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  Genealogy Notes on the SACKETT Family
[Family of John C. and Rebecca A. B. SACKETT]
Contributed & typed by Irene Crout Johnson from
original records hand-written by a family member.


***See also the Portrait of Mr. & Mrs. John Clark Sackett & their residence***

Record of Grand Parents:

One Father's Side:

Buel SACKETT was the son of

Benjamine SACKETT was born July 28th,1763, Died Lebonon Jan. 19th
1840. Married to Sally Earl BEACH who was born May 27th 1761.

On Mother's Side:

Sands PERKINS, son of Nathanel PERKINS, was born May 12th 1757.  Died the
5th of Dec.1846  aged 89 years 8 months, and married Mary PLUMB daughter of
Samuel and Grace PLUMB, on Feb.20th 1782.

On Mother ROWLEY's side:

Gideon SCOTT, son of David and Hannah SCOTT, was born Dec.(looks like 11th) 1755.

Ann BURT, daughter of Daniel and Hannah BURT was born Jan. 21st 1757 and were
married Oct 17th 1779.

Children of Buel and Sally SACKETT:

                                       Births                  Deaths

John SACKETT         b. July 31st,1785    d. Feb 17th 1827

Philo SACKETT         b. June 13,1788     d. Oct 12,1863

Norman SACKETT    b.Mar.27,1797       d.July 11th 1868

Nathan SACKETT      b.May 15, 1794     d. in Ind.

Ebenezer E. SACKETT   b. June 25,1805 d.at Buffalo Oct.16,1846

Harry E. SACKETT        b.June 25,1805   found dead at Manlias?  July 28,1886

Children of Norman and Esther SACKETT:


Edwin W S SACKETT   b.Oct 7,1818

Sally SACKETT   b. Apr 11,1820

Marvin SACKETT   b. Apr. 24, 1822

Delia Maria SACKETT   b. Sept.21,1824

Mary SACKETT   b. Feb. 18,1827 d. Feb 3,1890 Mary Drown

Esther SACKETT   b. May 16,1829

Norman B.SACKETT   b. Oct 2,1831

Sophronie SACKETT   b. Mar.26, 1835

Children of Leroy and Roxana BECKER:

Births    Deaths

George Philo was b. Oct. 28,1851

Lucettta M. was b. Sept 24,1854

Frank G. was born Dec. 15, 1858

Edwin S. was born Jan 27, 1861

Mary was born Aug. 15,1863 d.November 22,1875

Children of Buell S. and Marian SACKETT:

Allen B. was born Sept 11,1859 d. Nov 25,1890

Children of Thomas and Sarah PURSELL:

Joshua B.   b. Romulas Feb 18, 1841 killed at the battle of Gettysburg July 3, 1863

John E,  b. Ovid Feb 1,1843

Rebecca S.   b.Ovid May 9, 1845

Bertha L.  b. Ovid Nov 21,1847 d. Ovid (July?)31,1874

Ermina b. Ovid Feb,25,1852

Netttie T.  b. Ovid Oct.1,1857

Mary E.   b. Ovid Sept.29,1859

Children of Egbert and Mary BLOOMER:

Helen R.  b. Mich. Nov 7, 1846

Mary Elva   b. Mich. July 22,1851


Philo SACKETT was born at New Lebenon NY, June 13,1788   d.Oct.12,1863

Grace Perkins was born at South Kingston R.I. Jan.16,1787
Grace Perkins SACKETT  d. Hector Sept.10,1864
and were married in Chatham  Jan.6, 1814 by Esq. N. Wheeler.

Joshua BLOOMER son of James and Rebecca BLOOMER was b. Sept. 12,1792. d. Aug. 7, 1835

Betsy SCOTT was b. Jan 4, 1797 and were married June 5,1819.
Betsy Scott was married to Nathanial ROWLEY son of William and Sarah ROWLEY.
Betsy ROWLEY  d. in Ovid Apr. 5,1888.
Nathaniel ROWLEY d. in Hector Nov. 17, 1888

Jennie L. daughter of Truman and Loveda PARSONS was born in Hector Aug. 26, 1868.

