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These wills were discovered some years ago in the Schuyler co., NY Courthouse
in very old books in a corner.  They were hand-written on old paper and
do not appear in the regular indexed lists of wills at the courthouse.
Extracts of  the genealogy info from these wills were hand-copied by
Helena Howard as exactly as possible;  many spellings were slightly different from other
records, but none were altered.  Helena does not think these are available for photo-copying, except possibly from the original county where the will was filed.
Typed & contributed by Helena Howard.

Guide to abbreviations and format:
First date = date of  will (unless otherwise noted);
Second date = probate date;
Location usually follows; note that before 1855 when Schuyler co. was formed, the villages and
        towns were in neighboring counties.
Wife (wf) and sons (s) and daughters (dau) and grandchildren (gr s, gr dau) follow.
        (also brothers = bro, and sisters = sis)
Executors of the will are noted by "exec".
wit = "witnessed by", usually followed by 2 or 3 witness names, and their residences.
Sometimes the age at death (ae) or the death date is given, if known.
Email Linda if you do not understand a particular entry and I will try to help.

HAGER  Peter   aged 60 - died 26 Jan 1854 - will dated 23 Aug 1845 - 7 Mar 1854,  Hector - wife Abigail - 2 sons Peter Carrol & Marcus - #1 son Edwin - #3 son Chester - #2 son Albert - to take care of my aged mother - daus: Ermina, Julia & Hannah - Horace Smith as guardian of Marcus & Peter Carroll - executor brother Jacob Hager & Caleb Smith -  - witnessed by Lysander Smead & Alfred Everts both of Hector.

HALL  Abraham   - will dated 29 Jan 1844 - probate date 7 May 1844 - Hector - wife Rachel - 3 children - James, Daniel L & Elizabeth - (grand?)children: Abigail, Abraham C, John and heirs of Sally Shaft deceased - executor Jacob Hager, Horace Smith & Caleb Smith - witnessed by Wm W Spencer, David Mathis & Spencer Wheeler.

HALLENBAKE  Samuel   - d 31dec1847 ae 70 - will dated 4 Jul 1846 - probate date 27 Jan 1848,  Hector - son Francis, son Alpha & grandson Samuel son of Alpha - executor wife Thamar - witnessed by James F Lett & David Hatfield.

HALLOCK  George   - will dated 18 May 1861 - probate date 4 Jan 1864,  Tyrone, Schuyler co. - executor brother Abel - witnessed by I H Hill & Lewis Mead of Tyrone.

HANMORE  Jabez   - will dated 21 May 1860 - probate date 7 Apr 1866,  Tyrone, Schuyler co. - 4 daughters:  Mariah Hedden wife of Dan, Susan Buck wife of  Wm, Betsy Hanmer wife of  James & Lucretia Tompkins wife of  Charles, sons David & John - executors: Mulford Gray & David Hanmore - witnessed by Mulford Gray & Geo W Heist both of Tyrone.

HARING  Garret   - will dated 19 sSp 1853 - probate date 6 Mar 1854, Orange, Steuben co. - wife ----. dau Deborah P Horton, executor son Cornelius, dau Polly Johnson wife of  Thomas, dau Harriet M Ball, grandson Oscar a minor, John a minor - executor son Chancy Haring, daus Anna B, Clarrisa, Kesiah - exec son William Haring - witnessed B J Overhiser & Belinda Overhiser of Orange.

HARPENDING  Peter  ae 69 4jan1850 - 18feb1850  Tyrone,  Steuben - wf Mehitabel, dau Ellinnor Hamlin, son John, son Minor, gr dau Mary Ann daniels wf/Wolcott, Clarinda Harpending - exec friends Anthony C Harpending & John F Andrews, wit J G Andrews & Samuel Harpending of Dundee

HARRIS  Wm E  7feb1826 - 9jun1836 - Tyrone, Steuben co. - wf Martha Harris of State of New Jersey or wherever she may be acc. to settlement made between Richard Lanning and self 15jan1820 which will total $1100 - 3 youngest sons born in town of Tyrone - Nelson, Isaac Monroe & William Decator Harris - present wife Sarah $1 - ch to support and care for her - dau Sarah Runyon, dau Polly Boice, son Elijah, son Nelson - exec friends Henry L Williams, Henry Booram & Stephen Arnold - wit Wm Bacon & Barney Spears

HARVEY  Samuel  13may1847 - 31aug1847 - Hector - wf Lydia, s Joseph, s Silas, s Joel daus Nelly, Hannah a wid  Hannah Paine, Zilpah  wf/Doct J P A Williams, Harriot wf/John Cooper, Polly wf. N Allen, Elizabeth wf. Thomas Kone, gr da Martha Marinda Swartwort(SIC) gr ch Michagen Stair, Trumen Starr, Wm Starr & Rachel ch/Theo & Nancy Starr dec - exec s Silas & Moses Lovell - wit Charles W Fisher, Enfield & Corneluis boice, Hector

HAUSE  Eunice  ze 74 8 may1846 - 18sep1846  Tyrone  Steuben co. - s Herman C Hause, dau Hannah Bennett, dau Betsy Wolverton, s William, s exec John, s Elvin(?) & wf Percis F, exec s Joseph C & mary Jane Disbrow - wit Stephen H Arnold & John Lang, Tyrone

HAUSE  Jonas  ae 80  3 apr1862 - 2 jan1866  Hector  Schuyler co. - s Aaron, s Dellaber, s Mahlon, my widow Rebecca (sounded like more children but none named)  exec friend Henry D Barto, sons Mathias D Hause & Dellaber Hause - wit Sam Burlew & C C Pearce, Ulyses

HAUSE  Joseph  ae 51  4 sep 1838 - 4 feb1839  Tyrone  Steuben co. - wf Eunice, children minors, s Herman, dau Hannah Bennett wf/Lester, dau Betsey Wolverton  wf Wm, ch:  Elvin C, Charles W, Lewis R, Joseph, Mary Jane, William & John - exec to be guardians wf Eunice, s Elvin C & Charles W - wit Stephen Arnold & Ira A White Tyr

HAVENS  Ebenezer  19jul1866 - 20oct1866  Dix, Schuyler co.- wf Melissa - son Albert Havens, ? Catharine L Hardenburg, dau Ann eliza hardenburg - exec Wm hardenburg - wit Zeury Palmer & W C Wedgewood

HAWES  Aaron H  2dec1869 - 1 mar1870 - Hector - exec wf Sarah E - son Wm Penn hawes - exec broth Mahlon D Hawes & Nephew Wm Penn Hawes - wit Salathiel Osburn & David H Pridmore

