept. 21, 1849, ae 24yr;
      d/o Silas and Almira NOBLE.
Mrs. Maria NOBLE of Moreland d. Aug. 27, 1854, ae 36yr; w/o Chancy N. NOBLE.
George Fisher NIVISON of Havana d. Jan. 20, 1861, ae 2yrs; s/o Dr. N. & Catherine C. NIVISON.
Jomas [James or Jonas?] R. NEATE d. May 20, 1864 in the Engineer Depot, ae 52yr.
Marinda G. NEVINS of Catharine d. Nov. 3, 1858, ae 57yr; w/o Rev. J. W. NEVINS.
Amanda NEWCOMB of Rock Stream d. Sept. 20, 1864, ae 58 yr.
Hiram NEWCOMB d. at Rock Stream, Sept. 24, 1864, ae 66yrs.
Florence May NICHOLSON of Havana d. Sept. 29, 1858, ae 1yr, 4m, 8da;
      d/o Charles & Fannie NICHOLSON.
Helen AYRES NICHOLSON of Hector d. June 9, 1864, ae 4yr, 1m, 3da;
     d/o Charles & Fanny S. NICHOLSON.
Clara Bell NOBLE of Moreland d. Nov. 24, 1863, ae 3yr, 8m; d/o Chauncy & Jane NOBLE.
Maud NOBLE of Dix. d. Aug. 11, 1862, ae 1yr, 4m, 22da; d/o Charles & Cynthia NOBLE.
Frances NORRIS of Reading d. Dec. 31, 1864, ae 19yr; d/o Barlock W. NORRIS.
Myrtie NORRIS of Reading d. Apr. 5, 1863, ae 14m; d/o Emmet E. & Mary NORRIS.


Mrs. Horace OGDEN of Watkins d. July 18, 1860, ae 52 yrs.
William M. OLIVER of Penn Yan d. July 21, 1863, ae 77yr.
Aaron OLMSTEAD d. Apr. 25,1866 in Monterey [Town of Orange]; age 90 yrs.
E. OLMSTEAD  d. Orange [Schuyler co., NY] on Dec. 7,1865, ae 65 yrs.
Jennie E. OLMSTEAD of Sugar Hill d. Ma. 27, 1869.
John O’NEAL d. in early Sep. 1870 [issue Sept. 10,1870]; he was a five year old son of James O’NEAL;
      died in a fire in the barn with his three year old brother.
David Lambert OSBORN d. Hector [Aug. 5,1853 issue] "last Sunday", ae 56 yr; survived by wife & 8 children.
Hiram OSBORN of Trumansburg drowned  Apr. 20,1867 when a sailboat capsized.
Thomas OSBORN of Trumansburg drowned  Apr. 18,1867 when a sailboat capsized.
Sarah OVERSHIRE d. in Canandaigua Mar. 15, 1868.
Cynthia OWEN of Green Oak, Mich. d. [Mar. 2,1850 issue] - ae 36 yrs; w/o Herman C. OWEN.
John OWEN  d. at his residence Carcodilla St., Ithaca, NY on Dec. 26, 1870, age 68 yr. He was a veteran
      stage driver  & mail carrier.
Judge Alanson OWEN d. Sept 25, 1874; b. 1809 in Hector,NY;  married at 22 to Martha BEEBE; 2 children.
Lucy Ann OWEN of Catlin d. July 25, 1855, ae 17 yr; d/o Judge A. OWEN.
Neal OWEN  of Catharine died [Apr. 16,1853 issue]  - settlement of debts.
William Wirt OWEN of Moreland d. Feb. 15, 1869, ae 8m; s/o Madison  & Louisa OWEN.


William PECK of Green Co., Wisc. died in Green Co. of typhoid fever on Mar. 21,1866, ae 55yr.
Archibald PATESON [PATTERSON ?] of Hector d. Apr. 21,1867, ae 64 yrs.
Mrs. Caroline PARKER d. in Havana [Montour Falls on Apr. 15,1840 of consumption, age 24 yrs.
Miss PHELPS  of Kendallville.  A daughter of Mr. PHELPS was burned to death a few days ago
                  when attempting to ?  [Sept 17,1870 issue]
Estella PHILIPS  of Bradford, NY d. Nov. 24,1870, ae 1 yr.
Bessie PHIN of Patterson, NJ. died.  [Sept. 24,1870 issue] - youngest daughter of John & Martha PHIN.
Mrs. Mary PHINNEY of Watkins, NY, RD, d. Oct. 5, 1874.
Mrs. PIPHER of Groton, NY d. Dec. 10, 1870, age 108 yrs.  She leaves her youngest son, 65, with
                   whom she has been living.
James PRINCE of Catharine, NY d. Dec. 1870 [issue Dec. 24,1870]
Charles PRINCE of Catharine [Schuyler co.] d. Aug. 1866,  ae 22yrs; [Oct. 21,1866 issue].
Emma H. PRICE of Catlin [Chemung co., NY] d. Oct 18,1865, ae10yrs; d/o Joseph H. & Mary M. PRICE.
Corinthia W. PRATT  of Binghamton, NY d. Oct. 10, 1867; w/o Joel B. PRATT.
Susie PRINCE d. Sept. 20,1865; d/o Munson B. & Elizabeth  PRINCE.
