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Schuyler Co., NY
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Aerial View of Reading Center, NY
Schuyler co., NY

Taken in 1946 by Rev. Gordon C. BLOSSOM,
pastor of the Reading Community Church.

Photo contributed by David HOLLY of Michigan.

The road in the foreground of the picture, going to the left, is Cemetery Road,
which leads to Pleasantview Cemetery (New Reading Cemetery).
The road that goes to the left, at the church, is apparently Church Road.
Church Rd. was formerly called Richtmyer Road, after former inhabitants.
The Old Reading Cemetery is just barely visible on the left edge of
the picture, in between these two parallel roads.  These roads branch
off the larger Route14A on the right side of the picture.

The picture was taken facing generally northward.
The white church at the corner is the Reading Community Church
at 2659 Church Rd., Reading Center, NY 14876.

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