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Schuyler Co., NY
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St. John's Episcopal Church,
Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

Contributed by Elaine Meeks Tindall

This church was organized in 1809 under the Rev. Davenport Phelps.  Members of these families attended the first official meeting:  Wm. H. PRINCE, Lemuel SHELTON, Elias BEARDSLEY, Dr. George HIBBARD, Isaac LYON, Aaron  HALL, John COE, Lemuel NICHOLS, Andrew BULKLEY, Joseph LYON, Mason JONES, Jacob MARSHALL, Joseph L. DARLING, Elias CLARK, Harriet DePUYSTER.   Quite of few of these first families came from Connecticut.  By 1819 a small building had been built, but the present building was consecrated Aug. 26, 1837.  In 1837, the Wardens of the church were:  John STEWART (STUART) & Wm. H. PRINCE.  The 1837 Vestrymen were:  J. S. DARLING, Munson PRINCE, Frederick STEWART (STUART), James N. PRINCE, Eli BEARSLEY, Irad BEARDSLEY& Jay S. HINE.  In May 1874 the church was remodeled and the pipe organ, gift of banker Hull FANTON, was installed.
Clergymen thru the years:
1810  Davenport Phelps
1812  Orin Clarke
1813  Alanson W. Walton
1817  George Norton
1823  Samuel Phinney
1827  Ezekiel Gear
1828-32  John D. Gilbert
1832  Robert Campbell
1836  Richard Smith
1841  Major N. Nickerson
1844  James Q. O'Kile
1847  Daniel C. Millett
1849  Moses E. Wilson
1852  Peter Ruth
1855  Charles Purviance
1855  Peter Ruth
1858  S. G. Hayward
1859  Luther Gregory
1860  Duncan A. Mann
1866  William Atwell
1871  Sylvester D. Booram
1871  Nobel Palmer
1881  Francis F. Rice (40 years-rector of  St. John's of Catharine & St. Paul's of  Montour Falls.)
1918  Adelbert McGinnis
1923  J. H. Herendeen
1935  Charles McGavern
1936  Arlin (layreader, then)
1937  Ellwood
1941  G. F. Dutton
(List from the History of Catharine by Louise C. Cleaver., pub. 1945)

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