HAWKINS  James  7mar1839 - 23aug1841 - Reading, Steuben co.- wf Deborah - s David, s Abraham, s Isaac, s Consider, gr s James Hawkins, s Jacob, daus Phebe Kircum, Hannah Smalley, Isabel Easley, Margaret Keesler, Sarah Waldron, Betsey Shettre, chil of s Jonathan dec.; Sephia Margaret, James, george, Lydia & Lucy - exec John Roberts, Reading - wit John Dow, David Abbey & Jonathan E Abbey  all of Reading

HAYES  Ephraim  17apr1826 - 12jul1826  Reading, Steuben co.- wf Mary, dau Nancy Davis $1, s John $1, beloved son James 1/4 est.. 7 beloved children David, Charles, Ephraim, William, Daniel, Caty Tunison, Sally Lallard - exec Garret Haring - wit John french, Isaac Price & Servis French

HEDDEN  Eleazer  ae 56 - 2mar1837 - 15may1837  Tyrone, Steuben - wf Sally - Aaron Goltry s/my dau Almeda dec - eldest dau Phebe Kelly wf/Peter B - 2 sons Amos & William Henry Harrison Hedding(later it was spelled Hedden) -  exec friend Stephen Arnold - wit Alfred Wells, Tyrone & Austin C Wilbur, reading(later Wheeler).

HENRY  John  19nov1825 - 28dec1825  Somerset, N J - wf Ann, sale of est of Gershom Comson - mother Mary Henry,  - Treasurer of Am. bible Ass. -inf dau, wf to be guardian till ing is 6 yr of age - father in Law Dr Peter J Stryker & my friend Peter Vroom Jr Exec - wit Joseph Van Dorn, James Taylor & John Mann

HENRY  Mary  30oct1789 - 1 nov1843 - Lannington, Somerset, N J - dau Catharine Willson, dau Jane Henry, dau Ann Henry an inf, gr dau Elizabeth King in remembrence of her mother, sons Robert R exec, Michael D exec, James exec & John inf - wit Mary Henry, Thomas King, John Demott & Catherine Demott

HENRY  Robert  3dec1867 - 8 nov1868  Hector, Schuyler  - wf Mary Henry, 5 chil Lydia Ann Smith, Andrew Henry, Margaret H Barker, Isaac W Henry & John Henry - exec wf Mary & Samuel M Baker - wit Joseph Barker & Peter Hobert both of Hector

HERRICK  Nathan  11feb1834 - 5feb1844  Wayne, Steuben - wf Priscilla, grson Andrew Houck & Wm Wyats, 2 dau Polly Kingsley & Catharine Workman, 3 son Daniel, Elijah & Rufus - exec sons in law David Kingsley & Peter Houck - wit Olive Wheeler, James Brundage & Obadiah Wheeler all of Urbana

HEWITT  Ervin D  25apr1865 - 16may1865 Montour, Schuyler - wf Clarissa, eldest s Myron H, #2 s Frank A, #3 s Charley B. if all above die estate foes to Nathan Briscoe - exec wf Clarissa, father in law Nathan Briscoe & brother in law Charles Brown - wit Edward Doty & John Jackson of Montour

HICKS  Solomon  7jun1847 - no prob date - Dix, Chemung - wf Anna, minor ch. named Silas B Hicks, Fanny M Hicks, Sarah A Hicks, Hannah J Hicks, Harnet(?) S Hicks, Lydia M Hicks, David T Hicks & Andrew j Hicks - exec Lewis Benedict of Orange

HIGHT  Anna Maria  12oct1839 - 3 feb1841 - Bradford, Steuben  -  Husb John, sons Henry Switzer, John Switzer, William O Switzer, Peter M Switzer, gr s Lawrence Switzer, dau Elizabeth VanFleet, dau Anna Boozenback , not for benefit of her husband, dau Eva Yawger dec, dau Susanna Scomp, dau Ann Catharine King, gr ch: Geo Henry Switzer s/Henry, Geo Henry King, Henry Yawger, Henry Switzer s/Wm C, Geo W Boozenback, Henry Switzer s/Peter, Anna Marie dau/Peter, Mary Ann d/Henry, William Fleet, Abraham Fleet Jr, gr s Henry S Fleet, Baptist Church - exec good friend Thomas Rolls, s Peter, gr s Henry S fleet - wit Isaac Arnold, Nathaniel W Comstock & Edward Jessop all of Tyrone

HOAGLAND  Sally  4apr1864 - 20Dec1864  Hector, Schuyler - gr dau Kate E Turner - sis Mary Rich - niece Harriet M Sabin, niece Mary H Rich - exec David Rich - wit Wm Gardner & Mary A Rich,of Hector

HOFFMAN  Rebecca I  ae 43 - 29may1869 - 27jul1869 - father Elisha Buckley, brother  Calvin Buckley - to Albert S Corydon, broth John Buckley, sis Elizabeth Rekkon(?), niece Emma D Rekkon, friend David Robson - exec Daniel Howard - wit Mrs H Stoll, Watkins & Charles H Nearah(?)

HORD  John  25jul1863 - 12jul1864  Orange, Schuyler - exec sister Elizabeth Caywood - wit Robert Bell & Oren W Smith both of Orange

HOTCHKISS  Theron  16apr1832 - 10jan1833 - Newfield, Tompkins - parents David & Betsy Hotchkiss #6 in Watkins & Flint - to Wallace & Walter Hotchkiss sons/Dr Alvah dec of Otter Creek, Co of Vergo, Indiana - wit Grace L Smith & Moses C Kellogg - exec Samuel A Kellogg

HOWE  George W  18apr1861 - 25apr1864  Village of Watkins - exec brother Franklin S - farm in Bristol Co, Minnesota - wit George C Shearer & John N Beach both of Watkins

HOYT  Anna  oct1843 - 19aug1844 - Catharine, Chemung - Brother Amos Hoyt, sis Polly, bro Jared

HOYT  Frances A  4feb1865 - 11apr1865 - Montour, Schuyler - only dau Maggie - husband Miles A Hoyt - exec husband & J A Banker, Havana - wit John C Henry & Henry Wentz, Havana

HUBBELL  Sullivan D  ae 70  - 5jul1842 - 14nov1843 - Hector, Tompkins - exec wf Susannah, sis Hannah Smith wf/Patrick, son Gilbert, exec son John G , son Stephen, son Aaron, exec son Orange, son Joseph, son Edmund W, dau Phebe Frost wf/John, dau Susan Arnell wf/Thomas E, gr ch William H Bailey & Orange A Bailey s/Mark - exec John Saylor - wit John Saylor & Mowbrey Owen

