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  Genealogy Notes on the PECK Family
early settlers of Reading, Schuyler co., NY
[formerly of Connecticut]
Contributed & typed by Helena Howard.
This was copied by Winifred Drake Ridall in 1937
from material in possession of  Mrs. Fanny LaFever-Burney.
Some notes added by Helena Howard.
See the PECK - SUTTON Reunion Photo, 1899

Some PECK gravestone photos can be seen via the Photo Album.

Mrs. Emma (PECK) FENNO, wife of Myron FENNO died at Rock Stream, NY 27Aug1936.  Her father was Joel S. PECK and mother was Lola Olive CULVER (dau of Joseph Minor CULVER and Emeline E. ANDREWS-CULVER who are noted in the 1809 record book.  A husband survives and a dau Mrs. Leon (Thelma) PHILIP of  North Tonawanda.  A brother Arthur PECK, Rock Stream.  She was born in Altay 24Sept1871, married 14Feb1900 to Myron FENNO, in Altay.  They lived in Corning, NY twelve years.

From Randolph, N Y  Register of 18Dec1931 - "Rev. Frank C. PECK died 8Dec1931 born 9Nov1960 at Altay.  He was a son of Joel S PECK and Ann Eliza CULVER PECK.  (Joel S. PECK married 1st Ann E CULVER 23Sep1856.  He married 2nd to her sister Lola Olive CULVER.  They were daus of Joseph Minor CULVER and wife Emeline E. ANDREWS-CULVER.  Emeline was a dau of Amherst ANDREWS and Phebe CADY ANDREWS...Emeline married second to Benjamin DRAKE, she was his second wife. (record from Reading Church book)  Rev. Frank C. PECK is survived by his wife Mrs. Elnora WILLIAMS-PECK;  4 sons - Roger PECK, Chicago, Ill.; Emerson PECK, Buffalo, NY (a teacher in Seneca Vocational);  Arthur PECK, Addison, NY;  Clifford PECK, Newark Valley, NY.   Also 5 grandchildren.  A brother Arthur B. PECK and a sister Mrs. Emma PECK FENNO.  burial in Randolph Cemetery.

Erastus PECK born 1Dec1799, died 20Apr1840, mar. 2Nov1831 Lydia BAILEY born 4Nov1804 - died 15Jan1877.  Erastus born in Windham, NY & died in Reading, NY - Lydia born Hector, NY, dau of Ebenezer & Jemina BAILEY, Hartford, CT.
Their children:
Fanny O. PECK  4Feb1827 - 3Sep1875, mar. Lewis LaFEVER 21Jun1848 and in 1869 were in
    Hinsdale NY.
Joel S. PECK b 28Mar1829 - 18Sep1909 mar. 1st Eliza CULVER 23Sep1866, 2nd her sister
    Lola CULVER 19Nov1863, res. Altay 1869.
Martin PECK  b 16Oct1831 - 17Mar1901, mar. Maria OSBURN [OSBORN] and in 1869 was in Altay.
Arthur PECK  b 5Apr1835 - 5May1907,  mar. Lucinda D MAY 18Apr1860, res of Clinton, Ill.,
Nancy PECK  b 29Sep1837
Anna E. PECK  b 4Oct1839 - 21Mar1910, mar. Alonzo WINTERS 29Mar1857, in Barrington,
    NY 1869.

Wm. born London, Eng 1601
had Joseph PECK  1641 - Joseph had  Samuel PECK 1678 - Samuel had Samuel 1707 & he had 2 sons - Samuel b 1729 had son Jason 1769 - Jason's children were 1-Jason Jr., 2-Erastus (mar Lydia BAILEY), 3-Benoni, 4-Phoebe, 5-Rhoda, - 6-Tenant, 7-Hannah Sophronia mar. Ziba BAILEY 8-Annie.  Samuel b 1707 had son Darius b 1733 - his son Martin b 1769 - Martin's son Joel b 1793 mar Nancy BAILEY... their children were 1-Ann Eliza, 2-Polly, 3-Harriett, 4-Lydia A, 5-Elon G, 6-Sylvester, 7 Martin.