Edwin Judson PICKETT of Havana d. in Rochester, NY on Oct. 20,1866 of consumption; ae 36 yrs.
Elijah PHELPS d. Mar. 5,1867 in Beaver Dams [Schuyler co.]; age 75 yrs.
Ami PEASE of Waterloo d. Feb. 18, 1869, ae 79 yr.
Briton E. PAINE of Odessa d. May 6, 1869, ae 2yr, 4m; s/o George PAINE.
Rachael PAGE of Mechlenburg d. Jan. 30, 1870, ae 53 yr; d/o F. F. PAGE.
Nancy KILBORN PAGE of Havana d. Apr. 11, 1869; w/o Curtis PAGE.
D. K. PERRY of Dix was killed instantly by a log rolling over his head on Dec. 18, 1855, ae 34 yr.
J. F. PHELPS  of Havana d. in Canada, ae78yrs, June 18, 1853.
Ella POTTER of Havana d. Sept 7, 1850, ae 2yr, 8m, 8da; d/o Waldo M. & Catherine B.  POTTER.
Henry POTTER of Havana  d. Nov. 12, 1850, ae 1yr, 2m, 24da; s/o Waldo M. & Catherine B. POTTER.
Rebecca PRINCE d. Johnson Settlement, Chemung Co. Nov. 16, 1853, ae 73yr, 7m.
      w/o Wm. H. PRINCE; b. in Western CT; buried in North Settlement. Cem.
Ruth Charlotte PRINCE of Johnson Settlement d. there [Dec. 17, 1853 issue] - ae 36yr, 7m.
      w/o Wm. H. and Rebecca PRINCE.
Lina PARKER d. Grass Valley, CA, Nov. 4, 1859, ae 1yr, 11m;
      d/o John & Amelia PARKER, formerly of Havana.
Harley PARKER of Grass Valley, CA d. Nov. 14, 1860, ae 7yr; s/o John & Amelia PARKER, formerly of Havana.
Decatur PATRONNE of Berwick, PA, Canal Boat Capt., drowned in Chemung Canal, Aug.  8, 1860.
Mrs. Ann. PHELPS of Jersey City, NJ, formerly of Havana, d. June 10, 1861, ae 69 yrs.
_____ PIKE of Havana  d. June 9, 1860 when drowned in a cistern in back of his house;
      ae 5yrs; s/o Sewall PIKE.
Michael PAIGE of Havana d. June 16, 1857, ae 57yr.
William M. PAIGE of Odessa d. Apr. 3, 1863, ae 31 yrs.
Mary PAINE of Odessa d. Apr. 7, 1864, ae 64yr; w/o George PAINE.
John B. PALMER of Monterey d. Dec. 11 or 16, 1858, ae 57 yr.
Johathan PALMER of Monterey d. Dec. 20, 1863, ae 21yr, 9m, 3da; d/o Benjamine PALMER.
Ophelia Jane PALMER of Reading d. Mar. 3, 1864, ae 9yr, 4m, 12da; d/o David C. &  Susannah PALMER.
James PARK of Millport d. Mar. 7, 1864, ae 61yr.
James H. PAKER d. Mataponi, VA d. Feb. 1, 1858, age 26yr.
Theordore A. PARKHURST d. Fayette, Ohio, May 20, 1865, ae 26yrs.
James PECK of Reading d. Nov. 28, 1863.
Franklin PECK of Seneca Falls d. the same week he was married. [Aug. 27,1853 issue]
Ellen Ann PHILIP of Tyrone d.  [issue June 13,1863] of consumption; ae 19yr; d/o Joseph  PHILIP.
John R. PHILLIPS of Dix d. Apr. 15, 1863, ae 41yrs.
Rev. Edward PEASE of Moreland died in Moreland of  bilious colic in Troupsburg, Nov. 20, 1868.
Willie PHIN. of Havana d. May 11, 1870, ae 2yr, 6m; s/o John & Martha P. PHIN.
Daniel PIDGE of Niles d. Aug. 5, 1870.
Heber PRINCE of Catharine d. Feb. 1, 1870, ae 23yr; s/o Munson? PRINCE.
Leroy C. PHILIPS of Catlin d. Sept. 29, 1862, ae 15yrs.
Sarah W. PIKE of Havana d. Nov. 26, 1862, ae 22yr, 4da; w/o Hiram E. PIKE.
James PINE d. Wautoma, Wisc. d. Apr. 6, 1863, ae 59 yrs.
Hiram PLATT of Townsend d. May 9, 1864, ae 25 yrs.
Harriet Ann POTTER  of Havana d. Oct. 27, 1863, ae 8m, 2da; d/o Elizabeth & Joseph  POTTER.
Louise M. PURPLE of Owego d. Mar. 28, 1864, ae 30yrs; w/o J. L. PURPLE.

Cornelius QUICK Jr. of Chemung d. at Stockton, CA, Sept. 19, 1851, ae 28yr, of diarrhea.
      s/o Cornelius QUICK.
John QUIGLEY of Havana d. Aug. 21, 1854, ae 44 yrs.
George E. QUIN d. at Utica, NY Aug. 1863.


Col. Leavett ROGER d. at head of Seneca Lake on June 1,1840; age 69 yrs.; of Charlemont, Mass.