Record of Brothers and Sisters in Law:

Azubah VAUGHAN b. at Hector NY, July 2,1826   d. Aug.21,1874

Leroy BECKER  b. at Hector NY, Dec 10, 1827   d. Nov. 28,1874

Mariam BECKER  b. at Hector, Nov. 13, 1829

Loveda K. WOODWARD in Enfield

Andrew MILLER in Lodi (?)H Oct.9, 1809

Thomas PURSEL  in _____, Nov.22, 1817   d. May 5, 1869

Mary VanPATTEN  in Ovid Jan 1828

Wm H. JEFFERS  in Hector Feb. 4, 1827

Truman PARSONS Feb. 23,1832

Children of Solon P. and Lovedy H. SACKETT:


Charles Woodward Sept. 1,1845

Joseph Star Jan. 14, 1847 d.May 8,1851 aged 4y,3m,24d.

Mary Louisa Nov. 12,1848 d. Mary 8,1869 at Ithaca

Blyth Virgina Feb. 29, 1852

Henry D. Aug.31,1853

Nannette Apr. 23, 1858 d. July 10,1863 aged 5y, 2m,23d

Sarah Apr. 23, 1858

Carrie Dec. 1, 1860 d. July 20,1863 aged 2yrs,7m, 24d

Children of Samuel W. & Azubah SACKETT:

Philo William b. Mar.17, 1850 d. Hamilton May 22,187?

Delia Maria b. July 17, 1855

The second marriage of Samuel W. SACKETT to Mrs. Anna THURSTON took place at
Watkins, Mar.22,1876.

Mary daughter of S. N. & Anna SACKETT  b. Dec 14, 1878

Delia M. SACKETT & Henry HOWARD were married at Watkins Oct 25,1876 by Rev. WRIGHT:

Harris O.   b. Oct 2, 1877

Willie (?B)  born Feb 21,1880

Grace born Dec. 7, 1882

Children of John C and Rebecca Bloomer SACKETT:


Seneca Bloomer SACKETT was born at Hector, Schuyler Co, NY Dec.3,1851

Willis Perkins was born in Hector, NY, June 17,1855

Grace Elizabeth was born in Hector, NY, May 30, 1859

Annie Burt our fourth child was born in Hector, NY, Aug.14,1866. died at
-?M-Upton, Chenango Co. Dec. 31,1892.


Seneca B. SACKETT married to Lucy B daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth WRIGHT
Sept. 16,1874 by Rev. L.F. Smith.

Willis P. SACKETT was married Oct 30 1878 to Myeta? O. daughter of Hiram and
Ovanda ELLIOTT by Rev. T W. Twitchell.

Grace L. and Marshall V. ALLEN son of James & Rachel ALLEN were married Dec.
6,1882 by Rev. N.C.Brundage.

Annie B. SACKETT was married to Rev.H J. WHALEN son of James and Margaret
WHALEN. Aug.12,1891 by Rev. Wm Sharpe.

Children of Philo and Grace SACKETT:

Sarah Marie was born at Nassau, NY Feb. 18,1816
Sarah Marie died at Nassau Mar. 24,1828.

The second child was born June 15, 1817,  died June 15 1817.

Solone P. was born at Nassau, NY Oct.7,1820,   d.In Ithaca Dec.18,1893.

Samuel Williams was born at Nassau, NY Sept.11, 1820 d.May 15, 1880.

John Clark was born at Nassau NY Dec.6, 1821,  died Mar. 17, 1896.

Mary Elizabeth was born at Nassau June 27, 1825, d. June 16, 1897.

Roxana Maria was born at Nassau, NY Aug 13, 1827.

