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These wills were discovered some years ago in the Schuyler co., NY Courthouse
in very old books in a corner.  They were hand-written on old paper and
do not appear in the regular indexed lists of wills at the courthouse.
Extracts of  the genealogy info from these wills were hand-copied by
Helena Howard as exactly as possible;  many spellings were slightly different from other
records, but none were altered.  Helena does not think these are available for photo-copying, except possibly from the original county where the will was filed.
Contributed & typed by Helena Howard.

Guide to abbreviations and format:
First date = date of  will (unless otherwise noted);
Second date = probate date;
Location usually follows; note that before 1855 when Schuyler co. was formed, the villages and
        towns were in neighboring counties.
Wife (wf) and sons (s) and daughters (dau) and grandchildren (gr s, gr dau) follow.
        (also brothers = bro, and sisters = sis)
Executors of the will are noted by "exec".
wit = "witnessed by", usually followed by 2 or 3 witness names, and their residences.
Sometimes the age at death (ae) or the death date is given, if known, often at the end.
Email Linda if you do not understand a particular entry and I will try to help.

SACKETTS  Elizabeth  ae 69 24may1863 - 22mar1863 - Tyrone  schuy - to Margaret Pitcher; sis Clarissa Comstock;  Bro Elijah Wixon - exec  Dellazon J Sunderlin, Barrington - wit D J Sunderlin & Alfred Coykendall, Tyrone

SALISBERRY  William  ae 76 - 19jan1864 - 16jul1867 - Orange  Schuy - wf Susan - s Frederick, s John, s Joseph, gr s Joseph, dau Cornelia Wixon, dau Elsie Ripple, s Daniel - exec Hiram W Jackson & Simon Decker - wit George Hinman & Grover C Hinman, Havana

SANDFORD  Ephriam  - prob 10jul1845 - Wayne  Steuben - 3 broth David, Russell & William - exec David & Russell - wit Levi Knox, Wayne & Martin Silsbee

SANDFORD  David  4aug1847 - 1sep1847 - Wayne  Steuben - dau Sarah a minor - father James Sanford dec., broth William & Russell - my illigitimate son David Monroe a minor - exec Russell Sandford & Dennis Brink - wit Levi Knox & Wm B Harrison both of Wayne

SANFORD  John W/H  22jan1844 - 4mar1844 - Wayne Stueben - wf Martha Ann - rest to brothers & sisters - exec Levi Knox & broth Ephriam Sanford  - wit J Sarrows, Urbana & James McFarren, Wayne

SANFORD  Lewis  ae 51 - 9aug1854 - 1jan1855 - Dix Chemung - sis Myra Sanford - bro Warren Sanford

SANFORD  William  14mar1849 - 14apr1849 -Wayne  Steuben -  exec brother Russell, uncle Wm B Harrison, ? Sarah Sanford dau/David dec - ? Martha Ann wf/John Sanford - wit Wm H Doughty, Wayne & Samuel Norris

SAYLOR  Ann  7mar1869 - 28jun1869 - Hector - to be bur in Albany N Y - niece Mrs Mary Power - 5ch/ my nephew John Boyd, Susan, John, Henry, Thomas, George - niece Mrs Ellen Stevenson some household - step son Andrew M Saylor, step dau Mrs Jane E Darling, to Mrs Sarah Boyd relict of my broth John - to Miss Margaret A Thompson, Mrs Adelia Thompson & Freddie Thompson also Miss Bell Thompson & Mrs Betty Thompson - to Miss Margaret King - my niece Mrs Mary Holmes - exec A O Peloubit (?) & Thomas W Thompson - wit James Hazlitt & John King

SAYLOR  Henry - 31jan1821 - 27apr1821 - Hector Tompkins - wf Catharine balance divided among children with the exception of ------- , s John, dau Mahitable, s Daniel share to be held until he is temperate, s Jacob, s Henry - execfriend Caleb Smith & Peter Hager - wit Alvah Bement & Peter Himrod