William PECK b in London in 1601, came to America with wife Elizabeth and a son Jeremiah. They came on ship Hector arriving at Boston 26Jun1637.  He was married to Eliz. abt 1622.  Elizabeth died 5Dec1683, and William mar 2nd Sarah, widow of William HOLT.  Wm. died 4Oct1694 ae 93... children all by wife Elizabeth. Children & wife #2 survived.
children: 1- Jeremiah, 2- John, 3- Joseph, 4- Elizabeth.

Joseph PECK b New Haven, CT, Jan 1641.  Bapt. there 17Jan1641, mar. Sarah PARKER & abt 1662 settled in E. Saybrook, CT, afterwards in 1667 enc. [incorp.?] into the Town of  Lyme.  Joseph died in Lyme 25Nov1718.  His wife died there 14Sep1726 aged 90.  Their grave stones  are still standing in the Old Lyme Cemetery.  He was a prominent man: Surveyor, Recorder, Justice of Peace and a deacon of the Church.

Children of Joseph PECK (b 1641) and wife Sarah PARKER all b in Lyme, CT:
1-Sarah   b  4Aug1663  mar. 2May1684  Matthew GILBERT
2- Joseph   b 12Mar1667  died Lyme  10Oct1677
3- Elizabeth  9Sep1669  mar 6Dec1686  Samuel PRATT.  d Lyme, CT  29Aug1688
4-  Deborah  b 31Jul1672  mar  3Apr1694  Daniel SPERRY
5- Hannah  b 14Sep1674  mar  25Jun1696 Thomas ANDERSON who d in Lyme 7May1746
6-  Ruth  b 19Aug1676  mar  29Apr1696  Jasper GRIFFEN
7- Samuel  b 29Jul1678  mar #1 28Dec1699 Elizabeth LEE  she d 29Aug1731,  mar #2  widow Martha BARBER of Killingworth, CT 25Jan1732.  He resided in Lyme and died there 28Jan1735.  His second wife remarried to Peter PEARSON 8Jan1736
8- Joseph(again) 20Mar1680  mar Susanna--3Oct1704 lived & d in Lyme, CT.

Children of Samuel PECK (b 1678) & wife Elizabeth LEE all b Lyme, CT:
1- Elizabeth  b 26Apr1702 d 15Jan1709 in Lyme
2- Elizabeth  b 14May1705 mar Richard ELY Jr., 23Jan1724 d 8Oct1730 Lyme
3- Samuel  b 12Jul1707 mar Alice WAY 7Nov1728
4- William  b 31Aug1709  mar  Jemina MARVIN  25Jan1732
5- Benjamin b 6Mar1711  mar Sarah CHAMPEN 3Feb1734
6- Elijah  b 20Oct1713 mar Hepsibah PEARSON 28Apr1737 she d 9Oct1770, mar #2 widow Jane MINER 8Jan1771, d 6Aug1771 in Lyme
7- Jedediah b 1Jun1717 mar Tabitha PIERSON 1738 who d 1753.  He died at sea 1744
8- Daniel b 4mar1721 mar Abigail LORD 7Nov1744 d 1Mar1751 in Lyme
9- Silas  b 2Oct1724 mar Elizabeth CAULKINS 4Nov1746.  First settled in Lyme, CT, served as a soldier in French War and after the treaty of peace in 1765 settled in Nova Scotia, Canada.  He afterward removed back to Lyme, CT and was in the Rev. war, d at Lyme June 1808.
10- Martha  b 4Jun1733 (was the only child of the second marriage)

Children of Samuel PECK (b 1707) amd wife Alice WAY, all b Lyme, CT:
1-Samuel  b 7Sep1729, mar Hannah BECKWITH dau of  Richard, & d 1776 in Lyme
2-Abner  b 27Sep1731, mar Caroline REED  30Nov1783, d in Lyme
3-Darius  b 11Sep1733, mar,Elizabeth BECKWITH 19Apr1757, d 1797, Lyme
4-Carter  b 23Jun1737
5-Elisha  b 27Nov1739, d unmarried in Lyme
6-Daniel  b 27Mar1742, mar Jerusha YERRINGTON,  d Lyme 25Apr1802