George RANSON d. in Catlin [Chemung co.] on Nov. 17,1866, age 65 yrs.
REID ? of Knoxville - committed suicide by poison. [Sept. 17,1870 issue]
Jemima RUMSEY of Dix d. May 5,1869, ae 68 yrs.
Eva KENYON RUSCO  d. Sept. 11,1865; w/o James RUSCO; d/o Zelpha & Samuel KENYON.
Theodore J. RINGER d. Catlin, NY of consumption on Oct. 18,1865;  ae 31 yrs.
Edwin ROOD of Watkins d. in Brooklyn, Apr. 9,1866; s/o S. L. ROOD.
Henry ROBERTS of Reading [Schuyler co., NY] d. Oct 20,1865 of dysentery; ae 45 yrs.
Eva ROBERTS of Havana d. Sept 21, 1866,  ae 45 yrs; d/o Anson & Frank [probly. Frances] M. ROBERTS.
Mrs. Caroline RELYEA d. Havana [Montour Falls] on Apr. 19,1839, age 28 yrs.
Polly RAPPLEYE of Farmer Village [Seneca co., NY] d. Oct 6, 1870, ae 90 yr.  She was relict of
      the late William RAPPLEYE of Farmer Village.
Julia Ann RANSOM d. May 8,1840,  ae 21 yrs; d/o Charlotte & Joel RANSOM.
Eli RAPALEE of Dundee d. recently in Kiokuh,? Iowa [Jan. 15, 1870 issue].
John M. RILES of Ovid was killed in Chicago, Aug. 4, 1870.
George ROWLEY of Orange drowned during the first part of the week [Apr. 23, 1870 issue].
Samuel RORICK of Veteran committed suicide on July 5, 1870.
Catherine RACE of Rhodesport d. Oct. 25, 1850, ae 13yr; d/o Daniel RACE.
Miss Maria Adalaide RANSOM of Burdett d. June 19, 1853, ae 15yr, 2da; d/o J.L. & Rebecca A. RANSOM.
James H. READ of Bath d. in Columa, CA, July 15, 1850, ae 27yr; s/o Capt. James REED.
Mary E. REEVE of Burdett d. Oct. 27, 1851, d/o James & Fanny REEVE.
Charles ROBERTS d. California, ae 30 yrs.
Aurelia ROBINSON of Catlin d. Feb. 20, 1851 of congestion of the brain, ae 3yrs; d/o Peter ROBINSON
Henry ROGERS of Hector d. Apr. 12, 1850, ae 69 yrs.
Sarah B. RIGGS of Brooklyn, d. Jan. 20, 1860, ae 35yrs; sister of S. M. DAY of Havana; w/o M. C. RIGGS.
Harriett A. RIGHTMIRE of Havana d. there Apr. 28, 1860, ae 6yr; d/o Henry & Martha Ann RIGHTMIRE.
Harris ROE of west Dryden d. there Mar. 2, 1862, ae 78 yrs.  His remains were brought
      to Havana for interment.
Mary ROSS of Horseheads, d. May 4, 1860, ae 56yrs.
R.W. ROWLEY of Havana d. Apr. 30, 1862, ae 44yrs.
Mrs. Ellen ROBY/RUBY of Moreland d. Mar. 15, 1860, ae 28yr; d/o Alanson & Martha  OWEN.
Daniel RACE of Watkins d. Dec. 11, 1863.
Lurinda RANSOM d. Odessa Dec. 6, 1858, ae 25yr; w/o M. M. RANSOM; d/o Wilson BAILEY of Moreland.
James REA of Veteran found dead Nov. 8, 1863, ae 45yrs.
Amanda M. RICKEY d. Horseheads, Jan. 17, 1864, ae 46yr, 28da; d/o Darius & Hannah BENTLEY.
Elizabeth RIGGS d. Elmira Jan. 31, 1864, ae 44yr; w/o Rev. Joseph L. RIGGS.
Frank C. ROBERTS of Watkins d. Feb. 15, 1865; s/o Charles & Matilda ROBERTS.
James ROBERTS of Reading d. Jan. 24, 1859, ae 79 yrs.
John ROBERTS of Reading d. June 22, 1857. ae. 78 yrs.
William ROBERTS of Dix d. July 25, 1863, ae 45 yr; s/o John ROBERTS.
Mary Jane ROE of Elmira d. Feb 12, 1863, ae 7yr; d/o Edward D. & Eleanor J. ROE.
Josephus ROGERS of Catlin d. Oct. 16, 1862, ae 73yrs.
Alice ROOD of Townsend d. Nov. 21, 1863, ae 5yr;  d/o M. F. & MARTHA ROOD.
John ROOT d. Rhodesport, Jan. 13, 1864, ae 25yr.
Henry RORICK of Cayuta was murdered Dec. 31, 1864, ae 68yrs.
Mary L. ROSS of Johnson's Settlement d. Feb. 11, 1864, ae 27yr; w/o J. H. ROSS.
Harvey ROYCE of Townsend d. Dec. 7, 1863; s/o Mr. & Mrs. Amos ROYCE.
Jerome B. RUGER of Vanettenville d. Jan. 27, 1864, ae 26yr; s/o Elijah RUNGER[?]
Maud RUMSEY of Millport d. Mar. 27, 1864, ae 2yr ,9m, 21da; d/o George & Kate RUMSEY.