SAYLOR  Henry  2dec1858 - 13aug1867 - Hector Schuy - to be bur. in burying ground near my place on farm now belonging to James Darling - wrote contract 7dec1836 between me & Ann Holms prior to our marriage having each had property of our own to remain so after either's death BUT I do give my wife int of $1200 from my property as long as she is a widow - s Andrew M Saylor, s James R Saylor, dau Charlotte Rumsey, dau Jane E Darling, dau Adaline R Potts - exec broth John Saylor & son Andrew Saylor - wit Henry S Owen & James Hazelett both of Hector

SAYLOR  John  8sep1866 - 30dec1867 - Hector  Schuy - wf Elvira, ch of my s Martin dec, exec son John, son Samuel H, exec s Henry h, s Albert, dau Emma Ellis, dau Catharine Garrison, dau Susan S Coon, dau Oramel lockwood - wit Madison Treman, Hector & Geo B Treman

SCOBEY  Ann Mariah  19nov1859 - 29dec1866 - village of Watkins - exec son Benjamin Wood Scobey  if he should die to Andrew Swezey Mapes, to ch/Hester Mapes, ch/ my dec bro Cornelius VanValen, sis Hannah VanValen, sis Jane Knight, sis Sarah Mapes, sis Hester Mapes - wit  James M Secor, reading & John E ross, Dix

SCOFIELD  John  ae 77  15jul1867 - 14jun1869 - Dix Schuy - exec wf Nancy - wit J G Tracy & A Tracy

SCOTT  Janett - Hector (not a will but a probate) Heirs  James D Scott, Margaret Scott, Archibald Patterson, Betsy his wife - exec Andrew Darling  26mar1844   -   Now the will - 1jun1837 - 26mar1844 - dau Margaret Scott, s James Scott, gr s James Patterson & John Scott Patterson sons/Archibald, exec neph Andrew Darling s/brother James Darling, exec Thomas Bower Esq, Ulyses - wit James Darling, Henry Darling & James Darling Jr farmers in Hector

SEARS  Maria  wf/George  15feb1869 - 26jul1869 - Hector - s Gilbert t Sears, s Wallace W Sears, dau Laura A Bundy - wit Gilbert T Miller & Isabella Miller both of Lodi

SEELY  Zaduck  7apr1838 - 4jul1847 - wf Rachel, gravestones to be similar to ones for dau Lydia A - exec only son Seymour A, gr ch, exec James Briggs - wit Isaac Briggs, Moses Barker & Joseph B Todd - died 16feb1846  ae 65

SELLON  Samuel  31may1827 - 19dec1842 - Reading Steuben - s Beline saw mill & Ashery - s John  Mill pond & raceway - 2 youngest sons Wesley & William - wf Abigail, 2 dau Betsy & Suckey - ea a black silk gown & black silk handkerchief & veil for mourning - exec John Roberts - wit John Dow, Tempe Dow & Polly  Dow

SELLON  Wesley  20sep1864 - 28feb1865 0 Reading Schuy - wf Belinda - 2youngest dau Mary & Eveline - s Charles, dau Emily Campbell, dau Sarah Perry, dau Elizabeth Crandall, s Alonzo, dau Philanda Crandall, s Anthony - exec friend Josiah Webb & wf Belinda - wit A Maring & Catharine maring both of Tyrone.  (See will of  son Alonzo here.)

SETTS  James F  16nov1868 - 18jan1870 - reading - to Harry Lafever s/Elizabeth they will decide when I'm buried - my 6 children - wit Alanzo Simmons & Joel Fenno both of Reading

SHELTON  Lemuel  21feb1834 - 30aug1845 pro Chemung - dau Sophie Shelten, s George Shelton, Julia Shelton, May Shelton, Lewis Shelton, James Shelton, 5 sons John, Agar, Nichols, Everett & Joseph

SHERMAN  Lydia  13jul1844 - 22sep1844 - Veteran  Chemung - sons Eli B Sherman & Walker B Sherman, 5 dau Betsy Fanton, Jenult Lynn, Polly Culver, Jane unmarried, Mary Fitzgerald, gr dau Anna Updike -18

SHERWOOD  Elijah W  27Jul1864 - 26mar1866 - Hector Schuy - wf Mary, 4dau Hexiah Hafee, Hannah Gray, Filetta Crisfield, Clarisa Woolsey - exec 2 sons Abel M &Harrison J - wit Burr Bradley, Hector & Silas C Kellogg