Children of  Samuel PECK (b1729) and wife Hannah BECKWITH,  all b Lyme, CT:
1- Richard PECK b Aug 1753, mar 1st Sarah TENNANT in 1775 and mar. #2 Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN.  Removed from Lyme, CT in 1783 and settled in Lexington, NY (Green Co.)  He died in Durham, NY 24Oct1837
2- Samuel  b ?,  mar #1 Lucretia INGRAHM  18Oct1781,  mar #2 Elizabeth CONKLIN - d Lyme, CT in fall of 1837
3- Eliff  b abt  1757, mar William FELLOWS, d in Watertown, NY
4- Hannah b 27May1759, mar Silas ROBBINS 13Dec1782, d Lyme, CT 1Jan1840
5- Abner  b 4May1761, mar Hannah TINKER 30Nov1786;  He died in Shelburne, Mass. 4Jun1842.  He was a soldier in the Rev War and one of the guards around the gallows at the execution of Major ANDRE.
6- Phebe  b Sep1764, mar Solomon FELLOWS, died in Albion, NY
7- Jason  b 5Jun1769, mar Rhoda WHITCOMB 27Nov1794, died in Reading, NY 2 Oct1845  He had settled in Reading in 1808.  [Reading was part of  Steuben co. before 1854, then part of Schuyler co. from 1855.)
8-Doras b 5Jan1772, mar Benjamin FARNSWORTH, d 23Oct1858 in Charlemont, Mass.

(6th generation)
Children of Darius PECK (b 11Sep1733) & wife Elizabeth BECKWITH b Lyme, CT:
1-Martin PECK b 8Oct1759,  mar #1 Lucy SENNET who d 19Aug1805;  mar #2 Frances SOBURN she d 7Apr1853 and he died at Hector, NY 30Sept1808 where he had settled abt 1800
2- Elizabeth  b 10Dec1781,  mar Simeon HOLTON of  Montague, Mass.
3-Darius  b 2Feb1764,  mar Lydia MACK 20Jul1786, d in Phelps, NY 31Jul1814.  He removed from Lyme, CT to Conway, Mass. in 1789, & to Phelps, NY in 1804.
4-Simeon  b 3Jan1766, said to have married  ----- LAMPHERE and to have lived & died in Deerfield, Mass.
5- Andrew  b 2Feb1768, said to have been mar & to have died in one of the western States
6-John Moore  b 1Feb1770, mar Abigail PRATT abt 1797, d in Bethany, NY in Sep1831 where he had gone in 1830.
7-Huldah b 31Aug1772, mar Elisha RICE & had daus Phebe & Betsy
8-William  b 18Jul1774, d in Lyme, CT abt 1794
9-Elisha b 16May1777 - died abt 1820 in Lyme, CT, unmarried.
10-Timothy PECK b 15Aug1779, mar #1 Catharine SMITH  18Sep1805 who d 30Apr1833;  mar #2 Mehitable SMITH who d 19Mar1843;  mar #3 Betsy BROCKWAY who d 6Nov1845.  He was for 30 or 40 years a Deacon of the Church of Lyme, CT & d there 14Mar1851.

Children of Jason PECK (b 5Jun1769) & his wife Rhoda WHITCOMB:
1-Phebe PECK  b 16Feb1798 Windham, NY, mar Nathaniel SUTTON, d in Reading, NY
2-Jason W. PECK  b 2Aug1797 Windham, NY,  mar Susan SUTTON 28Oct1822, d in
    N Reading, NY 23Nov1863
3-Erastus PECK b 1Dec1799 Windham, NY, mar Lydia BAILEY 2Nov1831, d in Reading, NY
4-Tenant PECK b 19Dec1801 Windham, NY, mar Dorinda SUTTON, living in Reading, NY in
5-Rhoda PECK b 25Oct1803 Windham, NY, mar Jacob GOLTRY, d in Tyrone, NY 21Mar1839
6-Benoni PECK b 4Apr1806 Lexington, NY, mar Clarissa THOMPSON 6Jun1831, living at
    Beaver Dams, NY 1869
7-Sophrona PECK b 6Feb1809 Lexington, NY, mar Zilba BAILEY & died at LaPorte, Ind
8-Annis PECK b 1May1812 in Reading, NY & was living there in 1869