HURD  Milo  30sep1863 - 9oct1865 - village of Watkins, Schuyler - wf Sally - land in Pa - son Bradford C - exec sons Orlando & Bradford - wit S L Rood & W W Starkey

HURD  Sally  30sep1863 - 30nov 1863  Village of Watkins, Schuyler - Husb Milo Hurd, son Bradford prop in Pa - exec son Milo & son Orlando - wit S S Rood & W W Starkey

HURLEY  Thomas J  7oct1851 - 26Feb1852 - Orange, Steuben - wf Phebe, apprentice boy Smith Booth, make outfits equal t my 2 other dau Rebecca Jane Huey & Mary Elizabeth Booth, dau Harriet, dau Magaret, son John Nelson Hurley, gr s Thomas Thomas Henry Hurley ( there were no commas between the names) - exec wf Phebe & Richard J Jeffers - wit Cornelius Haring & Thomas S Nichols both of Orange

JACKSON  Mary D  ae 30 - 4 mar1854 - 8aug1854 - Havana, town of Catharine, Chemung - husb William T - to Wm Hine, Frances Bartlett & Mary Hine, res of Franklin, Delaware Co, bro Robert A Dorenz of Greenbush, sis Mariah E Downs, sis Emily Downs, sis Sarah D Lansing - Obadiah E Lansing, Trustee - present Husband Wm T Jackson

JAMISON  Isaac  13jan1865 - 6jun1865 - Orange Schuyler - wf Sarah Jimerson(different spelling, I do not know which is correct)  minor ch  Sarah Augusta Frances Mari?? and Mary Eliza - to receive what elder ch had(no commas between names) - exec Rufus Munson & Christopher Goundrey - wit Abel Cleveland, Bradford & elizabeth Beam, Starkey

JESSOP  Daniel  21mar1820 - 27may1844 - exec oldest s Joseph $1 - exec #2 s Edward 100 ac land N of Joseph Jessop - 3 s Daniel 105 ac land west of Joseph Jessop - 4 s John 115 ac west of Edward Jessop - dau Elizabeth 50 ac east of Abraham Fleets - s Nicholas  rest of land - wf Catharine - dau Anna - wit John Wolverton, Abraham Fleet & Thomas Brown

JOHNSON  Benjamin  4may1861 - 28apr1864 - Hector Schuyler - wf Elizabeth - gr s Benjamin Brown s/Isaac - wit John Brown, Solomon craver & John Osborn

JOHNSON  Buckley  23apr1825 - 11 jun1825 - Reading Steuben - wf Juliana, oldest s Lyman - s Wm at 21 = dau  Sylvia Johnson at 21 - 3 dau Rebecca Van Gorden, Eliza Maria & Ann Johnson - exec Burt Newcomb & Stephen Lamphear both of Reading - wit Dell Sawyer, Nash Sawyer & Adna Sawyer

JOHNSON  Sally  3sep1842 - 8 feb1850 - Tyrone  I Sally Johnson formerly Sally Hedden - brother Peter Adams - to Eleazer Adams 3bros John of Indiana - exec food friends Peter Disbrow & John Lang - wit S/L H Arnold & John K Murray both of tyrone

JOHNSON  William - prob 22Jul1840  Catlin Chemung - wf Maria Johnson lands & tenements in the possession of Everett Personius

JONES  James  25apr1864 - 28jun1865 - Orange Schuyler - wf Polly, dau Sarah  wf/Clinton Fish - dau Anna wf/Aaron Newkirk - dau Rhoda wf/Henry Fufford - dau Lydia wf/David Ribble - exec Clinton Fish, son in law - wit Theo J Crouch & D A Johnson both of Orange

JONES  Mason ae 65  1jan1852 - 6nov1853  Veteran, Chemung - wf Catharine - gr s Masin Jones s/S J - dau Rachel Ann Benson, dau Roda D Judd - gr s Amariah Benson

JORDAN  Jesse  ae 58 - 21sep1848 - 17jan1849 - Wayne, Steuben - wf Elizabeth - ch  A Lansing, George, Lorenzo, Catharine Paddock - children of my sife Ann Jordan & Sally Quackenbush, Phebe, Alonzo, Ursula, Michael, Jacob, Mary jane & Jepe(Jess?) ch of my said wf Elizabeth(note-Sally Quackenbush is a dau) - exec wf Eliz & friend Royal F Bennett - wit John Tompkins & James Loree both of Wayne

JORDAN  William  8may1842 - 25sep1843 - Tyrone, Steuben - wf Polly exec with Michael Jordan - several sons & daus - wit Benjamin Sackett, Stephen Baskins & Angeline Ensley

KEELER  Ezra  30aug1817 - 27apr1818 - Reading Steuben - sons Charles, Orange, Ira, dau Sophia Keeler - wf hannah - other ch Anna Hamilton wf/Nathan, Caleb Keeler, Sandford Keeler & Lucy Russell wf/Dennis

KILS  George (KELS?)  ae 63  3jan1844 - 7jul1845 - Orange steuben - wf Theodosia - dau Amy Kels, dau Jane Kels, dau Lydia Kels, s Wilson, dau Mary Matson, s Henry, dau Eleanor Lockwood, s Paul, dau Anna W Gates, s John, s George W, dau Jarn - exec Isaac VanLieu & S Wilson - wit Andrew Sprowl, Tyrone & Levi Baker, Bradford

KENDALL  Abel  13jan1825 - 3 jun1825 - Tyrone Steuben - wf Polly-$25 per year & furniture she had when married, use of 2 east rooms & part of cellar & chamber of house - eldest son Abel exec - son Silas, 3 younger sons Heman Wilder Kendall, Lyman Sawyer Kendall & Elmer Kendall, daus  Betsy Jackson, Polly Maynord, Lucinda Hallock, Erva Kendall - wit John Arnold, Robert Evans & Daniel Child Jr

KIMBLE  Henry  ae 54  19oct1865 - 21 sep1866 - Montour Schuyler - wf deborah - 4 ch Elmira, Benjamin O, Ophelia I, Emily J - exec M F Brodrick, Havana - wit John a Charles & Frederick F Mills, both of Montour