SILVERNAIL  Margaret  7may1822 - 13oct1826 - Hector  Tompkins - s William Rowley, gr s John Rowley, gr s Nathaniel Rowley, gr s Benson Rowley, gr s William Rowley - my first husband Wm Rowley a Rev Vet - land given to vets - 2 gr dau Margaret Rowley & Julia Rowley minors - exec Ralph Swartwout & Thomas Auten - wit Nicholas William, isaac V ? Auten & Paul Auten II

SKED  John  ae 84  -  22jan1867 - 16jan1869 - Hector  Schuy - dau Mary Hawes, gr s John Miller, step s Isaac Sked, Namesake John S Bailey s/my friend Grover, namesake John Howell., namesake John Canfield, to Eliza Austin who has served me - exec friends Horatio H Woodard & Lewis Shoemaker - wit Lewis Shoemaker, Burdett & S L Rood, Watkins

SKELLENGER  Wm H  ae 30  7dec1868 - 28dec1868 - Austin, Mower Co, Minn - exec wf Mary T - prop in Schuyler & House & Lot in Minn - dau harriet, dau Mary S 0 wit Robert Mathis &Sherman Page both of Minn.

SMITH  Benjamin  ae 68  6jan1835 - 15may1839 - Tyrone Steuben - wf Rachel - 12 children-Benjamin, Phebe, Mary, Daniel, Joseph exec, Solomon exec, Reuben, Ephraim exec, Harding, Nancy, Frederick, Wesley - wit Henry Williams, Tyrone & Elijah Wixon, Wayne

SMITH  Grover  ae 81  - 18nov1833 - 19may1842 - Hector  Tompk - 3sons Reuben, William & Richard, 3 dau Betsy Bruse wf/Samuel, Cloe Stoyles wf/Amos & Phebe Slow wf/John - ch of dau Mary Sawyer wf/Nash & ch of dau Hester Smith dec wf/ Chauncy - youngest son Azariah L - wit Samuel Love & Geo L freer of Ithaca & Aaron Bell of Caroline

SMITH  Isaac  - 3 sep1821 - no prob date - Wayne  Steuben - wf Elizabeth - 2 youngest s Isaac & Charles, s John $5 - 2 sons Abraham & George, dau Phebe Griffen, dau Elizabeth Humphrey, 2 youngest dau Getty & Sarah, 4 dau Jane Goodwin, Polly Burnett, Getty Smith & Sarah Smith (last 2 mentioned twice) - wit John Arnold, Nancy Arnold & Julius Eaton

SMITH Thomas L  ae 62  5mar1858 - 5 oct 1864 - Hector  Schuy - wf Susan, ch of dau Deborah Ann - 10 sons Joshua J, John F, Wm V, Daniel K, Jesse S, Sylvester T, Marcus L, Eli W, Charles G & George B, dau Hannah, Ruba & Phoebe Jane, heirs of dau Catherine dec - exec Horatio h Woodward & James H Darling - wit Daniel Jackson, Burdett & John W Thompson, Watkins

SMITH  William H  7aug1820 - 1oct1820 - Hector  Tompk - to be interred on his own farm in Hector on a rise of ground east of house, lot #48 - ch Sally, Abraham, John when he reaches 21 date will  be 1841 - wf Catherine - exec Wm Higgins a friend, Joshua Smith Jr brother - wit Robert Swartwout, Annanias Smith & John M Cudington

SMOCK  John  ae 81+ - 10oct1845 - 15jun1846 - Tyrone Steuben - wf Margaret, dau Elanor VanNostaricke(?) dau Lydia Smalley, sons Cornelius, John Jr, Ryner - heirs of dec son Abram - exec wf & friends John Lang & Julius Eaton - wit Harrison Shannon & John Morrow both of Tyrone

SORTER  Jesse  - 28jan1813 - 29mar1813 - no location - dau Amy, dau Anna, Polly, Jean, Rebeccah -

SOULE  Seneca at age 35 - 25dec1850 - 28jan1851 - Catharine  Chemung - all money from Daniel Owen - mother Olive Soule, Hector, Tompkins - brothers Alfred, James, George & Eli.
(See also here for another version of this will.)