Children of Martin PECK (b 8Oct1759) and wife:
1-Nancy PECK  mar David BURNS, d Cincinnati, Ohio
2-Lucy  b 7Dec1785, mar Caleb SMITH 30Mar1806, d Hector, NY 10Sep1838
3-Clarissa  b 6May1787,  mar Charles EVERETS, d Hector, NY 6May1818
4-Joel b 21Mar1793, mar Nancy BAILEY 13Feb1814 who d 10Aug1832; mar #2 Esther BENEDICT Jjun1833, d NYCity 4Sep1837
5-Polly  b 1Dec1794, mar Adam CASE Dec 1820, d Hector, NY 30Sep1830
6-Sally  b  1796, mar Isaac HAGER in 1815, in 1871 was living in Wellsborough, PA
7-Phally  mar #1 Daniel CASE - mar again in 1871, living in Kankakee, Ill
8-Amanda b 2May1800,  mar Lyman REYNOLDS 5Sep1818,  d in Reynoldsville, NY 5Jul1828
9-Fanny  b 23Apr1806,  mar James REEVE 24Jun1828 - living in Elmira, NY in 1871

Children of  Erastus PECK (b 1Dec1799) and wife Lydia BAILEY:
1- Fanny O. PECK b 4Feb1827,  mar Lewis LaFEVER 21Jun1848  living in Hinsdale, NY 1869
2- Joel S. PECK  b 28Mar1829, mar 1st Eliza CULVER 23Sep1856,  2nd to Lowly(Lola) CULVER 19Nov1863, living in Altay, NY 1869  (note- Eliza CULVER was Ann Eliza and Lola was Lola Olive CULVER - sisters & dauS of  Emeline E ANDREWS & Joseph Minor CULVER.)
3-Martin PECK b 16Oct1831, mar Maria OSBORN living in Altay, NY in 1869
4- Arthur PECK b 5Apr1835, mar Lucinda D MAY (NAY?), living in Clinton, Ill in 1869; they were mar 18Apr1860
5- Nancy b 29Sep1837,  mar John  JACKSON 13Sep1857, living in Altay, NY 1869
            - husband John was originally listed as John Johnson, but should be Jackson. (see notes below)
6- Anne E  b 4Oct 1839, mar Alonzo WINTERS 29Mar1857,  living in Barrington, N Y 1869

Children of  Joel PECK born in Hector, NY:
1-Ann Eliza PECK  b 3Mar1815, mar 1st John C. HOTCHKISS 17Oct1833; mar 2nd Avery S. HUTCHINS 8May1853, living in Nevada, Iowa 1869
2- Polly b 9Oct1816, mar James WOODWARD 15Oct1834, d Hector, NY 26Nov1864
3- Martin b 7 Jul1819 - d Hector, NY 9Nov1823
4- Levi H  b 22Jun1821 d Hector, NY 1Jun1822
5-Albert  b 12Apr1823 d Hector, NY 24Aug1825
6- Harriett  b 24Jun1825, mar 1st David BROWN 4Apr1842;  2nd A D ROTUN 6Jan1863, Hudson, Mich. 1869
7- Lydia Ann b 24Jun1827, mar Philip SKED 29Mar1849, living Pennington, NY 1869
8- Elon G b 16Sep1830, mar Emma E BRADFORD 13May1852, living Hector, NY 1872
9- Sylvester  b 23May1832, mar 1st Adelia L. EVERTS 23Sep1857 who d 28Oct1871; mar 2nd Fannie A. REYNOLDS 27Nov 1872, living  in Tioga, Pa
10- Horace S.  23Apr1835, mar Mary E. COBURN 13Sep1856 living Crown Point, NY 1869
11- Sophie 1May1837,  mar Eli BENNETT  27Jun1858, living Crown Point, NY 1869

PECK Genealogy, in part  -
This data is extracted from "A Genealogical Account of the Descendants in the Male Line of William PECK, one of the founders in 1638 of the Colony of  New Haven", by Darius PECK, of Hudson, NY.  Printed in 1877 by Byron & Getz, Steam Book Printers of Hudson NY (signed) Zibe L. Drollinger, Major Infantry, U S Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.
Recopied by (Mrs.) Fanny (Lafever) Burney
Recopied by (Mrs.) Winifred (Drake) Ridall, Oct. 1937
Recopied by Helena A Howard  Mar. 2000