KIRKENDALL  Richard A  ae 64 - prob 8 sept1868 - Hector, Schuyler - exec wf Mary, dau Betsy wf/Henry M Baker, gr dau Mary Jane dau/myson John dec, son Austen - wit Wm c Coon, Burdett & Geo R Barrett

KNAPP  Ruth  13dec1841 - july 1851 - Catharine, Chemung - son Maniz & dau Lydia

KNOX  Floyd  13sep 1827 - 30 oct1827 - Hector, Tompkins - children Mariah & Harriet, sister Narial Larket guardian - exec friends Thomas B Sears & Caleb smith - wit All Y Comstock, John Egbert & John Lambert

LAMB  Amos  1jun1818 - 24dec1827 - wf Mary exec, son Dexter exec, son Artamus, 2 dau Anna & fanny, dau Orassa Sake $20, dau Diana smith $20, s Jonathan, dau Mary Brown $1, dau Sally Forgesen $20 - wit John Metcalf, Moses Lyon & Solomon Hurd

LAMBERT  John  7jul1851 - 23feb1852 - Hector Tompkins co. - dau Phebe Ann, exec son Benjamin, dau Anna, dau Patty Ann, exec my beloved son John, beloved son James, beloved son Jermiah, gr s Francis M Morgan - wit  Caleb F Smith & Caleb Smith both of Hector  ae 72 died 19dec1851

LAMBERT  Levi  ae 47 3may1847 - 21jul1847 - wf Eliner Elizabeth, son Edmond Joseph, son Edson Mabie,dau Mary Antionette, son Charles Messenger, dau Harriet Elizabeth - exec & guardians David Hall & Alexander Bower both of Ulyses - wit J B Hamilton, Meckleburg & Wm H Hazelett, Hector - died 16jun1847

LARRISON  James M  10sep1868 - 20oct1868 - my son David Larrison son/Edna dau/Wm Godding - exec my beloved Edna with whom I now live and cohabit as my wife - wit Wm H Fish, Mecklenburg & Corydon A Fish, Smith Valley, Schuyler

LAURENCE  Elizabeth  widow  2sep1852 - 3apr1854 - Catharine, Chemung - sons John s Laurence exec, Abraham Laurence exec, Jonathon, gr son Samuel Laurence s/Johathon at 21 yr - gr dau Henrietta S Richardson dau/Isaac & my dau Henrietta now dec, son Samuel, dau Elizabeth L Richardson wf/Samuel, Cornelia R Richardson a widow, Jane G Laurence

LAURENCE  John I  27feb1866 - 28aug1866 - wf Agnes B - if I die & leave a child, if no child to brother & sister & my niece Henrietta Louise Laurence - exec broth Abram Laurence & nephew Samuel Laurence Jr - wit G L Smith & David B Hill, elmira

LAURENCE  Samuel  Probate date 26dec1837 - Catharine, Tioga Co - brothers John S & Wm T & son Jonathon S all exec - 2 sons Jonathon & Samuel

LEE  David  prob 6Jun1845 - wf Susannah - 4 ch  John W of Catharine,
Chemung Co, Elizabeth Durkee wf/Asher L of Dix, Hector S , Reading, Harriet B Lee wf/Alfred of fulton, Oswego Co - exec John W Lee, wife, & Asher S Durkee - wit Isaih D Lee, Catharine & Edward Quinn, Dix

LEE  Hector L  30dec1864 - 23oct1866 - Reading Schuyler - exec wf Hannah Jane lee - wit Charles W Barnes & George Simmons both of Starkey

LEONARD  Abraham  10apr1833 - 17jun1833 - Hector - s Abraham Jr, s John, dau Almy Havens wf/Albert - he isn't to have any of the money - dau Olive & wf - wit John Sutton, Silas M Havens & Aaron O Coddington - d 29apr1833  ae 64

LEWIS  Miss Catharine  18oct1865 - 8mar1870 - niece Catharine T Smith - wit Henry B Catlin & S Merchant

LOCKWOOD  Seymour  10sep1845 - 12jan1846 - (no loc) - dau Frances Chamberlain - s William - dau Hannah - dau Deborah Ann - dau Catharine - s George - exec wf Anna - exec Peter Compton - wit F W Sibolt, Frances Smith & Peter Compton

LOREE  Sally  15oct1835 - 6jan1836 - Wayne, Steuben - s George to be kept till age of 14 - 2 sis - exec Charles Margeson & James Loree - wit John Brodick, Enoch Webster & Susannah Babcock

LYON  Jesse  27feb1849 - 1sep1849 - Catharine, Chemung - wf Lucy - Mrs Nancy Lyon wf/Walter - Miss Martha Sherwood - Walter Lyon - Asa Coe (nephew?) - brother Walter Lyon exec

LYON  Lucy  2jul1869 - 21feb1870 - Montour - 2 sis Betsy Jackson & Sally Scott - to Mrs Nancy Lyon & Asa Coe - wit Hattie S Campbell & James E Beardsley - codicil - sis Sally has died 20aug1869 - wit Hattie S Campbell & James E Beardsley

MACKEY  John  28mar1846 - 3oct1849 - Hector -wf RACHEL - s #1 Joseph - s#3 David. s #2 Mathew - dau Mary, s #4 John - exec wf & James Potts - witt Henry Fish & Robert Lewis - ae 70 d feb 1847

MAGEE  John  ae 71 - 24feb1866 - 21apr1868 - Watkins, Schuyler - son George J, Daniel C Howell, Bath-Daniel Beach, watkins-John Lang, Watkins & Horatio Seymore, Utica all rec Fall Brook R R Stock - son John Magee Jr - gr dau Arabella Stewart Magee dau/ my son Duncan S - son George J - dau Hebe Parker Magee - to Am. Bible Soc of N Y & Am, Tract Soc. $30,000 - a trust for Catherine E Magee wf/my son Duncan S, Duncans ch-Helen G Magee & Arabella S Magee - wit L C Woodruff, Buffalo & Ambrose S Howell, Bath - codicil Real estate in Wisc & more R R 14 aug1867 - wit Orville Patterson & Benjamin Scobey both of Watkins.  (11 pages in all)

MALLORY  Elisha B  1862 - 12nov1867 - Dix Schuyler - wf Tabitha dec - sons-I C Mallory, A C Mallory, D C Mallory & A S Mallory and wf Lucy, dau Jane Ann Hadley & Clarissa sis/late Hudson M Clemens, gr dau Georgianna Mallory also had a dau Olive - exec I C Mallory - wit A M Saylor & Jane Saylor, both of Catlin

MALTBY  Erastus  12aug1848 - 8apr1850 - Orange, Steuben - eldest s Curtis Maltby, dau Sally Maltby now Hall, son George, wit Solomon Northrup, Daniel Chapman & Lewis Andrews

MANNING  Manning  20sep1823 - 20jun1824 - Hector, Tompkins - exec wf Susannah, youngest dau Elizabeth, son Benjamin, s Ephraim, dau Rachael, dau Joanna, dau Sally Anne - wit Melinda Smith, Andrew T Yerman & Homer Smith

MARCHANT  Enoch  prob 3apr1848 - son Larza, dau Fanny, son Aaron M & Arlo Marchant - Bixby Marchant - daus Lydia Elliott, Charlotte Hopkins & Fanny Marchant, gr ch-Betsey Randall & John Randall ch/dec dau Selma Randall   (Merchant surname?)