SPAULDING  Phineas  ae 84 - 13nov1866 - 11oct1869 - Montour - wf Abagail, dau Lydia Strait, Jane Strong, and other children, gr s Horras McMaster, daus Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Strong, Benjamin Spaulding, Rebecca Bliven(?) & Nancy Stacy - exec G Henry & M T Broderick both of havana

SPEAR  Barney T ae 78 - 21aug1854 - 29feb1864 - Tyrone Steuben - my wf Sally, son Henry, son Tunis, son John, dau Charity - exec son Jacob, dau Elizabeth Reynolds & dau Polly House - wit I H Hill & Wayne Boorom both of Tyrone

SPROUL  Robert  17dec1861 - 26mar1866 - Tyrone Schuy - dau Mary Ann Forbes  wf/James - gr ch Jane Baxter, Margaret Thomas, Robert Sullivan, Michael Sullivan-got more for his services - ch of my dau Betsy McIntyre - son Andrew T Sproul, dau Jane Sproul to support her aged mother - exec I H Hill & Samuel Allison both of Tyrone - Geo H VanEtten Bay City Mich appt commissioner to examine Isaac Hill residing at Bay City, Mich

STARKEY  Wilmer W  - 10may1865 - 1may1866 - Dix Schuy - wf Ruth to see library divided to children whose names I have written in eash book - dec sis Maria Starkey, son Frank- exec 2 sons John & William - wit Edwin D Tompkins & Geo O Norman

STEVEN Samuel  ae 21 - 16sep1865 - jan 1866 - Havana  Schuy  - to Miss Mary Mills $150 & to her mother Mrs Lucinda Mills - to Miss Marietta Green, Havana $1000 bond plus $150 cash plus the following prop 1 sofa, 1 center tbl, 2 soft bottom rocking chairs, 1 cane bottomed sewing chair, 2 cane bottom tbl chairs, 6 cane bottom common chairs, 1 gilt framed looking glass, 1 parlor stove, 1 box stove with the pipe, 2 dressing stands & 1 other common stand, 1 fall leaf table, 1 ironing board, my best bed, & bed stead, which I now occupy, 4 sheets, 2 pillows & 4 pillow cases, 2 quilts & 2 comforters & 1 straw ticking, 2 small looking glasses, parlor carpet & 30 yd of carpeting now on room occupied by me, 1 8day clock, 1 lounge, all my towels & table cloths, window papers & picture frames in said rooms, all my stone ware, wash bowls, pitchers, glasses & 3 chambers also 2/3 of crockery ware now owned by me, also cupboard in which crockery is kept, all pails & tin ware, lamps & wood & use of rooms now occupied by me in Stevens Block, north side of Main st - rest of property to my sister Mrs Angeline Pierce of Waterloo, exec to keep Stevens Block insured & in good condition - In the event my said sons Clarence & Harley  should have a child ? to Butler S McKinstry s/Erastus - to Jeremish McGuire horse & buggy - exec Sylvester R Shearer, Havana - It is not my intention to deprive Mrs Elizabeth Stevens of any lawful claim sh may have on my estate - wit G W Jackson & S C Keeter, Havana    -  Geo Jackson s testamony - On the day of will he was attended by Miss  Green neither Mrs Stevens nor his children were there - there were different wills drawn that week none of them signed except the last one.  He had dysentery & fever, I was there to take care of him - he died 4 oct - Miss Green, Miss Mills & Mrs Mills took care of him - one of sons lived in Ithaca & his wife & other sons lived in Oregon - they had been gone 3 or 4 years. (His age cannot be correct as one testimony said they had known him 25 years)

STILLWELL  James  19mar1835 - 18jun1836 - Hector - wf Catharine, dau Jane, Matilda - exec s James, Edward, Stephen, Richard, exec John, Cornelius, daus Polly & Matilda, s Jacob, dau Esther - wit John R Smith & David Jones - died 14apr1836

STILLWELL  Thomas  26jul1822 - 6sep1825 - Hector  Tompk - dau Amy Stillwell now Brunson wf/Aaron - exec wf Phebe - will to be read at grave - wit Susan Brown & Lydia Brown