"Died in Barrington, Yates Co., NY 23Jul 1884, Emma L. WINTERS, eldest daughter of Alonzo & Ann E. WINTERS, aged 25.  Emma was born in El Paso, Woodford Co., Ill., where the parents had settled upon the then wild prairies of that state.  They returned to Barrington in the autumn of 1860.  United with the Altay Baptist Church 26May1873 Rev. R. B. STANTON then being Pastor.  Graduated from Cook Academy 1879 and became a teacher.  In March 1880 she was prostrated with a spinal affliction and was ill for over 4 years.  Services held at home 25Jul1884.  Rev. W. J. BETTS, her pastor at Altay, preached the service.  Rev. W. BENEDICT of  Dundee offered closing prayer.  Buried in Hillside Cem., Dundee, NY."

Mrs. Alanzo WINTERS d 21Mar1910 Altay, N Y.  Leaves 1 son, Prof.  H. D. WINTERS of Peddie Inst., Hightstown, N J; 1 dau Mrs. Esther A. JOHNSON, West Palm Beach, Fla; grandson Winters JOHNSON who was living with her; also 1 remaining sister Mrs. John JACKSON, Erin NY.   Mrs. WINTERS was abt 75."  ( She was Ann E. PECK b 22Mar1867.  Herbert is the name of her son.)

"The home of  Mr & Mrs J. E. FROST, 10th St, was the scene of a pretty wedding 5Aug when their dau Nellie Louise was married to Prof. Herbert D. WINTERS, A.M., of Dundee----Mr. WINTERS is the son of that well-remembered Prof. WINTERS, the capable head of Cook Academy for a number of years, and has himself been an instructor at that school.  He is now a teacher of Greek at Peddie Inst., Hightstown, N J."

[Death of] Mrs. Carrie E. WILLIAMS, wife of Clyde WILLIAMS of  Randolf, NY occurred at the Jamestown Gen. Hosp. in Jamestown, NY.  Death was caused from an injury, a fractured hip, from falling off a stool in the home of  her brother, Rev. Frank C. PECK.  She was the daughter of Joel & Lola (CULVER) PECK and was b at Altay, NY 6Apr1857 therefore was 58yrs.  Died March 1915.  Marr|ied Clyde WILLIAMS at Altay 20Dec1892.  Mr. & Mrs. WILLIAMS traveled quite extensively, but the past 2 yrs have made their home in Jamestown & Randolph.  She was a school teacher before marriage.  She was a member of the Randolph Baptist Church.  Surviving are her husband, 2 brothers - Rev. Frank PECK, Randolph & Arthur S. PECK; and a sister Mrs. Myron FENNO, both of Corning, NY."

Arthur B. PECK is now (1937) living with his niece, Mrs. Leon PHILIP, N. Tonawanda, NY.  Mrs. Philip is Thelma FENNO, dau of  Emma PECK FENNO & Myron FENNO.  Mrs. Emma PECK FENNO died at Rock Stream, NY 4Oct1936.  She was b 24Sep1871 at Altay, NY, married Myron S. FENNO 14Feb1900.  Lived in Corning for 12 years then removed to Rock Stream.  The funeral was held Wed. 7Oct1936.  Buried in Altay cemetery.

Martin H PECK b 16Oct1831 Reading, NY, then a part of Steuben Co., now Schuyler, died 17Mar1901.  His father died when he was 8 yrs old.  He removed to Altay, NY with the rest of family when 20yrs of age.  They bought the Benjamin FORCE Farm where Martin lived until some time in the late 60's, when he purchased the farm where he afterwards resided, and where he died.  Married 29Dec1858 to Miss Maria OSBURN [OSBORN?], by Rev. Edward BOYCE of Barrington...she d 16Mar1886.  On 13Apr1887 he married Miss Mary OSBURN (Maria's sister), married by Rev. R. B. STANTON of  Keuka, NY.  He united with the Reading Baptist Church in early life and transferred his membership to the Altay Baptist Church 26Apr1851.  Survived by 2 brothers - Joel PECK of Altay & Arthur PECK of Colorado Springs, CO.  Also 2 sisters Mrs. Alonzo WINTERS, Barrington, NY & Mrs. John JACKSON, Canisteo, NY.