MARGESON  Benjamin  11oct1831 - 7dec1831 - Wayne, Steuben - wf Elizabeth, 2 ch Dennis W & Mahalla - exec Job Margeson & Charles Margeson - wit Obadiah Wheeler, Thomas Margeson & Mary Margeson all of Urbana

MATHEWS  David  ae82 - 14jun1859 - 5jul1864 - Reading Schuyler - wf Sarah, dau Sally Marie Griswould, Martha Griswould - children -s Harvey S has been absent from home for many years - dead or alive? - exec son Charles W, exec son David - wit I H NIchols & Danl C Norris both of Reading

MICKEL  Mary E  1apr1857 - 2 mar1868 - Hector Schuyler - wf of Nicholas Mickel - my children ??  wit Amos D Blain & Werden T Spencer both of Hector

MILLER  Isaac  4dec1867 - 28jun1869 - son Ensley, son Daniel, wf Polly and dau Ida - wit Thomas Couch & G O Everts of Catharine

MILLER  Jedediah  23dec1847 - 24apr1854 - Orange - eldest s Levi, s Daniel, s John Dickinson Miller, s Andrus Beman Miller, s Jedediah Miller, s Charles Wesley Miller, daus Rhoda R Smith, Polly Velie, Betsy Stephens, Hannah Hughes & Jane Stephens - exec Jonas Stephens & Cornelius haring - wit a Gaylord & John Hollett of Orange

MISINER  Abram  ae 56 - 5sep1867 - 16apr1869 - Catharine Schuyler - exec wf Delilah - exec son Andrew D, dau Susan E Thompson wf/David, exec s Cornelius C, dau Ellen I, dau Julia A - wit M T Brodrick & G E Brodrick both of Havana

MITCHELL  Jesse  ae 70  - 20apr1860 - 20feb1865 - exec wf Sally, son John L, dau Clarinda Lyon, s Burr, s Walter, heirs of s James, dau Sarah, dau Jane Morgan - to Emeline VanVechten - at death of wf exec sons James & John - wit Leman Catlin & Sherman W Evans both of Montour (land to all heirs, dau & sons)

MITCHELL  John   - Catharine, Tioga co.- only one date 1835 - wf Sarah, s John, eldest s Jesse, s Charles, dau Sarah, dau Deborah, dau Ruby & dau Lydia

MIX  Titus  18sep1849 - no pro date - wf Hannah M dau Minerva Mis - 8 ch-Sylvester Mix, Alma Henry, Samuel Mix, Clementine Lee, Sally Malony, Minerva Mix, Emmet Mix & Fidelia Mix.  (see also another reading of this will.)

MOORE  Eraspus  ae 26 - 19apr1851 - 16may1851 - Hector, Tompkins - wf Elizabeth J - exec Broth John Moore, Isaac Brown - wit Samuel W Smith & Samuel B Moore both of Hector - d 20apr1851

MOREHOUSE  Silas - 7jul1848 - 3feb1852 - Hector  Tompk - wf Harriet - my girls Margaret, Esther, Mariah, Catharine, Elizabeth & Andrew Silas (In another place it read Esther Mariah & Catharine Elizabeth?)  Soal(sic) exec wf Harriet - wit Grover S Bailey, Nathan H Bogart & Albert C Rose - codicil mentioned 3 daus - ae 50 died june 1849

McALPINE  Walte T  20may1867 - 2jul1867 - Orange Schuy - inf heir of my brother Ezra McAlpine, the inf a boy named William Walter Morgan McAlpine now a res of Yates Co - wf Ann Eliza McAlpine - my ch Cara L McAlpine - exec brother Ezra - wit Thomas I Crouch, Orange & Lucinda A McAlpine, Dundee

McCAIB  Mathew  29jan1839 - 9sep1839 - Wayne Steu - wf Tamar exec - 2 of my sons Moriaity & Alexander, s Strates, ? Lydia, dau Mariah, dau Sally, dau Eliza, dau Famcer - wit Jacob Sarrows, Urbana, Morris & Moses Crookston, Wayne

McCARTY  Charles  7sep1858 - 11feb1859 - Catharine, Chemung co. - wf Aunilla, sons Thomas & Daniel, daus Nancy & Hannah, Hannah's sons Byron & Savallon & dau Ulysee, and dau Sally (his dau)   [Linda's note: sons of  Charles' daughter Hannah were Byron Stuart who died in the Civil War and Sevellon Stuart; Hannah was married to John Wm. Stuart. Charles was married 3 times, and Sarah was mother of Hannah.  Charles was buried in Highland/Mitchell cem. near  Montour Falls, NY.  He was blind for the last 7 years of his life.  His first wife was Sarah, second was Betsey and third was Amelia in one source.  Go here for more info.]

McCONNELL  Alfred  31jul1859 - 5jul1864 - Tyrone Schuy - nephews & Nieces: Alfred McConnell, Hannah D Lang, Mary J Lang, Amelia A Lang - to Alfred Breese w/Morgan L of Chemung Co-Brother John of Tyrone - exec friends Andrew Eggleston, John McConnell & Daniel Bead - wit Daniel Forsbee, Catherine R Forsbee & Daniel Beach all of Tyrone

McCONNELL, Asa  ae 73 - 29jan1853 - 16dec1854 - wf Damaras - Phillip Sebring & Wm H Sebring sons/dec dau Rebecca Sebring - ch of dec dau Polly Lang -Asa Lang, Hannah Lang, Mary jane Lang & Amelia Lang - exec son Alfred McConnell - wit J H Hill, Tyrone & J K Royce, Weston