Mary RUSH of Havana d. Aug. 25, 1849, ae 75yrs.


John SAYLOR  d. in Hector [Schuyler co., NY] on Sept. 28,1867, ae 76 yrs.
Mary Frances SKELLENGER of Havana d. Mar 15,1867, ae 18yr,11m,15d; d/o Mary A. SKELLINGER.
Cynthia SMITH of Havana [Montour Falls, NY] d. Sept 23,1866, ae 48 yrs; w/o Oliver C. SMITH.
Mrs. SMITH  GROVE d. Oct. 13,1866, ae 23 yrs.; w/o Henry SMITH.
Isaiah SMITH d. Dec.10, 1874 in Ulysses [Tompkins co.].
John W. SNYDER of Hector, NY d. Jan 28,1866 of paralysis, ae 76 yrs.
Sarah E. SMITH  of Chicago d. Aug. 8,1866, of  consumption.
Mary SMITH of Watkins d. Dec. 23,1865 of consumption, ae 24y,8m.
Jennie SMITH d. Trumansburg [Tompkins co.] on Aug. 10,1866, ae 17 yrs.; d/o Christopher S. SMITH.
George SCHAFER of Orange Co., NY d. Sept 5,1870 by committing suicide. He resided near
      Dougherty Mill.  He was suffering from cancer.
Louis SEELY  of Johnson Settlement  d. Jan 20,1840 of consumption, ae 35 yrs.
Henry SEYMORE  of Utica, NY  d. at her residence Sept. 2,1837.
John SHERMAN of Binghamton, NY committed suicide Sept 11, 1841 near Volney, Oswego co., NY
      by cutting his throat with a scythe.
Baby SLOCUM of Havana [Montour Falls, NY] d. Nov. 1839 [ Nov. 20,1939 issue] when he fell
      into a vessel of hot water. He was son of Benjamin SLOCUM.
John L. SHERMAN of Ames, IL d. [Sept. 24,18? issue].  He was an overseer on the railroad &
      was shot & killed last week by a man named O’HARA.
John SIMPSON d. early Sept. 1870 [Sept. 10,1870 issue] in coming home from a hunt - he dared
      the 14 yr old daughter of Mr. SANDERS to point his gun at his head & fire.  She did so
      & he fell at her feet.  His death occurred last week.
Daniel SMITH of Orange [Schuyler co., NY] d. Dec. 19, 1870, age 30 yrs.  Funeral services were
      conducted by A. B. GREEN, pastor of the Baptist Church at Montour.
William SMITH d. Sept. 17, 1870 of an illness.  Mr. Smith was married in Aug.28, 1870.
Miss STAUB of Ft. Madison died [Sept. 17,1870 issue]; was the 13 yr old daughter of William
      STAUB, editor of the Ft. Madison Democrat ; she was accidentally shot while visiting
      her grandfather near West Point in Lee Co.
Dr. W. W. STARKEY  of Watkins d. of consumption on Mar. 8,1866.
Samuel STEVENS  of Havana d. Oct. 4,1867, ae 57 yrs.
John L. STILLWELL d. Jan 26,1866 in Hector of jaundice, ae 77yrs.
Peter SWARTWOUT of Ovid d. July 4, 1866 - drowned at Watkins.
J.  H. STOTHOFF of Burdett  [Sept. 17,1870 issue] was gored by a bull Sept. 9,1870.
      He leaves a wife and several children.
Rev. B. R. SWICK [Sept 10,1870 issue]  of Manchester, Ontario Co., NY, late pastor of the
      Baptist church in Manchester dropped dead in a store in Canandaigua.
_____? SKELLENGER of Austin, MN d. Feb. 12, 1869 there; d/o the late Wm. SKELLENGER.
Jane SHERMAN d. Brooklyn, Mass., Dec. 31, 1870.
Joseph SECOR of Hector d. Aug 19, 1869, ae 101 yrS.
Robert STEWARD of Elmira d. Aug. 31, 1870.
Effa May STODDARD of Havana d. Oct. 25, 1868, ae 4m, 18dA; d/o Jesse & Abigail  STODDARD.
Stephen SISSONS of Logan d. after being kicked by a colt. [July 12,1868 issue]
Kitty SKINNER of Ithaca d. Apr. 7, 1870 after being poisoned.
Isaac SLATER was killed in Elmira Sept. 29, 1868.
_____?  SMITH, Little Lake, committed suicide on Jan. 15, 1870.
Mrs. SNYDER of Corning d. recently [Feb. 20, 1869 issue].
Mrs. Gilbert STEVENSON d. Mecklenburg, Aug. 26, 1868; w/o Gilbert STEVENSON.
John A. STERLING  d. Millport, Oct. 13, 1869, ae 52yrs.
Alexander STEPHENS committed suicide in Elmira [July 9, 1870 issue].
Charles STACKHOUSE of Havana d. Feb. 28, 1870, ae 78yr, 3m.
Phineas SPAUDING of Havana d. Apr. 17, 1869.
Robert STEWART of Elmira d. Aug. 31, 1870.
EffA May STODDARD d. Oct. 25, 1868, ae 4m,11da; d/o Jesse & Abigail STODDARD.
John SWARTHOUT, North Hector, committted suicide, Sept. 4, 1868.