Lydia M. HOLLY, nee PECK, died at her home near Reading Center, NY October 30, 1897.  That is also the date on the Holly monument in the Pleasant View Cemetery in Reading Center, NY.  She was born April 20, 1838. She leaves 1 sister, 2 brothers & a son & daughter.  The funeral was at the Reading Baptist Church conducted by Rev. W. E. DARROW, buried Reading, NY.  Lydia was the mother of Lev. S. HOLLY, and the grandmother of Jay B. HOLLY (b. Nov. 5, 1899).

Chilion PECK, a life long citizen of  Reading, NY, died at the family home in western Reading 13Aug1913.  Born 28Mar1843 and is one more of  pioneer ancestry who has passed over the river of time.  His paternal grandfather was Joel PECK who came to Reading from Green County NY and settled in North Reading on the premises now owned by Mrs. Delos PRATT, in 1818.  Jason PECK, a son of pioneer Jason PECK and father of Chileon PECK, was then but 9 yrs old. He remained on the homestead & reared a large family of whom the late Chileon  alone survived.  A twin brother Mahlon died abt 10 yrs ago and another brother Leander died abt a year ago.  Mr. PECK was a soldier and went to the "call to arms" and was a member of the 89th NY Infantry.  He is survived by his wife Mrs. Anna CASE PECK and a daughter Mrs. Floyd TRASK of Reading, NY.  He was a member of  the Reading Center M. E. Church since early childhood.  Rev. L. E. BRAGUE officiated.

Tenant PECK -  The burial of the late Tennant PECK took place at Reading, NY Fri. 14Jun1889.   ----Attended services in the Baptist Church, which was conducted by Rev. Napolean SMITH and assisted by Rev. P. J. BULL----Died 12Jun1889--born 19Dec1801 in the town of  Lexington, Green county, NY--Married 9th May1824 by Squire NORTON at the home of John SUTTON to Derenda SUTTON (of Reading).  They had 9 children - Mrs. Miranda DAVIDSON, Corydon,PA;  Mrs. Eliza J. TURK, Joplin, MO;  John S. PECK, deceased; Fernando PECK, Thurston, NY; Simon S. PECK, Reading, NY; Mrs. Lydia HOLLEY, Reading, NY; Miss Sophronia PECK; Erastus PECK; and Miss Candace PECK, deceased.  He joined the Reading Church soon after its formation, and shortly after the opening of its meeting house.  The house was opened on Wed. 4Jan1837 and he told his Christian experience on 18Feb of the same year, and was baptised with his wife and 13 others in Seneca Lake by Elder T. S. SHEARDOWN, on the following day. See Tenant Peck obit in the US GenWeb Archives Project.

Copied from book in possession of Leon H. McINTYRE, Reading Center, NY, by Mrs. Fanny LaFEVER BURNEY, 1931:

Jason PECK died 7Oct1863
Mrs Joel PECK died 25Feb1863
Lydia PECK's boy died 9Oct1866
Mrs. Mahlon PECK d 4Apr1866
Annice PECK d 26Feb1875 aged 68
Mrs. Lydia PECK d 8Jan1877
Mrs. Jason PECK d 18Aug1854
Mrs. Simon  D. PECK d 23Jan1903 aged 67
Chillian PECK d 10Aug1912 aged 69
Mrs. Nettie PECK TRASK, Dundee, NY dau of  Chillion PECK
Mrs. Nelson PECK ELLISON, Reading Center, NY, dau of  Simon PECK