McCONNELL  Peter  18mar1834 - no pro date - Tyrone, Steuben - s James, s Phillip H, wf Fanny & s Peter jr - exec Brother Asa McConnell & Moses S Settell(Littell?) - wit Asa McConnell, Damris McConnell & Moses Settell of Littell

McCRARY  Alexander  19jul1836 - 17jan1839 - wf Eunice, daus Sally, Betsey, Polly - son  Joseph ,Peggy, Abba, Jane, Hannah, Eunice - exec friends Jacob Hager & Caleb Smith - wit John W VAnDorn, Benjamin Manning & Robert McCreery - codicil 28feb1837 - wit Florence McCarty, Horace Smith & Peter Strader - died 18nov1838  ae 75

McDOWELL  Andrew  1jan1850 - 30sep1852 - Reading - wf Sarah - daus Polly, Margaret, Sarah (Sally Ann), sons John V, Robert B & andrew J - exec William Haring & John Jamisen - wit Wm Ward & Emmet Edgerton of Jefferson Co

McFEARSON  William  30jul1803 - 21aug1803 - Frederick, Steuben - oldest son Robert - rest of children: William, Mary wf/Aminal Sutton, Martha wf/James Alexander, Jane & Elizabeth

McINTYRE  Reuben  18oct1831 - 9apr1832 - Hector - exec of will Wm Crawford & wife - heirs.  wf Julia, ch: Sabrina, Roxy, Rosetta, Melinda, Dewitt Clinton, Genette & Loiza - exec Jonathon Owens II & Gilbert Stevenson - wit William godding, Tuniz Aumack & Woodard D White

McKEEL  Jesse  4jan1834 - 7apr1835 - Hector - wf Amy, daus Mary & Anna, s William & s Aaron - exec wf Amy & brother Joshua McKeel - wit Elijah W Sherwood, Ann Underhill & Sarah D Tripp - d 30mar1835

NASH  Levi  3jun1838 - 16aug1841 - Meads Creek, Steuben - dau Catherine, dau Mary, Leroy Gaylord s/dau Phebe dec - the children of my second wife to be excluded, Mary & Catherine to share equally with the rest of my children - exec William Stubbs & Alonzo Gaylord - wit Joseph F Babbett & David Ogden of Orange

NEWMAN  Abijah  ae 80 - 12aug1868 - 12jan1869 - Reading Schuyler - wf Rebecca, son William, dau Eliza Catlin, dau Lorina Jamison, son Abijah, son John H - carpenter & joiner tools & gum & cedar mill horse powers bought for John Warner, etc., John's dau Mary Alice Newman, son Lewis dec, dau Mary O Hillerman, dau Harriet - exec wf Rebecca, son John, Daniel Tuttle, Reading & Geo Freer, Watkins - wit John thompson, Edwin D Thompson & George G Freer all of Watkins

NICHOLS  Abija  29dec1867 - 11feb1868 - Dix, Schuyler - wf Margaret, dau Betsy Smith - exec Wm Totten & Robert Colwell - wit J B Hubard Nichols & J C Parks

NICHOLS  Mary  - Catharine, Chemung - land deeded to her by David Lee & wf Susan 7jun1831, village of havana - 1839 - 15jul1844 - dau Armenia Nichols, son Horace, dau Fanny Hagerman wf/John J Hagerman. dau Betsy Morse wf/Joshua Morse, dau Esther Barnes wf/Asa Barnes, dau Mary Barnes wf/Guy Barnes, dau dithy (written with a small d) Shelton  wf/Nichols Shelton exec, dau Millicent wf/Azanah Ransom

NOBLE  Lyman F  ae 36 - 28mar1855 - 23may1853 - Wayne Steuben - father Friend Noble, Alvin c Hause & wf Hannah Janes are exec. then a list of people owing him. dau Mary P Noble, son Gilbert L Noble, Friend Alvin C House as guardian - wit I H Hall, Tyrone & Ira A White, Wayne

NYE  Barlow  29mar1853 - wf Aurelia, dau Lucy A Nye

O'DANIELS  Elijah  31DEc1806 - 7may1867 - wf MaryEliza - exec Morris I Gilbert, Geneva, Ontario Co - wit Oliver P Hurd & M S Phinney of Dix

OLMSTEAD  Eleazer  1jul1865 - 9jan1866 - Orange, Schuyler - exec wf Clarissa - dau Cynthia A, chil: Harvey C. Hannah M, eliza A, Clarissa C, Cynthia A - wit Cornelius Haring & Freelove haring, Orange

OVERHIZER  Elias  8sep1851 - 28oct1851 - Orange, Steuben - mother Polly Overhizer, sis Sally  Overhizer, sis Irena Brownell, sis Caty Goodnoe (she had a son George) - exec Barnet J Overhizer, orange - wit G Haring & John Hollett, Orange   (Overhiser surname?)

OVERHIZER  James  12nov1850 - 20jan1852 - Orange - exec son Barnet J & dau Polly Dean wf/Elvan - exec Alderson chamberlain, Orange - wit Cassea Harring & G Harring, Orange

OWEN  Dinah  ae 65 - 28jan1851 - 28apr1851 - exec son timothy - wit P H Flood, Lodi & Harris Scovell, Burdett - died last of Jan 1851

OWEN  Henry W  16mar1850 - 5 oct1850  Elkhart Co, Ind - 3ch  Jonathan, Alexander & Marcus - exec Lewis W Owen & Levi H Owen, Ulyses, Tompkins - wit Elihu Ring & Y F Collins - d jun1850 ae 41

OWEN  Jonathon  21jan1865 - 28feb1865 - Dix, Schuyler - exec wf Betsy, s Dewit C then all my children?  wit Bela Sanford & D C Stewart, Dix

OWEN Stephen H  ae 70 - 9dec1869 - 2mar1870 - 2 dau Sarah Easling & Catharine Koon, son Daniel - exec Daniel Owen - wit H C VanDuzer, Tyrone & Robert Forbes, Orange

PALMANTEER  Gilbert  6apr1849 - 10feb1853 - son Omera, s Jeremiah, s William, s Abraham, dau Eleanor, gr s Omera P King, gr dau Sarah Hanah - exec son Omera & friend William Himrod - wit Daniel Jackson, Burdett & Richard E Smith, Hector - codicil-wife Mary - 2may1852 - wit Thomas R Townsend & James H Daily, Burdett - d 23may1852 ae 75

PARMENTER  Staphen - mar 1844 - july1844 - Catharine Chemung - wf Sabrina-property - sons Charles & John W (under 21), eldest Stephen L, dau Harriet