Susan Sophia SANDFORD d. at Ashland, July 18, 1855, ae 29 yrs; d/o Rev. M. HUGGINS.
William SAVORY of Catlin d. Dec. 24, 1850, ae 35 yrs, of bilious fever.
Elizabeth SHERWOOD of Catharine d. Mar. 27, 1854, ae 99yrs, at the res. of her son-in-law, Jonathon FROST.
Zebulam B. SLOCUM of Havana d. Apr. 28, 1851, ae 50 yrs.
George L. SMITH of Dryden d. Apr. 20, 1850, ae 16yr; s/o Henry & Lydia SMIITH.
John N. SMITH d. Hector, Sept. 28, 1854, ae 56 yrs.
Kate SMITH d. Feb. 25, 1855 in Elmira by committing suicide.
Mrs. Mary J. SMITH of Hector - death notice [Oct. 15,1853 issue].
Hon. Sylvester SMITH of Painted Post d. Oct. 30, 1855.
Seneca SOULE of Havana d. Dec. 26, 1850, ae 35 yrs.
Donald STEVENS of Havana d. June 25, 1850 of consumption, ae 23yr, 10m.
Helen V. STEVENS of Havana d. Sept. 20, 1853, ae nearly 2yrs; d/o Samuel STEVENS.
Mrs. Caroline STOUT of Ithaca d. Aug. 25, 1853, ae 20 yrs; w/o Joseph STOUT.
Marella SEELYE [SEELEY] of Havana d. Apr. 3, 1860, ae 48yrs.
Miss SEVERN of Havana d. Nov. 1, 1861, killed when run over by a wagon that was
      driven by John LOCKERBY of Cayuta; d/o H. W. SEVERN.
Henry SHANNON of Monterey d. Feb. 18, 1862 of diphtheria, ae 4yr, 10m;
      s/o Thomas & Martha SHANNON.
Carrie Blanche SILLIMAN of Havana d. Dec. 19, 1861 of scarletina,  ae 2yr, 11m;
      d/o W. L. & E. H. B. SILLIMAN; grand dau of J. B. WILKINS.
Mary E. SPAULDING of Havana d. dec. 3, 1860 of diptheria ae. 3y.. d/o Calvin  SPAULDING.
Frederick S. SPAULDING of Havana d. Dec. 13, 1860, ae 7yrs; s/o Calvin & Sarah M. SPAULDING.
Sergeant STRAIGHT of Elmira [July 27,1861 issue] d. in action in the 38th Regiment [Civil War].
Sarah Ellen STUART of Montour d. Apr. 3, 1862, ae 14yrs; d/o John W. & Hannah  STUART.
Rufus W. SWAN of Catharine d. July 10, 1861, ae 55yrs.
Philo SACKETT of Hector d. Oct. 12, 1863, ae 76yr.
Ezra SANFORD d. Hartford,VA, ae 20yrs; s/o Ira SANFORD.
Lizzie SAWYER of Dundee d. Oct. 9, 1864, d/o Adna & Elizabeth SAWYER.
Sarah SEELY of Havana d. Jan. 15, 1858, ae 76yr, 15da.
Frances Lorena SHANNON of Hector d. Sept. 6, 1862, ae 12yr, 11m; d/o Mehemiah & Eliza SHANNON.
Dr. John SHAW of Watkins d. July 7, 1864, ae 30yr.
Fremont B. SHAY of Watkins d. Feb. 1, 1864; s/o B.L. & Samantha J. SHAY.
Ashburn SHELTON  d. Boston, Mass., Nov. 4, 1858, ae 21yr, 4m, 21 da; s/o Agur SHELTON of Catharine.
Cynthia E. SHERMAN of Catlin Center d. June 13, 1857, ae 7yr; d/o Samuel & Elizabeth SHERMAN.
John H. SHERMAN  of Catharine d. July 4, 1864, ae 17yr; s/o O.B. SHERMAN.
John G. SIMMONS d. Rockstream Sept. 9, 1864 of typhoid fever, ae 26yr.
Harry Chalmers SKELLENGER of Havana d. Mar. 19, 1865; s/o Wm H. & Mary T. SKELLENGER.
Wm. SKELLENGER of Havana d. Feb 27, 1865, ae 64yrs.  One of the oldest residents.
Sarah A. SLOCUM of Havana d. Jan. 29, 1865, ae 30yr, 3m, 8da; d/o B. F. & Rhoda SLOCUM.
Henry D. SMEAD d. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mar. 24, 1863, ae 59 yr.
James SMITH d. at Catharine Mar. 7, 1864, ae 61yrs.
Lucy SMITH  d. Smithport Feb. 1, 1862, ae 40yr; d/o John DEAN.
John SPAULDING of Havana d. while engaged in battle; s/o Calvin SPAULDING.
Platt C. SPENCER d. Genevia, Ohio, May 21, 1864, ae 64yr.
John C. SPENCER  d. in Albany May 17, 1855, of consumption.
Wm. SPROUL of Watkins drowned in Mud Lake, July 24, 1864.
Isaac STANLEY of Havana d. Dec. 11, 1862, ae 24yr.
Hattie Elizabeth STARKWEATHER d. Feb 1, 1865, in Havana, ae 4yr, 8m, 19da;
      d/o Clarissa  STARKWEATHER.