STONE  William  ae 58 - 6mar1852 - 18may1853 - Hector  Tompk - exec wf Betsy, to Joseph Henry Mix, Burdett property - to Andrew Stone a boy who now lives with me - wit Daniel Jackson & Herman H Ingersoll - died 8aug1852

STOUT  Aaron - 6jul1864 - 24dec1864 - Hector  Schuy - son Andrew - exec Charles Brooks - wit Charles Brooks, Dix, Daniel Brown & Worth Everts both of Hector

SWARTHOUT  Ezekiel  ae 69 - 3nov1851 - 27may1852 - Wayne - dau harriet, 3 dau Amanda, Samantha, Diantha, dau Sarah Layton, wf Olive, son Miner - exec son in law Orrin Baker, brother Andrew Swarthout - wit Heman Chapman, Benton & Dorastus Swarthout, Wayne

SWARTWOOD  Elizabeth  17oct1849 - no prob date - no location - oldest ch Hannah Wood, Hiram Swartwood, Perry Swartwood, Burett Swartwood, Catharine Swartwood, John Swartwood, Chas Swartwood, Lucinda Swartwood, Clarissa Swartwood, Ira Swartwood, Adelia Swartwood

SWARTWOUT  Hannah  22may1848 - 19jun1849 - Hector - brother Jedediah Gummond, nephew Geo Law, ch of Adaline Waters dec, niece Caroline Waters, niece Sally Heath, ch/ my nephew Consider Law, gr son Elijah Stebbens, niece wf/Mr Cheney, step son Alexander Swartwout, to Hester Gummond dau/David, to Charlotte Gridley, to Julia Carman wf/Jacob, to Mary Waters, to Polly Stillwell wf/Stephen, to Hilda Adams wf/Levi, to Caroline M Jaycox wid/Wm, Elizabeth Kellogg wf/Moses, Addelea Jerome wf/Horace - exec Elihu ring & Lewis WOWEN - wit Humphrey D Tripp & Thomas H Barnard - ae 60 died 23feb1849

SWEZEY  William  4jun1850 - 8 may1865 - Hector Schuy - wf Anna C, dau Elsy - exec James HDaley - wit Edmund Brown, Burdett, G C Brown, Hector.  (same as Swayze surname?)

SWITZER  Henry - 3nov1810 - 6oct1812 - Wayne Stueben - son John, William, Peter when 21, Henry, Jeromis, Jacob, dau Elizabeth VanFleet, Susannah DeCamp, Eve Yager, Maria Fleet, Catharine, Anne Busenbury, wf Anne Maria Switzer

TAILOR  Francis  15dec1842 - 8 jan1844 - Wayne  Steub  - dau Susan Ann, another dau - exec wf Hilley Tailor, s Jonathon, to all dau except notes I hold against Thompson M Clark & George Wixon which should be deducted out of their wives portion - exec Jonathon Tailor & Andrew P Swarthout - wit Francis Taylor, Jonathon Goble & Jonathon Gable Jr

TEEPLE, John - 2 apr1829 - 18july1829 - Wayne Steuben - dau Polly - s Jacob, wf Susanna exec, s George W exec, dau Margaret - wit William Kerman, Catharine Sweeny & Edward Ballard - suppl Re: property

TELLER  Tobias  ae 43 - 3mar1866 - 7mar1868 - Tyrone - wf Elizabeth - wit ? Clark & H S Gregory, Tyrone

THOMAS  Charles  probate date 14dec1863 - Hector Schuy - wf Abigail C, s Charles, s John S - exec friend Daniel Philbuck - wit John W Osborne, Mecklenburg & Humphrey O Tripp, Perry City

THOMPSON  Archibald  ae 72 - 9jun1849 - 16dec1851 - Hector  Tompk - s John, s James, s Abraham, s Nathaniel, dau Sally, dau Eliza, s David, s william - exec Samuel Vaughn, Ephriam Morris & James Reeve - M Crawford, Havana, Chemung Co & Jeremiah Meguire. Havana Chemung co - died oct1851