PATTEN  Alexander  prob 2aug1847 - Wayne Steuben - wf Submit, son Fletcher M- farm In Barrington - son Sherburn W, son Teeple, 2 gr dau, dau/Hiram Shaw - 2 gr son, son of Hiram shaw - gr dau Sarah Mariah Terrill dau/Miles Terrill, dau Anna Feagles, gr dau, dau /Anna Feagles - wife - exec Fletcher M Patten & friend William Kernan - wit Joseph Eveland & P L Drake, Wayne

PEASE  Israel  1846 - 1nov1847 - Hector - wf Charity, 2s Wm & Norman, s Israel, s David, dau Laura Reynolds, dau Nancy Pease, dau Mary Ann Pease - exec son Wm, John Saylor & Allen Pease - died 28sep1847 ae 55 - wit Simeon Pease & Augustine Pease

PECK  Erastus  17apr1840 - 11jan1841 - Reading Steuben - exec wf Lydia - prop for 18yrs making youngest dau 18 - dau Ann Eliza, dau Fanny O Peck then lists Joel S, Martin W, Arthur, Nancy peck & Ann Eliza - wit John Dow & Elmer Keeler, Reading

PECK  Jason  ae 61 - 2oct1858 - 29feb1864 - Reading Schuyler - wf Sarah- prop desc, land from Erastus Peck, rent from property in Tyrone - 2 youngest ch; mother still living - 8 chil - Alenson, Benoni, Leander, Normen, William, Riley, Ovander, Mahlon & Chilion (I count 9-could one have been a middle name?) - wit F C Andrews & John Shepherd

PERRY  Louisa  3dec1852 - 31dec1853 - Orange, Steuben - youngest dau Asenath J Perry-cherry furniture - dau Samantha Ann Dewitt, eldest dau Harriet Eliza Thayer - exec Barret J Overhisor - wit Mark B Humiston & John Hollett, Orange

PHELPS  Elijah  ae 73 - 20nov1866 - 1apr1867 - wf Phebe - all children share alike except  Albert Weller s/dau Emeline Weller dec - exec Wm Stevens & Horace O Seaman - wit Almon Beecher & Horace Seaman, Beaver Dams

PHINNEY  David  30jun1862 - 15apr1864 - Dix Schuy - exec wf Mary, - s Martin S - wit Wm & Cornelius Haring, Orange

PHINNEY  Elhanan  16aug1867 - 26nov1869 - wf Elethe (?)  wit M Skinner & Wm Phinney

POTTER  Joseph  12sep1842 - 12feb1846 - Hector - exec wf Mary - exec s Matthias, dau Mary Beach - wit Hiram Coshun & John B Kinnan, Hector - d 13jul1845 ae 70

POTTS  Andrew  1mar1828 - 27mar1829 - Hector Tompkins - wf Mary - s William, Hans, David, John, Samuel, gr s Andrew Saylor w/Jane Eliza dec, s James - exec Alexander M Comstock, Hector & David Thomas Bowen, Ulyses - wit William Wiggens, George Wightman & James Darling

POTTS  David  28jun1867 - 11apr1868 - Hector, Schuyler - to Mrs Ann Saylor wid/Henry - to heirs of Mary Potts wid/my brother Wm - to Agnes E Pochin - to David Potts Devitt(?) - to John Potts III of Mecklenburgh, to Andrew M Saylor, Catlin, to David King, to William McIntyre, to Sarah Boyd, A fence to be put around Potts burying ground on farm of Samuel Potts dec. - stone for parents burried there & me & my wife Susan - brother James Potts, Andrew M Sayler & heirs of my brother - William Potts dec - exec Henry Fish & thomas W Thompson - wit Headly Thompson & David King, Hector

POTTS  John  17mar1866 - 18mar1867 -Lisnaward, Co of Devon, Ireland - cousin Mary Ann Mitchel of Lisarward, to Margaret Hewit of Lisnaward, brother James in America, Brother James eldest dau Mary Ann - bro James dau # 2 Jane Elizabeth, dau #3 Margaret, #4 Matilda W & youngest dau ?? - exec Dr Henry Fish, Mecklenburg & John Sailor, Reynoldsville & Brother James Potts - appoint Hans McMordie of Mullajarna as trustee in Ireland - wit Hans McMordie & Henry Mitchell

POTTS  William  25apr1847 - 18oct1849 - Hector - son Andrew Alexander,-Susan, -Mary Jane, rest of my ch- Elen Arlavilla  - wit Mary Jane Potts & Andrew Alexander Potts - d 19apr1849 ae 67 or 68

PRATT  Daniel R  4feb1842 - 7 sep 1847 - Dix. Chemung - wf Mary - s George E - other sons Daniel & Ransom, d dau Clarissa, Mary & Laura

PRICE  Helim C  6mar1848 - 24apr1848 - Tyrone Steuben - only son Albert Adsit Price - exec wf Lucy(Kendall)  exec brother Levi - wit Ethan Jackson & Harvey E Price

PRICE  Samuel  probate date 2dec1850 - Dix Chemung - wf Annie - 3s John, Isaac C & William E. ch/Jonas Price dec Charles & Sarah Ann, daus Eliza wf/Southard Phenney, Phebe wf/John Buck, Sarah Ann wf/Arin Drake & Mary Jane wf/Philamon Drake - exec sons John & Isaac

PROBUSCO  Hannah  11nov1841 - 12feb1842 - dau Phebe-DeMunn-Edward, dau Betsy, dau Ann, gr s George DeMun  s/Edward  gr dhildren Nelson Probusco, Sylvestor Probusco & Catherine Probusco ch/Jacob dec - s Peter, s John, s Joseph, husband George Probasco(sic) dec - exec John DeMunn, Hector & Henry D Barto, Ulyses - wit Nathan Wakerman & Hiram Wakerman, Covert - d 10dec1841 ae 75

PROPER  John  13apr1842 - 15dec1852 - Hector Tompkins - wf Perloena - gr dau Maria Whitney - 9 sons- John G, Peter V S, William P, Henry M, Alvin A, Lewis W, James M, Christopher D, Albert E  - exec wife & friend Thomas B Sears - wit Almerin P Sears & James Woodruff - d 1sep1852  ae 80

PROPER  Peter  V S   24jan1867 - 25oct1869 - Hecter - wf Polly  dau Charlotte  Easling, s-Washington, dau Esther Ann Updyke, s-Lewis W, gr s William Wyckoff s/my dau Margaret Wyckoff dec & her husband David Wyckoff, dau Welthy Holford, dau Elizabeth Swick, dau Mary Proper wf/my son Riley, s Dewitt Proper, dau Caroline Bradford, dau Harriet Wall - friend  Jacob Stillwell, Ulyses guardian of my bequest - exec friend  Jacob Stillwell, Ullyses & Wm B Spaulding, Hector - wit T H abbey & I H Woodard, Watkins