John W. STEWART of Catharine d. Mar. 18, 1864, ae 53 yrs.
Melona F. STEWART of Havana d. Jan. 8, 1863, ae 12yr, 26da; d/o John H. & Hannah STEWART.
Willie STEWART of Newfield d. May 27, 1863, ae 1yr, 5m; s/o D. B. & Louisa STEWART.
Elmer STODDARD of Dix d. May 2, 1863, ae 4yr; s/o Jesse & Hetty STODDARD.
Aaron STOUT of Hector d. Nov. 20, 1864.
Mrs. Caroline STOUT of Ithaca d. Aug. 25, 1853, ae 20yr; w/o Joseph STOUT.
Addison J. SWARTWOUT d. Perry City, Nov. 7, 1862, ae 41yrs.
Alexander H. SWARWOUT d. Hornby Dec. 24, 1864, ae 50yr.
Ellen SWEET of Catlin d. Apr 6, 1864, ae 11yrs; d/o Dennis SWEET.
Louise SWEET of Catlin d. Apr. 8, 1864, ae 5yrs; d/o Dennis SWEET.
Donald STEVENS of Havana d. Jun. 25, 1850, ae 23yr, 10m.
Helen V. STEVENS of Havana d. Sept. 20, 1853, ae 2yrs.


Emma THOMPSON d. in Whitehall, Mich., ae 25 yrs.; w/o Duane THOMPSON, Esq.
Maranda TRACY d. Aug. 9,1865 in Havana [Montour Falls], ae 49 yrs.; wife of the late Peter TRACY;
      d/o Anson HALL.
Joseph THOMPKINS d. in Monterey on Apr. 26,1866, ae 64 yrs.
Bishop John TIMON d. in Buffalo, NY on Apr. 23,1866, ae 71 yrs.
Jennie THOMPSON of Havana d. Sept 15, 1866, ae 2yr, 11da.;  d/o Lewis & Diantha A. THOMPSON.
John H. THESING  of Baltimore [Sept 10,1870 issue], committed suicide by jumping from a bridge &
      drowning.  The cause was love and despair.
Mr. William TULLY, a young man, d. Dec. 7,1870 while attending a dance.
Thomas C. THOMPSON of Ithaca d. Nov. 18,1870 in Brooklyn, Mich. while visiting relatives,
      after visiting his invalid wife in St. Louis Springs.
Mrs. Elizabeth R. TAYLOR of Havana [Montour Falls] d. Sept 9,1841, ae 18 yrs.;  w/o I. B. TAYLOR.
Miss TAYLOR of Hornellsville was accidentally shot Sept 19,1870 by a boy named BUTLER.
Philo M. THOMPSON of Burdett d. Nov 30, 1868, ae 42yrs.
Sarah L. TICHENOR of Hector d. June 16, 1868; w/o John TICHENOR; d/o Samuel AGARD.
Amelia Jenette THOMPKINS committed suicide Mar. 1, 1868, ae 15yr.
Elizabeth TURK of Candor d. Aug. 15, 1870, ae 68; w/o John TURK.
L. G. TOWNSEND of Geneva d. in Illinois, ae 69yrs. [Aug 13,1870 issue]
James THOMPSON of Dix was killed last week by a falling tree. [Feb. 23,1861 issue]
      He lives a wife and two children.
William Miles TIFT of Veteran d. Feb. 27, 1851, ae 14yrs; s/o Reuben & Sally TIFT.
Mrs. Polly TRACY of Dix d. in Townsend Settlement, Sept. 23, 1854, ae 75yr; widow of Daniel TRACY.
Sarah A. TRACY of Havana d. Sept. 17, 1854, ae 30 yrs; w/o Deac. Daniel TRACY.
Lorenzo L. TRACY of Dix. d. Oct. 23, 1855, ae 44yrs.
Henry TRIPHAGE,  ae 60 yrs, committed suicide in the wagon house of Peter TRIPHAGEN.
       [Sept 29, 1855 issue]
Stephen TUTTLE of Elmira d. Jan. 12, 1851, ae 78yr, 5m, 8da.
Fredrick TALLOURE d. when buried under the trestle work, Oct. 6, 1864.
Olive TAYLOR d. Breesport, Apr. 7, 1865, ae 18yrs.
Mary W. B. THOMPSON of Dix. d. Apr. 23, 1865, ae 34 yrs.
W. H. THORNE d. at Washington, Mar. 13, 1864, ae 42 yrs.
Peter TRACY of Havana d. Jun. 14, 1864, ae 64 yrs.
Myron E. TRIPHAGEN of Watkins d. at Bridgeport, Alabama, Oct. 20, 1863; s/o Barnard TRIPHAGEN.
David E. TURNER d. at Baton Rouge, May 6, 1863, ae 21 yr; s/o Edmund TURNER of Hector.
Wm A. TUTTLE d. at Big Flats, Apr. 4, 1864.
Amelia TYLER of Dresden d. Jan. 24, 1854 ae 13yr, 12da.


Robert UNDERHILL  of Bath [Steuben co., NY], son of R. L. UNDERHILL, bookseller, died at
      his fathers residence Nov. 20,1870.
Minnie UPDIKE of Odessa d. Aug. 1869.