THOMPSON  Daniel D  19jan1843 - no pro date - Catharine, Chemung - wf Avis, brother Austin, ch of my brother Bradley Thompson dec, brother Lewis dec - my half sis Lydia wf/Noble smith, sis Eunice Morgan wf/Daniel, nephew Mills D Farrell s/sis Abby dec

THOMPSON  James  14nov1842 - 10dec1842 - Hector Tompk - wf Margaret, #3 s Daniel, #1 s John, dau Nancy, #2 s Thomas, #4 s Job, #5 s James - exec John Mackey & James Potts - wit Elery H Brockway & Joseph Mackey, Hector

THOMPSON  Phineas  7apr1819 - 22feb1820 - Reading Steuben - wf Elizabeth - youngest son Phineas, exec - #3 sect of Watson Purchase, son Moses, s Elijah, dau Elizabeth Vargeson, dau Sarah Burrill, dau Mary Thompson, dau Selba Mapes, dau Jerusha Bells - wit  John roberts, Jacob Sharp & Elijah Matteson

THOMSON  David - 2feb1813 - 25feb1813 - Reading Steuben - wf hannah, dhil-Chloe Thomson, Eli Thomson, Comfort Thomson, Harry Thomson, Harriet Thomson & Philiana Thomson

TILLEY  Mary Ann  ae 73 - 17jan1868 - 21mar1868 - Watkins, Schuy - exec husband Alexander, son Arthur - wit Sarah Williams & M L Rood, Watkins

TOBIAS  Henry  8jul1832 - 19nov1832 - Hector - exec son Job R, exec son Lorenso D, dau Polly F & dau Abby these 2 dau to rec same as married sisters - to all heirs use of burying ground upon premises where I reside - exec wf Sarah Tobiaz(note different spelling) & dau Ann Jennett - wit Richard R Woodward, John Woodard & George Dailey

TOMPKINS Daniel D  28feb1840 - 30mar1840 - Wayne Steuben - children that are or maybe (?) wf Genet - exec good friend Stephen Griffith & bro Joseph Tompkins Jr - wit - Enoch Webster & Charles Crans, Wayne

TOWER  Daniel N(?)  16dec1851 - 7jan1852 - Dix Chemung - to Myron C Kniffen all goods for caring for wife & self - wf Sarah

TOWERS  Sarah - 5 aug1858 - 5jan1864 - Dix Schuyler - sis Martha Bachelor - nephew Charles Calkins, niece Mehitable Hartshorn, to Lucy  M Spaulding late Ludy Miller gold necklace & silver spoons - to Mrs Julia A Nichols black silk dress - to Mrs Lewis Miller large woolen shawl - #8 remainder of wardrobe, furniture & Household articles for the purpose of making a suitable & durabel fence around the grave of my self and my husband Daniel H Tower - exec Lewis Miller - wit Bela Sanford & John Clark, Dix

TOWNSEND  Jonathan  3jun1852 - 28mar1853 - Tyrone  Steuben - exec son Isaac, dau Almeda Bunnel, Harriet Townsend, gr son John Bunnel, exec son Gamaliel, other ch Chancy, Diana Smith, Rachel Peck & bro Abraham dec - wit Cyrus Sebring, Joseph V Culver, Tyr

TRACY  Maranda Hall  ae 48  6sep1865 - 17oct1865 - Havana  Schuy -  exec Hull Fanton  son in law guardian res main st Havana, not to change the inside front part consisting of hall, parlor, front chamber & closet. - my ch Charles Avery, Lucy Abbey, Wellis Hartshorn, Mary will be of age 23may1878, Lucy Tracy  wf/Hall Fanton,(family graves at Montour Cemetery) - wit Peter Quick & Daniel Tracy, Havana

TRAVIS  Silvanus  - Bath Schuyler (will says Seneca Co, Ohio)  prob 29dec1863 - exec wf Tamy (later referred to as Teunazen)  wit Wm S Hamilton & Asa Way (prob says res of Seneca co, Ohio)

VANDUZER  Milton  5jul1844 - 5sep1845 Tyrone Steuben - dau Elizabeth, wf Nancy exec, & James - wit Henry c Vanduzer & Robert S Hughey

