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Bethesda Sanitarium
Montour Falls, NY (was Havana, NY)
Intersectioin of Broadway, Clinton & Catharine Sts.

"The Havana Magnetic Springs, the Bethesda Sanitarium &c. In addition to the many other natural advantages, an
abundance of mineral springs,—the health-inspiring waters appreciated alike by the invalid and by those enjoying unimpaired health,—are found in Havana. An analysis of the waters was made in the summer of 1872 by Prof. Tower  of Hobart College at Geneva, and found to contain sulphate of lime (small quantity), bicarbonate of soda, bicarbonate of iron, bicarbonate of magnesia, bicarbonate of lime, chloride of sodium, and silica (small quantity). The total solid  contents to one gallon, left in evaporation, was 27.35 grains, equivalent to nearly 40 grains of bicarbonate. The Magnetic Springs Sanitarium, 4-0 by 50 feet and four stories in height, was erected on Clinton street by Henry Lybolt and by Dr. A. P. Hollett in the summer of 1873, and three years later purchased by Dr. Elizabeth D. Pope, under whose efficient management the institution acquired a popular reputation. The building, in its entirety, with a preponderance of the contents, was destroyed by fire early in the morning of Sunday. July 11. 1880. Cole's Magnetic Springs conducted by David Cole, the main building of which was erected in 1872, enjoyed a reputation as a curative establishment, and passed into the hands of Dr. Charles D. Clawson in the spring of 1878, giving way in name to the Bethesda Sanitarium at the same time."

"Dr.Pope's Sanitarium Burned.
About two o'clock Sunday morning last fire broke out in the Bath House attached to Mrs. Dr. Pope's Sanitarium on Clinton street, in this place [Havana /Montour Falls, NY]. When first discovered the fire was in the southwest corner of the building, and so rapidly did the flames spread that in an hour the whole property was in ashes. The Sanitarium building proper was four stories high, and the bath house attached three stories. It was erected some eight years ago  by Messrs. Hollett, Lybolt and Beebe, and in 1876 was purchased by Mrs. Pope, since which time it has been successfully conducted and at the time of the fire had twelve to fifteen patients. The origin of the fire is unknown.  There had been no fire in the building where it started in several weeks. Most of the furniture in the first and second stories was gotten out, but much of the winter clothing of the household and many valuable articles in the third and fourth stories were burned. The loss of this property is a serious one to Mrs. Pope, as it is also to the village of Havana. The buildings were valued at about $12,000, and upon which there was an insurance of $6,000.  Through the greatest exertions the dwelling of Mr. L. B. Crandall on the south, and that of Mr. J. B. Welch on the north, were  saved, though many times on fire. Other houses and barns on the street caught fire several times, and it was only by keeping the roofs constantly wet that any of them escaped."

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