_____? VanTASSEL of Havana  [Apr. 15.1840 issue] was killed when stuck by a falling tree.  Son of
      Lewis VanTASSEL. He was employed by Alanson OWEN in Catlin, NY.
Eliza VANDENBURG  of Burdett [Schuyler co.] d. on Nov. 3, 1849, ae 60 yrs, of consumption, at the
      residence of Joel R. RANSOM; w/o G. G. VANDENBURGH.
Ebenezer VICKERY d. Nov. 29,1874 in Catharine, Schuyler co., NY.
LeGrand VANDERHOOF, of Millport, drowned in canal, June 28, 1869, ae 19yr; s/o E. J. &  J. VANDERHOOF.
Delphene VanTASSEL of Havana found dead in the highway near the res. of Simon DECKER,
      Sept. 16, 1861.  Death was caused by congestion of the lungs or heart.
Peter G. VANDERLYN d. Havana, Nov. 17, 1854, ae 27 yrs.
Louisa VANDUSAN of Havana d. May 20, 1851, ae 17 yrs.  [also sp. VANDUZEN]
Walter Federick VanVECHTEN of CathArine d. Jan 22, 1850, ae 23yr; s/o Dr. H. & Caroline VanVECHTEN.
Peter VanZANDT of Lodi d. at the res. of  G.V. MILLER in Lodi, ae 96yr;
      a Rev. War soldier. [Aug. 20,1853 issue]
Francis E. VANDORAN of Watkins d. Nov. 11, 1863, ae 34yr; w/o Wm. VANDORAN
Virginia VanFLEET d. Lodi Mar. 13, 1863, ae 37yr; w/o E. B. VanFLEET.
Alice VanGELDER of Monterey d. July 15, 1863, ae 4yr; d/o Wm S. & Margearet  VanGELDER.
Robert VanGELDER d. Bath, July 31, 1865, ae 19 yr; s/o Benjamine & Lucy F. VanGELDER.
Samuel VAUGHAN d. Burdett, Apr. 2, 1864, ae 68 yr.
Julia A. VEAZIE of Watkins d. Jun. 18, 1863, ae 48yr; w/o Thomas VEAZIE.


Mary Cornelia WEAVER d. of consumption Jan. 10,1866, ae 16yr,4m, 3d.; d/o Myron H. & Mary E. WEAVER.
Silas B. WAGER of Hector d. June 1,1867 of typhoid congestion, ae 76 yrs.
Marion A. WARD d. in Reading [Schuyler co.] on Sept. 15,1865 of dysentery, ae 29 yrs.; w/o John A. WARD.
Mary WAGER of Hector d. June 5,1867 of typhoid congestion; ae 60 yrs.
Mrs. John WILLIAMS of Syracuse was found dead in their one-room apartment. It is believed that
      poverty caused the mother to poison her child & then commit suicide.
Henry WELCH of London, Ontario, Canada committed suicide last week. [Sept. 17,1870 issue]
Robert WHITFORD of Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY] was killed instantly when a tree fell on him
      while he was working in the woods. [Dec. 31,1871 issue]
John WOODWARD  of Hector d. Aug. 25,1865, ae 53 yrs.
William WINDSOR d. in Meads Creek on Jan 13,1866, ae 86 yrs.
Edward WILMOT of Big Stream died in a train collision in Watkins on July 2,1866.
Annie WILLSON of Searsburg d. Sept. 2,1866, ae 22yrs.
Barzillia WENTZ   d. in Great Bend, PA on Nov.21,1866, ae 31 yrs.; son of Justice WENTZ.
      [Article describes the accident in which he was killed.]
George H. WEEKS  of Cayuta [Schuyler co., NY] d. Apr. 22,1866, ae 16y, 2m,2d.; s/o Chauncey & Mary WEEKS.
Louisa WEBBER d. Monterey [Town of Orange, Schuyler co.] on Nov. 28,1866 of typhoid fever;
      wife of O. WEBBER.
Jonas WELCH d. in Orange [Schuyler co., NY] on Jan. 10,1866, ae 64 yrs.
Hon. Alfred WELLS d. in Ithaca on July 18,1867, ae 53 yrs.
Mrs. WADDLE of Moreland d. Apr. 26, 1869, ae 57 yr; w/o James W. WADDLE.
Sherman WALKER of Gorham d. Apr. 8, 1870, ae 45yr.
Ella E. WAKEMAN of Havana d. Nov. 13, 1869; d/o David & Caroline WAKEMAN.
_____? WEED of Havana d. Apr. 25, 1870 when scalded by hot water; child of H. V. WEED.
Cora Adell WARREN of Millport d. Nov. 1, 1869.
Judge Henry WELLS of Penn Yan d. Mar. 13, 1868.
Ann WILSON of Elmira found dead near east Avon. [Aug. 28, 1869 issue]
James WILSON of Havana drowned on Aug. 19, 1868 in the canal.
_____? WILSON  of  Veteran, a little girl, was burned to death, ae 10yr.  [Feb. 26, 1870 issue]
Lyman WILBUR of Moreland was killed July 8, 1870.
Elisha WARD of Sandusky, Ohio, formerly Reading, Schuyler Co. d. recently there, ae 75 yrs.
      - [Dec.  31,1859 issue]
Adelaide WEED d. at Addison Mar. 7, 1862, ae 22yr; w/o Mason N. WEED of Havana [Montour Falls].