Notes from files of Helena Howard

1883 - Benoni PECK died at son's home in Mich. ae 77, brother of  Tennant PECK
Obit-Tennant Peck mar Derenda SUTTON, dau of John, Children - Marinda DAVIDSON, Eliza TURK, John PECK, Fernando PECK, Susan PECK, Lydia HOLLEY, Sophronia PECK, Erastus PECK and Miss Candace PECK, dec.
The PECKS came to Reading through Cooperstown, Undilla & Ithaca.
25Jan1916, Nettie M. PECK, dau of Chilion of  Reading, mar Floyd A. TRASK, Dundee.
Mrs. Lenora FANCHER PECK d at Altay b Barrington 21Mar1876, mar Arthur PECK.  Survived by husb, mother Mrs. Elizabeth FANCHER, brother Olin, NJ; 4 sisters: Mrs. E. E. BELINGER; Edith FANCHER, Wash, DC; Mrs. Grover COLE & Harriet FANCHER.
Tenant PECK came 1809 to Reading, NY; in 1883 is still active & healthy.
Louie C. PECK, Sr., 83, of Watkins Glen, died 27Oct1959, survived by son Louis C. & 1 brother Arthur J. PECK.
Howard Elon PECK d 25Dec1942, son of Sylvester & Fannie REYNOLDS PECK, b 5Aug1873 Hector, survived by 2 dauS:  Mrs. C. Ely WICKHAM & Mrs. Bernard POWERS; 2 brothers: Louie C. & Arthur J.
Mrs. Hebe HEIST PECK d 16Aug1937, dau of Dr. Wm. Henry & Mary ROBERTS HEIST, b Townsend 30Oct1868, married 30Nov1887 to Wm. PECK (he died 21Jun1927).  Survived by son Clarence, of  VA; dau Mrs. Duncan PARKS; sister Mrs. E. J. WAUGH, Townsend.
Emerson PECK, son of  Rev. Frank PECK, is a teacher in Buffalo.
Mrs. Howard E. PECK of  S. Decatur St., Watkins, died 12Jan1936.  Augusta SMITH CRAMER PECK was oldest dau of  Harmon & Julia McMILLAN SMITH, born 10Apr1867 in Peck ctg North Franklin St., Watkins...married Howard E. PECK in 1930.
Simon PECK, Altay, NY, d 10Jun1911 at dau's. Mrs. W. H. BROWNELL, age 75.
Mrs. Hebe HEIST PECK d 16Aug1937, buried Glenwood Cem. - dau of  Dr. Wm. Henry & Mary ROBERTS HEIST, born Townsend, survived by son Clarence, VA.; dau Mrs. Duncan PARKS & sister Mrs. E. J. WAUGH, Townsend.
Chilean PECK, Reading, NY, b 28Mar1843 & d 13Aug1912, Civil War Vet, survived by wife Anna CASE PECK and dau Mrs. Floyd TRASK.
Norman PECK d in Dix 17Dec1886 aged 54.
Clarence PECK, son of  W. J. PECK,  moved to Cedar Grove, NY, 1911 - telegraph operator.
Martin PECK & B. Mary OSBORN married at Altay 13Apr1887.
Mrs. Lola PECK'S funeral at son Arthur's of Altay 23Jan1916.  She was born Chemung Co 18Oct1840,  mar Joel PECK 19Nov1863 had 4 children, incl.: Arthur; Mrs. Nina PRICE, d 1Jul1905; step-son Rev. Frank PECK (d 20Jan1916) dau of  Emeline E. (ANDREWS) CULVER & Joseph Miner CULVER.  Her sister Ann Eliz. was also wife of Joel PECK.
Deacon Joel S. PECK, Altay, d 18Sep1909 aged 81, born Reading, NY Mar 1 - Ann Eliza CULVER, sister of present wife Lola.  Survived by wife & 4 children:  Rev. Frank C. PECK, Arthur B.,  Mrs. Emma PECK FENNO (wife of  Myron) & Mrs. Carrie WILLIAMS.  2 sisters: Mrs. John JACKSON, Erin, NY & Mrs. Ann E. WINTERS (wife of Alonzo) of Dundee.  Burial, Altay.
Infant daughter of  J. B. PECK, Horseheads, NY drowned at Himrod 1912.