VanNESS  Barnard  21Mar1849 - 21jul1849  Hector - dau Sarah VanNess, Mary & Elizabeth - exec George W Thompkins - wit Travis Hopkins & Samuel Foot - died May 1849 ae 80

VANOSDOLL or VANOSELOLL  Susan  probate date 21mar1864 - Hector  Schuy - to Martha M Reynolds wf/Wm H for her dau Ella, to Mrs Harriett Wilson (colored), Isaac Mason (colored), to Wm H Reynolds, to Susan B Demond of romulus, Clara Meddleten, Burdett, Emily Smith wf/O T - exec Wm H reynolds - wit D W Berge & M M Reynolds

VOSBURGH  Christianna  ae 72 - 7dec1861 - 10sep1867 - Starkey Yates - est to Charlotte Raymond  wf/Darius M, town of Reading, exec Darius M Raymond - wit Alonzo Simmons & Laura Simmons of  Reading

VOSBURGH  Evert  12jun1832 - 27apr1835 - Reading Steuben - s Henry, s John, wf Catharine , s Isaac, s Jacob, dau Magnolane Little, dau Cornelia Runce - wit John Dow, Daniel Washburn & John Washburn

WALLING  Peter  24aug1833 - no prob date  Reading Steuben - wf Esther, s Oliver B, Elisha J, Larius or Darius, Peter S, Albert S, dau Harriet Lewis $1 - 5dau Eunice M, Jane E, Olive A, Sawly F, Orvilla Z  all minors - Elmer Keeler & Sherlocke Andrews guardian of minors - exec Garret Harring - wit Abner Piper & Erastus Peck, Reading

WARD  Marion A  18jun1862 - 20mar1866 - Reading Schuy - to Theron Wheeler - Emily B Wheeler - my husband John A Ward - exec John Ward & Melissa B Wheeler - wit C W Barnes, Starkey & Elizabeth R Hill of Wayland

WATKINS  Samuel  - Chemung Co - proved 14oct1851 - 1- wf Cynthia Ann - 2 land for female college

WEAVER James  ae 81 - 26jun1852 - 9nov1863  Reading Schuy  son Solomon D, s  James Jr - exec son Hugh M - exec son Moses - daus Betsy Middaugh, Nancy Obert & Lydia Ann Ellsworth - wf Anna  (gives location and right of way to old Reading Cemetery)  wit - Alonzo Simmons & Daniel Nichols

WEBSTER  Isaac  16may1842 - 20mar1849 - dau Lydia Gerron, son David, daus Charlotte Jewett (this might be 2 but there was no comma between), Fanny Crane dec & Clarissa Carlile - exec Enoch Webster, Wayne, Jege N Well & Wm Kernan, Tyrone - wit L D Hale & Wm Kernan, Tyrone

WELCH  Jonas  21mar1865 - 12 feb1866 - Orange  Schuy - exec wf Harriet - daus  Alice D Welch, Dorcas Welch, Emma Welch, Garrett Welch, & my son Joseph P Welch - wit Thomas J Crouch, Orange & Z W Woodward , Campbell

WELLS  Jesse H  7 aug1865 - 24oct1865 - Tyrone  Schy - wf Roxina, exec Lewis Knox, Tyrone - wit H C VanDuzer & Wm Arnold, Tyrone

WESTERVELT  Jasper  25oct1864 - 2 jan 1865 - Dix  Schuy - wf Susan - exec J B Watkins Esq, Havana - wit G H Starkweather & C Starkweather, Montour

WHEELER  Ephraim  ae 74 - 1 oct 1853 - 5jan1854 - Dix Chemung - wf Polly - persons; Eli Wheeler my child, Orsemus Wheeler my child, Caroline Hepburn my child, Wakeman Minoni wifes child, Lyman Melwin  wifes child, Julia Wheeler  my child

WHITE  Ira A  ae 65 - 24jan1862 - 15may1868 - Tyrone  Schuy - to be buried in Williams Burying Grounds leaving room for my companion & as many of our family that want to lie with us.  son Calvin J White land Columbus Co, Wisc, where he lives, son Thomas White , Monterey - to M??? Whites niece Clarissa A Runyan, wf  Phidelia White - wit B K Emerson & C V Emerson, Tyrone