Miranda WENTZ d. Townsend July 16, 1860 of consumption; w/o B. M. WENTZ.
Timothy C. WEST of Catharine died very suddenly Jan. 10, 1861, ae 57yrs.
Sarah C. WHIPPY of Havana d. Jan. 6, 1861, ae 62yr; w/o late George S. WHIPPY.
Hariette WHITNEY of Catharine d. Nov. 14, 1860,  ae 26yrs; w/o W. W. WHITNEY; d/o S. S. BOOTH.
Ellen WOODARD of Odessa d. Apr. 17, 1861, ae 15yrs.
R. W. WOODWARD of Hector d. June 6,1860 ae. 77yrs.
Mary R. WRIGHT of Havana d. June 18, 1860; w/o Dr. Elson T. WRIGHT of Syracuse, NY.
      - oldest dau of Hon. William T. JACKSON of Havana [Montour Falls].
Thomas Mathew WASSON of Townsend d. Aug. 5, 1862, ae 4yr, 10m, 20da.
      s/o John and Catherine WASSON.
Cora Susan WEAVER of Havana d. July 25, 1863, ae 10m, 6da; d/o Mary E. WEAVER.
Martin WAKELY of Dix d. at Ernery Hospital, Washington D.C., July 22, 1864, ae 26yr, 8m.
      s/o  Rosewell WAKELY.
Charles H. WALTER of Jefferson d. May 3, 1851, ae 10yr, 6m; s/o R.E. & Mary E. WALTER.
Frances C. WALTER of Jefferson d. May 3, 1851, ae 2yr, 2m; d/o R. E. & Mary E. WALTER.
Oliver WARNER of Havana d. May 2, 1851, ae 30 yrs.
Dr. WATKINS of Jefferson d. May 10, 1851, ae 83 yrs.
Ephraim WHEELER of Dix - death notice in Oct. 15, 1853 issue.
George S. WHIPPY of Havana d. Nov. 8, 1853, ae 58 yrs.
Ellen WHITE of Havana d. Aug. 27, 1851, ae 1yr, 6m, 27da; d/o Daniel & Irene WHITE.
P.H. WILLIAMS of Elmira committed suicide Feb. 18, 1855.
Philander WILLIAMS of Burdett d. in Panama, Aug. 3, 1850, ae 24yr; s/o late Daniel D. WILIAMS.
William CALLAHAN was shot & killed by Asa WINTON of Havana [June 4, 1853 issue].
       [June 11, 1853 issue] - confirmation that WINTON was insane when he killed out of lunacy.
       [June 18, 1853 issue] - court testimony of lunacy of Asa WINTON.
       [Aug. 27, 1853 issue] - WINTON d. at State Lunatic Asylum Aug. 23, 1853, ae 43,
                                             of "softening of the  brain".
Caroline WOOD of Hermann, MO, d. July 15, 1854, ae 24yr; w/o A. WOOD & James  PINE?
      [perhaps they meant to say "daughter of" James PINE.]
N. H. WOODFORD [Sheriff Tioga Co.] committed suicide by hanging Aug. 15, 1853.
      His  father & grandfather had both recently hung themselves.
Hattie May WEAVER d. Havana July 12, 1865, ae 3yr, 2m; d/o D. G. WEAVER.
Beulah WEBBER of Orange d. Aug. 15, 1863, ae 69 yrs.
James WHALING drowned in the canal above Havana [Montour Falls], Aug. 6, 1864.
Burr WHEELER d. at Mecklenburg [Jan. 31, 1863 issue] - ae 60 yrs.
Sarah WHEELER d. at Rock Stream, Sept. 24, 1864, ae 78 yrs.
Charles S. WHIPPY drowned Aug. 5, 1862 at Millport, ae 6yr, 7m; s/o Dr. W. A. & Mary A. B. WHIPPY.
Eli S. WHITAKER d. Geneva [Mar. 12, 1864 issue] - ae 24 yrs.
Hiram WHITE d. at Cayuta, Nov. 4, 1857, ae 65 yrs.
John WHIEMACK d. at Centerville Oct. 5, 1864, ae 60 yrs.
Henry M. WHITMAN d. at Skaneateles Junction, Mar. 31, 1863, ae 34 yrs.
Charles Allison WICKHAM of Hector d. Apr. 25, 1864, ae 45yr, 7m, 18da.
Willlam WICKHAM d. Hector Oct. 20, 1864, ae 80 yrs.
Alexander T. WIER of Havana d. Jan. 28, 1865, ae 61 yrs.
N. T. WILLIAMS d. Ithaca May 4, 1858.
Dr. Nelson WINTON of Havana d. Aug. 27, 1864.
Irwin WITERELL of Townsend d. Apr. 13, 1864, ae 21 yrs.
Charles WIXSON of Dix d. Apr. 1, 1864, ae 1yr, 10m; s/o Reuben & Hannah WIXSON.
Sarah WIXSON of Dix d. Dec. 24, 1863, ae 16y; d/o Reuben & Hannah WIXSON. [also sp. WIXON / WIXOM]


Dennison YOST of Thurston died when struck by train. [Nov. 17,1866 issue]
Ellen YOUMANS of Dix d. Apr. 17, 1858, ae 2yr; d/o Alanson C. & Catherine YOUMANS .

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