Mrs George W. McNERMER Obit.
  Mrs. Lillian SUTTON McNERMER died 17Jun----.  She was born one of  3 children of  Mr. & Mrs. Harrison SUTTON who were old-time residents of  western Reading, NY.  Lillian SUTTON was born 22Dec1853.   A sister died in 1850 & the late Harry SUTTON of Reading was a brother, he died abt 2 years ago.  She was the last one of that immediate family, her life was spent in the vicinity of  her birth.  Married 9Dec1874 to George W. McNERMER.  Their golden wedding anniversary was observed in connection with Old Home Day at Grange Hall, Reading Center 13Sep1924.  They have 1 dau Grace who married Leon H. McINTYRE of Reading.  She became a member of the Baptist Church in Reading when abt 15 yrs of age.  Was a charter member of the local WCTU; she was in direct line of  3 pioneer families of  Reading.  On her father's side, she descended from John SUTTON who settled in Reading in 1808, coming from Ovid, NY.  He built a log cabin and purchased a large tract of land in Central Reading.  Her father was born there, but it was at a later time the family home was built on the farm now known
as the LOTT Farm.  Nathaniel SUTTON, the eldest child of John, was the grandfather of  Mrs. McNERMER and his first wife was Phoebe PECK...Harrison SUTTON was a son of  this mariage.  The PECK & SUTTON families are closely related as both Jason and Tenant PECK married daughters of John SUTTON.  The PECK family came from Greene County, NY and settled in Reading in 1808.  The mother of  Lillian SUTTON (Mrs. McNERMER) was Maria EGGLESTON SUTTON, a dau of Andrew EGGLESTON who settled in Reading at a later time, abt 1830, coming from Saratoga Co., NY.  He made a home at Hall's Corners in western Reading.  It is a remarkable fact that the EGGLESTON home has always remained in possession of  the family.  It was there that Mr. & Mrs. McNERMER began housekeeping 50 yrs ago.  It is historical that in those early years there were three routes that lead to the Lake Country --  The first was the Northern Route up the Mohawk River into Central NY;  the second through Cooperstown, Unadilla & Ithaca;  the third was up the Delaware River through the watershead of the Susquehanna, leading on up the Chemung.
  The SUTTONS traveled the third route and the PECK family came by way of the Central route, the EGGLESTONS came from Saratoga by way of the Erie Canal.  The wilderness road was an ox trail through which they journeyed with great trees over spreading.  These were felled to build the rude log cabins and later furnished material to build the commodious homes we have today.  The surviving family are:  The husband G. W. McNERMER; a dau Mrs. L. H. McINTYER; 2 granddaughters Freda and Flora McINTYRE of  Reading, NY.-- And several cousins, among which are: Mrs. Emma LaFEVER of  Los Angeles, Calif.; Oscar TOWNSEND of Yuma, Arizona; M. W. SUTTON, Dundee, NY; John LOTT; Mrs. Catherine SANFORD & A. M. SUTTON of Reading; Mrs. J. T. FINLAN, Dundee.

More on Nancy PECK
daughter of  Erastus PECK (b 1Dec1799) and wife Lydia BAILEY
Nancy was originally listed above as married to  "John Johnson"
- Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover wrote that this should be John JACKSON
and she has possession of his diary for the year 1895. During this time he spent
part of the summer visiting her relatives in  Atlay, giving names of the relatives
visited and various details.  They are listed on the census as follows:

1850 Orange County Mount Hope -2 John Jackson age 16 & 10 and other brothers ? living with a William Mullock middle initial J?T?
1860 census John Jackson with Nancy and son Charles G. in Tyrone Schuyler  co., N.Y. he is a clerk in a store
1870 census John, Nancy P. & Charles G (?) - John farming, still in Tyrone
1880 Tyrone, Schuyler co., N.Y. - John Jackson (both parents born in Mass.), he is born in NY,
   with Nancy P.  (both Nancy's parents born in CT) she is born in N.Y.; Charles E. Jackson;
1892 Canisteo, NY -  John Jackson 58  (b. August  1834) merchant with  Nancy P. Jackson age 54; Charles P. Jackson, merchant, 34 with Hattie E. Jackson 25; and J (john?) Raymond Jackson  5, all born inUSA.
1900 Canisteo lists all parents from NY
1910 Nancy & John live in Erin, Chemung co.,  NY; Nancy's parents again from CT & John's from Mass.
1920 Nancy widow in Erin, Chemung co., listed with Charles & Hattie A. (both Hattie's parents b. in England), Charles & Hattie  live near Corning starting in 1900; son Raymond J. Jackson lives with them in 1910.


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