WHITENACK  Abraham  Sen - 23mar1830 - 11apr1845 - Hillsborough, Somerset, N J - son Joseph & Abraham - sell farm where son in law John Voorhees lives - dau Sarah & Alberta (maybe Alletta) - exec sons Joseph & Abraham & James D Stryker - wit James D Strykeer, John b Stryker & James I Stryker - codicil; exec son Joseph & friend Henry Whitenack - wit Nicholas Williamson, Albert S------- & Barney Rynerson(?) - another codicil mentions son in law Urias Stryker & his wife Alletta, son in law John H Voorhees his wf  Sarah, 31aug1833 - wit Nicholas Williamson, John Atkinson & Cornelius McCaln

WICKHAM  Charles - prob 14jun1864 - Hector, Tompk - wf Harriett A - exec wf harriett & friend Charles Claugherty, Havana - wit Lewis E Riggs, Wm G Gouldsmith, Mecklenburg & John Saylor, Hector

WIGHTMAN  Anson B  ae 54 - 12apr1869 - 27dec1869 - village of watkins - exec wf Nancy C - 2 ch Marshall G & Minerva A - wit Enoch B Fish & Mary J Bower, Watkins

WIGHTMAN  John - 4jan1819 - 21jun1819 - Hector - 2 eldest dau Elizabeth & Mary Wightman - 4 sons George, John Meriehue, Lumagn, Casey - s dau Patience  & Hannah Samantha - wife is pregnant - exec friends Peter hager & Daniel Everts, Hector - wit Reuben Smith, Joel R smith & David Mathews

WILLETT  James J - 29feb1868 - 31mar1868 - Orange Schuy - a marble monument not to exceed $50 - wf Christina E - exec son James D & Dau Alice E - farm in Iowa - Marshall Co 100acres - wit B J Overhiser & Abram B Hurd

WILLIAMS  Henry S  - 20may1842 - 20jun1842 - Tyrone  Steuben - wf Margaret & good friend Wm Kernan, Guardians & exec - s John Teeple, s Ansel Mott, dae Susan Ann Teeple, dau Mary Wealthy, unfortunate son Charles & s Henry Shurburne - wit Ira A White & Stephen Arnold, Tyrone

WILLIAMS  Nicholas  -  3mar1837 - 23aug1837 - Orange  Steuben - dau Catharine, who is caring for him, farm under cont. with Chas Williamson Esq - son Nicholas, son Edward, son Jonathan "dreping box & contents", dau Mary, dau Patience, dau Emaline - Int. in Presby Meeting House div. among children - exec friend Alonzo Gaylord - wit Ira Nash & Myron A Smith, Orange

WINTON  Nelson, Physician - prob 7sep1864 - Havana  Schuy - exec wf Lucy Goodrich Winton - wit Charles Judd, Penn Yan & Helen Winton, Havana. (Havana now is Montour Falls).

WINTON  Samuel - 10mar1845 - 13 feb1847 - Catharine  Chemung - wf Ruth Ann - Eliza Winton unmarried woman - George Winton exec - 4 sons & 5 dau (no names)

WIXON  Solomon  5feb1813 - 28may1813 - Wayne  Steuben - wf Mary - sons James & Elijah - rest div to 8 sons & 3 dau

WOLVERTON  Samuel  -  20jun1845 - 20nov1848 - Bradford  Steuben - exec wf Elizabeth - children "both by my first & my last wife" - exec wf Elizabeth, son John Wolverton & son Ephraim Rolfe - wit John Wolverton, Bradford & A Fleet Jr, Tyrone

WOODWARD  George, surgeon & Physician - 25feb1826 - 23may1827 - Hector - brother John, bro Henry Thomas, bro Charles, bro Thomas in England, late wife Sophie, niece Eliz  dau/Henry, niece Eliz dau/John picture of Aunt Waite - wit Richard Smith, Charles Everts& Joel Peck

WOODWARD  John  - 2 mar1846 - 24mar1848 - hector - wf Sarah, gr dau Mary Elizabeth dau/Wm H Osborn, exec son John & Charles - wit Richard Smith & Elisha Payne - died 13jan1848  ae 60

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