Buel Sands was born at Hector, NY July 15,1829,  d. Feb.18,1909

Children of Philo and Grace Sackett


Solon P. SACKETT was married to Loveda H.(?K) daughter Charles and Keturah
WOODWARD at Enfield NY Sept.17,1844 by Rev. A. Jackson.

Oct. 19, 1845 Samuel W. SACKETT was married to Azubah daughter of Wm and
Lavina VAUGHAN of Hector NY by Rev. B. Rogers.

Sept. 19, 1848 John C. SACKETT was married to Rebecca A. daughter of Joshua and
Elizabeth BLOOMER of Ovid, NY by Rev J. Ketchum.

Sept.10, 1850 Roxana M. SACKETT was married to Leroy BECKER son of George and
Anna BECKER of Hector NY by Rev. T Clarke.

Oct 13, 1857 Buel S. SACKETT was married to Marian G. BECKER daughter of George
and Anna BECKER of Hector, NY by Rev. C. W. Gibbs.

Jan.16, 1862 Mary E. SACKETT was married to Andrew son of James and Nancy
MILLER of Lodi, Seneca Co., NY. at the bride's father's by Rev. Daniel Corey of Meckenburg.

Children of Joshua and Elizabeth BLOOMER:

Harriet BLOOMER at Ovid Mar. 15,1820,  d.July 17, 1820 aged 4y, 4m 2d.

Sarah C. BLOOMER at Ovid july 11,1821,  d.Oct 21,1871 aged 50y, 3m, 1d.

Egbert BLOOMER at Ovid Dec. 27, 1823

Rebecca A. BLOOMER at Ovid Jan 12, 1826,  d. Dec. 14, 1891 aged 65y, 11m, 2d.

Wm. Irvin BlLOOMER at Ovid Mar.9, 1828,  d. Sept 19, 1842 aged 14y,6m,10d

Lucy Jane BLOOMER at Ovid Nov 8, 1830

Loveda E. BLOOMER at Ovid Sept.25, 1835 died in infancy


Sarah C. BLOOMER was married to Thomas PURSOL [Pursell?] son of John PURSOL and Mary
PURSOL Mar. 24, 1840 by Rev. L. Ransted.

Egbert BLOOMER and Mary VanPATTEN were married at Ovid Seneca Co. NY Feb. 11, 1846 by Rev. B Warren.

L. Jane BLOOMER was married to Wm. H. JEFFER son of Henry and Lavina JEFFERS Feb. 20, 1866 by Rev. F. D.

Loveda E. BLOOMER was married to Truman PARSONS son of Thomas & Louisa PARSONS  Feb.20, 1867 by Rev. F D.

Children of Sands and Mary PERKINS:

Mary T. PERKINS  b. Mar.18, 1783,  d. Feb 11, 1784

Samuel PERKINS  b. Jan. 15, 1785,  d. Feb.16, 1787

Grace PERKINS  b. Jan 16,1787,  d. Sept 10, 1869

Elisabeth PERKINS  b. Mar 18, 1789,  d. July 1, 1856

Sands PERKINS  b. May 22, 1792,  d. in Richmond Ill. Jan.9, 1860

Sarah PERKINS  b. Mar. 21, 1794,  d. Nov 3, 1863

Jabez PERKINS  b. June 12, 1796 d. Dec. 6,1867

Ezra PERKINS  b. April 14, 1798 d. Dec.15, 1799

Silas PERKINS b. Sept 23, 1802 d. Jan. 8, 1841

Myrta O. ELLIOTT was born May 5, 1860
Lottie A. SACKETT   b. Apr. 20, 1876
John Egbert SACKETT  b. Aug 6, 1879
Lena ALLEN  in Hector, Nov 27, 1883
John S. ALLEN in Ovid, Jan 4, 1885
Mary ALLEN born Ovid, Jan 19, 1887
Ralph Bloomer SACKETT   b. Hector May 16, 1890
Ethel R. SACKETT   b. Hector Nov. 25, 1892
Maryarite WHALEN   b. at-M-Upton Chenango Co Dec.19, 1892

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