PURDUN  John  8aug1844 - 6dec1845 - Hector - wf Anna, exec son Jonathan, exec son David, dau Charity Pease, gr dau Anna Soule & Ada Soule, gr dau Hannah Jane Reynolds, great gr son Smith R Tracy - wit James Clark & John L Stillwell - d 4oct1844 ae 78

RANSOM  Mary  8mar1832 - 10sep1839 - Newfield, Tompkins - s- Henry C Bishop his wf Acksah, to 2 older ch/Henry - Mariah M dau/Henry, James Bishop s/Henry, Sally Bishop wf/Jeremiah W Bishop, Sally Bishop wf/Levi Bishop, Harriet Bishop dau/Levi. Mary L Bishop dau/Levi, Levi Bishop Jr, George & Ransom Bishop sons/Levi, son Levi, & Jermiah H Bishop - exec Jashua B Chapel, Newfield - wit Orrolland Mack, Lydia Mack & D B Swartwood - ddied 3feb1833  ae 53

RANSOM  Milo M  20jun1866 - 18sep1866 - Catharine  Schuy -  dau Fanny B Ransom, Fanny's gr father Wilson Bailey, son Wilson B Ransom, beloved companion Harriet M Ransom, youngest dau Ada M Ransom - exec wife Harriet M Ransom - wit Silvester Mix & John Teed, Catharine

RATHBORNE  Bradley  5jul1825 - 1aug1825 - Hector  Tompkins - wf Acksah, eldest s William H, #2 Charles W - exec wife, Walton Hubbel & Sullivan D Hubbel - wit S Hubbell, Harlow Hubbell & Sally Livingston

REMER, George  7aug1869 - 14oct1869 - Orange - to Margaret Bucher - exec Cornelius Haring - wit George R Horton & Llewellyn Harring, Orange

REYNOLDS  James  8jul1837 - 25oct1837 - Hector - eldest s Johnson N Reynolds, s #2 George W Reynolds, s #3 James Reynolds, s#4 Nelson Reynolds, s #5 Peter H Reynolds, s #6 Wm H Reynolds - 4 daus Adaline Tunison, Parmelia Story, Maria Louisa Oked(might be Sked) & Hester Lurinda Reynolds - gr s Alexander H Hanley s/ dec Hannah. gr s James Taylor, s/dec Hannah, Jane Taylor dau/dec Hannah, Adaline Taylor dau/dec Hannah, - exec Johnson N Reynolds, son, Peter Hager, friend, & Richard Smith, friend - wit John Woodward & John sked, Hector - died aug1837  ae 66

RHODES  George  16feb1863 - 28apr1864 - Hector  Schuy - wf Catharine, 3 chiildren - exec friends Henry S Owen & John W Osborn - wit John W Osborn & Samuel Hollenbeck

ROBERTS  Frank C  27dec1864 - 15apr1865 - village of Watkins - exec  wf ;Minerva H, mother & only brother Hiram - violin from father - wit S L Rood & Sarah Harvey

ROBINSON  Catharine  16jan1869 - 15nov1869 - Hector - House & Lot in Burdett to Bapt Church of Bennettsburg (also something to Presb)  nephew John Wilson, cousin Peter B Wilson - friend Winfield S Osborn - exec Samuel Sackett, Montour - wit I W Thompson, Watkins & E Brown, Burdett

ROBLYER  Andrew  2mar1869 - 7jun1869 - Dix - 2grdau Adelia & Margaret Page daus/my late dau Eliza Page, dau Catharine Griswold, s Garret, s James, s Andrew, dau Alida Hurd - wife-no name but she survives - exec George Roblyer, son Garret Roblyer & Margaret Roblyer - wit EMW Nye, Dix & George Roblyer

ROGERS  William D  8 jun 1847 - 11jul1854 - Hector - wf Polly, s Sandford, s Hiram - exec wf& Thomas Sears - wit Robert W Wright & Edgar Sears - ae 60

ROLFE  Jonathan  5oct1826 - no pro date - Jersey, Steuben - wf Elsey, daus Elsey & Mapsy, s Moses, son in law John Tilton & dau Polly his wf, s Joseph exec, dau Patience, s Jonathab, s Ephraim exec - wit John W Hight, David Bevar & Pereguine Hollett

ROLPH  Jane  18dec1865 - 6jul1868 - Binghamton, Broom Co - brother Moses Rolph, sis Margaret Ann Knap, nephew Walter Henry Rolph, niece Betsy harrington, to Washington W Hendrickson, to Wm W Hendrickson, to Charles Rufus Hendrickson, to Frank Eugene Hendrickson, to Henry Joshua Whitney, to Julia Ann Whitney, to Mary Janet Whitney, Franklin Heins Whitney - my estate located in village of Watkins life lease to sis Mercie Hendrickson - exec John D Sibolt, Bradford, Steuben - wit S S Rood & James Harrington

ROSENGRANT Alexander  - prob date 15jan1838 Chemung Co - Catlin, tioga Co - wf Maria, dau Catharine, s John V

ROSKINS  Armstrong  21feb1840 - 13mar1843, Chemung co - Reading Steuben - prop from deed of Wm Diven, Dix - wf Azubah Ann, s Erastus - a minor, daus Sally Ann, Harriet W & Mary Jane all under 21. son Robert -

RUMSEY  Richard S, merchant - 3mar1866 - 4jun1866 - Alpine, Schuy - exec Brother Austin B, sis Mrs Malancie Halsey, brother John R now at sea - wit M D Hall & Simeon Smith

RUSSELL  Abigail  ae 77 - 8jul1856 - 28mar1870 -Dix -  8 ch-Isaac Russell, Mary Ann Russell, Maria Pierce wf/Anthony, Elizabeth Cook wf/Lewis, Phebe Stillwell wf/Wm, Samantha VanDeventer wf/Charles, exec Phylander S Russell, Harriet VanDeventer  wf/John - wit Collins Bartlett & Peter Cornell, Dix

RYAN  Jane  ae 48 - 15mar1869 - 1jul1869 - Tyrone - dau Julia Harriet Ryan - exec Edward Kernan, Oneida - wit H C VanDuzer, Tyrone & Edmund Darin

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